As my essay is based on the examination that St. Patricks Institution has been under for several old ages, that is what my essay will be based on. Firstly I will supply a brief debut about St. Patrick ‘s Institution and advert some of the jobs within the Institution. The studies that I will discourse are a study by the European Committee for the bar of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment ( CPT ) , a study by the Ombudsman for Children, which is titled ‘Young Peoples in St. Patrick ‘s Institution ‘ and the concluding study that I have looked at in relation to my essay is a study by the inspector of prisons, which is titled ‘Report on an Inspection of St. Patrick ‘s Institution by the Inspector of prisons Judge Michael Reilly ‘ .

The study by the CPT was carried out from 25th January to 5th February 2010. The study by the Ombudsman for kids was carried out in 2011 and the study by the Inspector of Prisons was carried out in 2012.

Harmonizing to the Inspector of Prisons St. Patrick ‘s Institution opened its doors in 1902. The prison provides for males aged 16 to 21. Within the prison the immature people and the grownups are supposed to be segregated from each other, with the B Block of the prison catering for the immature wrongdoers, the C Block catering for the older captives and the part in the prison known as ‘The Unit ‘ caters for both the immature and old.

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It is non merely in recent old ages that St. Patrick ‘s has being under examination. Harmonizing to the study by the inspector of prisons in 1985 a adult male named T.K. Whittaker suggested that the prison should be closed down. In the study it states that Dr. T.K Whittaker declared that St. Patrick ‘s Institution was unable to assist any person within the prison to alter and be ready to go an active member of society when they leave the prison. He claimed that the prison would non hold the ability to help or assist anybody for the better even if it was redecorated and modernized.

The studies that I mentioned supra brought to light many of the jobs within the prison. Some of these jobs are more serious than others, but all of them need to be addressed Oklahoman instead than subsequently, as it is non a suited ambiance or scene for people to be populating their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives in. I will now discourse some of the jobs mentioned in the three studies that I have mentioned.

Their ain edifice

The first job that is mentioned in the study by the CPT is that immature people under the age of 18 should be located in a detainment school specifically for kids. In 2010 when this study took topographic point immature people between the ages of 16 and 17 were being aid in St. Patrick ‘s Institution and they had no day of the month set as to when the young persons may be relocated to a kids ‘s detainment centre. It has being said nevertheless, that a new kids ‘s detainment centre will be opened at Oberstown, Lusk, Co. Dublin in 2013/2014. To my cognition I do non believe a specific gap day of the month has being set. The study besides stated that the conditions within St. Patrick ‘s are non suited for bush leagues. It is unjust to the immature people remaining in St. Patrick ‘s Institution to be populating under unsuitable conditions. When the immature people are moved to the new detainment centre in Lusk, the staff will more than probably to be trained to cover specifically with immature people and will be better able to run into the demands of the immature people than St. Patrick ‘s Institution.


One positive facet of the study by the CPT is that within the Institution, degrees of force had fallen, as the prison had put processs in topographic point in relation to force go oning within the prison. However, it was stated by the study by the Ombudsman for kids that some of the immature wrongdoers younger than 18 had their cells on the same floor as the inmates who were on protection. These inmates that were on protection had jobs with their mental wellness and had a inclination to seek and harm themselves. I believe that this may hold put the immature people under some sum of danger and perchance put their lives at hazard. Even though the Institution may hold had trouble maintaining certain inmates off from each other, I do non believe it was in the best involvements of the immature people to put them on the floor with older captives sing troubles within their lives. The Ombudsman for kids besides found that the immature wrongdoers did non purely have the B Division to themselves which they were meant to. Persons over the age of 18 were besides in the B division of the Institution. As the young persons were been assorted with captives over the age of 18, this was deemed insecure. The young persons within this subdivision of the prison could besides acquire their custodies on drugs if they wanted to. This is another ground why this subdivision of the prison may be deemed insecure for the young persons.

The study by the Inspector of Prisons besides mentioned that drugs were a immense job within St. Patrick ‘s Institution. Procedure have being put in topographic point to seek and halt drugs go arounding around the prison, but unluckily it is still an issue.


