Tortoises and Turtles are one of the most long lived family members of the reptile family. Small species that are kept as pet. For example, Box Turtles, if taken care of well, can live up to 40 years! A sea turtle can live about 80 years, which is a year more than the average human being. The Giant Tortoise, though, can live up to 200 years, but, is having a long life a good thing for turtles and tortoises? Turtles and Tortoises live so long because of the rate of their metabolism. Another reason they live for so many years is because predators cannot eat them. Their shells offer them a lot of protection. When a predator tries to eat them they often give up because they can’t get through their shells. Living a slow life contributes to their long life span. Turtles and Tortoises grow very slowly during their lives. Growing slowly causes them to not age as fast as us mammals or birds. Since Turtles and Tortoises have really slow metabolism, they can last for long periods of times without eating food. When in harsh conditions, they don’t need to eat or drink as much, this gives them a very big advantage to living a long life. A Giant Tortoises’ diet consists of a strict vegetarian one, this diet is full of greens, and is free of fat and of cholesterol. This helps the Tortoise live a healthy life.  A longer life span means more chances to reproduce. Reproducing your own species is crucial to life. So therefore, living for too long is not a problem for turtles and tortoises. If they did not have a long life span, they wouldn’t be able to reproduce because of their slowness, even if their metabolism was quick. The turtles and tortoises would then have to be in a rush to find a mate, and with being slow, it wouldn’t help at all and thus the turtles or tortoise would die without leaving any offspring. God created these creatures just right so that they could enjoy life and reproduce with one another without having to worry about anything. So as we can see, living a long life is not a problem for these amazing creatures.

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