Harmonizing to Tarnoff and Nowels ( 2004 ) . “In 2004. the United States is supplying some signifier of foreign aid to about 150 states. Israel and Egypt continue. as they have since the late seventiess. as the largest receivers. although Iraq.

having over $ 20 billion for Reconstruction activities since mid-2003. is the biggest receiver in FY 2004” ( parity. 3 ) . As in the above illustration. there is much foreign assistance which means bilateral development aid. human-centered aid.

many-sided aid and military aid all over the universe. That is to state. in these yearss. foreign assistance is considered as natural and platitude. However. while most people think foreign assistance as favourable run.

there are many harmful facts of foreign assistance. Particularly. it contains the jobs refering the politicians and psychological science. Furthermore. it makes the spread of the economic system and the strength bigger among the states. Therefore we have to look into the disadvantages. and revise it.Foreign assistance is “aid.

such as economic or military aid. offered by one state to another” ( “Foreign aid” . n.

parity. 2 ) . ”Foreign assistance may be given in the signifier of capital transportations or proficient aid and preparation for either civilian or military intents. Its usage in the modern epoch began in the eighteenth century.

when Prussia subsidized some of its Alliess. After World War II. foreign assistance developed into a more sophisticated instrument of foreign policy. International organisations. such as the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. were created to supply assistance to war-ravaged states and freshly freed colonies” ( “History of foreign aid” . n. parity.

2 ) . In “In Recent Years” the writer claims “In 2000. U.

S. aid foreign assistance amounted to $ 10billion ( n. parity.

1 ) . Some people who agree on foreign assistance say that because it offers the opportunity of the growing that it is a good run. On the other manus. other people claim “Because foreign assistance finally trespass the authorization of the aided states.

it is non good campaign” ( “The Role of Foreign Aid in Development” . 1997. parity.

8 ) . However. despite the virtues of foreign assistance.

there are many disadvantages. The primary ground is that foreign assistance does non lend significantly to economic advancement in developing states.Aid that is intended to increase development may enable some governments to deviate money to other. nonproductive activities ( “The Role of Foreign Aid in Development” . 1997. parity. 8 ) .

In other words. finance. money. and a batch of AIDSs for economic growing are used to increase the private wealth for the specific people such as the governor. From the past to now on these phenomena have taken topographic point throughout all over the universe. particularly in the development states. Therefore. assistance is wasted in states that do non hold the proficient or administrative ability to absorb and utilize it decently.

Furthermore. in instance of the substructure undertakings. for illustration electricity. route and works. if foreign assistance is chiefly focused on such as things. most of all people who need nutrient and drink will hold lot’s of misgiving the authorities and foreign assistance. As above illustrations. foreign assistance brings about unbeneficial consequences such as the corruptness and incredulity.

Furthermore. foreign assistance frequently gives the development states the political disadvantage and psychological injuries.Baurer ( 1997 ) argued that assistance has serious.

falsifying effects in the political life of recipient states. Aid is by and large transferred to the authorities of those states. which tends to increase the government’s power. In other words.

the states that furnish the foreign assistance to the development and the weak states want to possess the strong influences on the hapless and the underdeveloped states. That is to state. the intent of the foreign assistance is used to occupy the sovereignty of the weak states irrespective of the original chase of the foreign aids. Furthermore.

foreign assistance is able to do the citizens of the weak states lose their root life. In other words. foreign assistance is non wholly economical aid and aid. That is to state.

non merely significant assistance but besides psychological attitude. head and civilization is evidently introduced. In this clip people populating in the hapless state will see the pandemonium of psychological science because they will utilize the civilizations and wonts which are assorted between their ain civilizations and adjunct countries’ civilization.As the consequence. this implies that the weak and developing states will be colonized by the states which present aid. On history of trespass of the sovereignty and perturbation of the civilization.

foreign assistance is non good. Finally. foreign assistance makes the developed states stronger. From the past yearss to these yearss.

several strong states have overwhelmed all over the universe in footings of political relations. civilization and economic system. It involves the inequality of the power.

In other words. due to foreign assistance. the inequality will be bigger. Nowdays. many developed and strong states are viing about assisting the hapless and the weak states. However. the states which assisted weak states want to have the resources and natural stuffs of the aided states more than things which they already gave to the hapless states.

To be specific. in these yearss. adjunct states desire to obtain a batch of natural resources and the rights which they can work and used to make concern without intervention of the other countries’ .Due to foreign assistance. the stronger the powerful states are. the weaker the hapless are.

That is to state. foreign assistance is merely bogus aid. As the consequence of the foreign assistance. the spread of economic power and political influence is centered a few strong states. Oppositions of defying foreign assistance claim that foreign assistance creates many occupations. However. this claim is non regarded as the good consequences.

For illustration. in the weak state. the company that is made by adjunct state simply uses work force by paying really inexpensive wage. Then. the proprietor of the company sends the tremendous returns to his ain state. In other words.

even though the company has made tremendous net incomes. they do non use the money for the weak states that the strong company already invested.It is same as if the weak states are robbed of work force by the strong states.

For this robbery of the work force. foreign assistance makes weak states poorer. In decision. foreign assistance gives the disadvantages and harmful consequences instead than goodwill benefits. Most of all.

foreign assistance involves corruptness and misgiving. Furthermore. in footings of the political and psychological facets. it conveying approximately many injury. Finally. foreign assistance makes the spread between the strong and the weak states bigger.

Sometimes. there are supporters of foreign assistance. However. through the above illustrations of foreign assistance. we can understand that the injury and disadvantages are more than benefits.

Therefore. the strong states have to halt helping the weak states.

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