Toastmasters Internationalis a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking andleadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.CEC Toastmasters Club, in-line with Toastmasters International is striving toprovide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members areempowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greaterself-confidence and personal growth in a safe, supportive club environment. Statistics showthat every 3 out of 4 people have a fear of public speaking.

CEC toastmastersaims to eliminate this fear by providing a platform where members areencouraged to develop their communication skills and confidence. By practicingspeaking in an environment where everyone else is also learning, one becomesmore comfortable with the task. Toastmasters learn by practicing speaking infront of the group, listening to others speak to the group, evaluating andlistening to evaluations of speeches and following the Toastmasters program ofadvancing in steps. The advantage of joining toastmasters is that you can learnat your own pace and you get an opportunity to practice a skill at everymeeting. Participants at meetings who are not giving a formal prepared speechare usually asked to participate in “Table Topics”.

 This is a 2minute impromptu speech on any topic decided by the Table Topics Master. Everyonewho speaks at a Toastmasters meeting has their speech evaluated by anotherToastmaster. To fully participate in Toastmasters’ meetings, you need tolisten carefully to the other speakers. You develop your skills by listening ondifferent levels. Every toastmaster is also assigned a mentor who will helpthem become a better communicator.

The skills developed will have a greaterimpact on the day to day lives of members. Members get an opportunity toexperiment with various aspects of communication such as vocal variety, bodylanguage, presentation skills etc.In order torevive the toastmasters club at CEC, an upcoming workshop is being organized inwhich participants will go through the following: Speech preparations and delivery Table topics (impromptu talk sessions) Educational talks (by Experienced Toastmasters) Will be assigned a mentor from Toastmaster for focused individual development Will be provided “Speech Craft Manual” Will receive certification at completion of 10 week, which is internationally recognized 1 Session of 2 – 2.5 hrs duration in a Week  Guest lecture on various educational topics such as speech organisation, body language etc: – 30 mins Prepared speeches from participants – 30 mins Evaluation session – 20 mins Table topics  – 30 mins Other discussions – 30 mins     Each session will have 3-4 Toastmasters (externals) to conduct the session. Total course duration – 10 weeks 

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