To acquire education in the field ofelectronics systems and gain an edge over my counterparts, I want to study M.Eng Electronic Systems Engineering at theUniversity of Regina. With the help of this application, I would like to presentmy candidature in front of the admission committee of the University.My decision to major in instrumentation andcontrol engineering is a direct result of my desire to contribute to thedevelopment of industrial systems in my country.

After my matriculation andsenior secondary, I took admission in Bachelor of Engineering inInstrumentation and Control in 2013. During my undergraduate degree inInstrumentation and Control Engineering at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Instituteof Technology, besides expanding the range of my knowledge, the coursecurriculum has given me valuable insight into practical aspects of the study. Ialso got the knowledge of fundamentals of instrumentation and controlespecially in the field Control System Design, Power Electronics, ElectronicDevices and Circuit, Digital Logic Circuit, Industrial Measurement, Circuits& Network, Analog signal processing and Biomedical instrumentation. I amfully familiarized with all these subjects.

I am familiar with programminglanguages like MATLAB & Simulink, LABVIEW & Siemens’ software for PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), SCADA & Control Builder F for DistributedControl System as well as the new upcoming Prosthetic concept in the biomedicalfield.As a part of course curriculum, I have workedon various projects related to my subjects. As one of my project in the secondyear, I used 8051 Microcontroller for interfacing DC motor both clockwise andcounterclockwise directions. My design engineering project was based on solarsensors. It was focused to increase the efficiency of solar panels usingMaximum Power Point Tracking Theory. My third-year project was on PLC based inwhich forward and reverse 3 phase motor control had been done using PLC. Myfinal year project is on ‘Controlling of Wireless Gesture Controlled RoboticArm’. In this project, we have used Atmega-16 microcontroller, wireless radiofrequency module, servo motors, power-supply circuit and mechanical assembly ofan arm.

In this project, we match the data on the receiver side and thetransmitted data from the operating side via a radio frequency modulesupporting a range of up to 100 meters.Apart from academics activities in school& college, I was also actively participated in outdoor activities. I got3rd rank in project presentation in the 7th semester of my degree. I also got1st rank in seminar presentation in my class. I have also served as an eventvolunteer in the national level technical symposium ‘PRAKARSH’ and in VISION(Intra college technical symposium) consistently from the second year till thelast year organized at my college.

In my second year, I was the eventcoordinator in the event called ‘Robotics’. In the third year, I was the Eventhead of the same event. In the final year, I was one of the members of theadvisory committee of the ‘Robotics’ event.

Meanwhile, I completed my bachelor degree with 7.76 CGPA in 2017.I often read the leading journals about powerand digital systems. This Electronic System Engineering covers almost everysubfield such as, Bio-medical Instruments, Digital Electronics, and SignalProcessing which are same as my undergraduate subjects which develops aninterest in me to take up my career for M.Eng in “Electronic System Engineering”.

My coursework on related subjects, at the undergraduate level, had justenhanced my keen for this subject and thereby I have decided to pursue my M.EngElectronic System Engineering. My other areas of interest are Control System,Programmable Logic Controller, Distributed Control System, Biomedical Instruments,and Automation.

Thus, armed with the much-valued consent andguidance from my HOD and professors, discussion with my seniors and carefulstudy of the web pages of your University, I am convinced that my academiccareer will receive the much-required magnification enabling me to pursueconsiderable research and excel at it. I have gone through the universitypublications and website very carefully and I concluded that with we havesimilarity in the field of interest, so University of Regina will provide a perfectenvironment to focus all my resources towards M.Eng program. Not only highreputation attracts me, but also does the subjects and the on-going researchesby renowned faculties. I want to enhance my skills in this field under yourtutelage.My undergraduate curriculum has enabled me toclear my basic fundamentals, and now I want to increase the attained knowledgethrough a Master’s course at the University of Regina at CANADA.

The mainreason for which I have taken the decision to pursue graduate studies in CANADAis the fast emerging global scenario in this Electronic System Engineeringfield and also the quality of the education. I think pursuing this degree fromCANADA will help me in the industry and bring me back to my country where I canwork for better automation and instrumentation facilities to improve theinfrastructure and communication.As a student, my experience says that goodfacilities can make a difference in a student’s life and learn exposure. Ibelieve that I have the ability and determination to trend on this excitingpath of graduation.

I hope that I will be given a fair chance topursue my Master’s Degree at your leading University. I look forward to a longand fruitful association with the University of Regina. 

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