Even though there is a school in the Institution for the immature people to derive an instruction while indoors, it has its downsides harmonizing to the study by the Ombudsman. Harmonizing to the immature people they do like school, but they hoped that they would hold had entree to the workshops within the prison, which they did non. This was a consequence of seeking to divide up the older captives from the immature wrongdoers. I think this is a immense ruin for the immature people. Possibly the prison could present a roll for the workshops, which would hold certain hours for the older captives and certain hours for the immature wrongdoers, which means that they would non be coming in contact with each other. The workshops would be of immense benefit to the immature people when they leave the prison.


The study by the CPT suggested that non all staff working in the Institution were trained to cover with the striplings. The staff that is employed to cover specifically with the immature people should be chosen carefully, as it takes a certain type of individual to work with immature people. Working with immature people can be a really ambitious occupation, as it is your duty to do certain the immature individual is being looked after decently within the prison system. The study recommended that when it comes to using people to cover and work aboard the immature people, that they should be selected really carefully and that the procedure of choice should be thorough. It besides suggested that all persons working with the young persons should be appropriately trained and attend any extra classs in relation to immature people and besides attend refresher classs, so that information will be fresh in their heads and they will be better able to cover with immature people and the challenges they face. In the study from the Ombudsman for kids, Brian Purcell, the manager for the Irish Prison service stated that the employees working alongside the immature wrongdoer had being received preparation in relation to working with immature people. He besides mentioned that the prison system operates alongside the Youth Justice system in relation to developing for staff members. They besides have interaction with extra organisations that help to develop staff working with the immature people.

The study by the ombudsman adult male was carried out in 2011, which was a twelvemonth after the study of the CPT. I wonder had the preparation of the staff members working alongside the immature people being carried out within that twelvemonth.


Another positive facet is that the cells within the institute met the proper criterions in relation to lighting, healthful installations and sufficient aeration. This was stated in the study by the CPT. The study stated that there were redevelopments taking topographic point within the Institution. Harmonizing to some of the immature people within the Ombudsman ‘s study they were dissatisfied with their cells. They complained about the bad status of the mattresses in the cells and the storage infinite. They besides mentioned that in the winter months the cells can acquire rather chilly. Harmonizing to the study by the inspector of prisons the cells were non in a suited status and non up to the proper criterions that they should be.

Twenty three hr a twenty-four hours lock up & A ; Workshops

The study by the CPT found that a high per centum of the captives were passing a great trade of clip confined to their cells. Thirty-five of the captives were non portion of any of the workshops or the educational plans taking portion within the prison. The prison stated that the ground for this was because they wanted to maintain certain groups within the prison apart from each other. However, the commission stated that more needed to be done to do certain that all the captives were given the chance to take portion in the workshops and the educational classs. This will let the captives to derive accomplishments and endowments which will assist them in the outside universe when they are released from prison. The commission suggested presenting inducements to the captives so that they would take portion in the classs and workshops.

Another job is that some inmates in the prison are locked up for up to 23 hours a twenty-four hours. Locking person up for that long is cold intervention and cipher deserves or should be treated like that. Even though the prison may set frontward good grounds, such as avoiding struggle between certain groups of captives if they were put together for holding the captives locked up for this long. The captives in the C3 division of the prison merely truly acquire entree to the activities out-of-doorss, which is unjust as they do non acquire entree to workshops or the educational plans taking topographic point within the prison. The captives that are locked up most of the twenty-four hours are enduring from unwellnesss, such as mental wellness issues. I do non believe that locking up these captives is the reply. At some point these people are traveling to go forth the prison and be back in the outside universe. I think the prison should make every bit much as possible to seek and rehabilitate these people back into society. It is unjust that they are marginalized within the prison system due to their personal jobs. I wholly agree with the commission ‘s positions in respects to this job. They province that captives that are locked up for a big proportion of the twenty-four hours should be provided with equal wellness attention within the prison system and that they should be able to take portion in the activities that are offered to all the other captives in the prison.

The study by the inspector of prisons found that one of the ruins of the workshops within the prison is that they ne’er receive resources and supplies they need in the workshops when they are supposed to have them.

Health Service

Another job that was identified during the review by the CPT was that the establishment had on some degrees an insufficient wellness attention service. The physician should be on the premises of the establishment for more than one and a half hours every twenty-four hours as there is a batch of captives within the prison, and sometimes the sum of clip the physician may be at that place for each twenty-four hours may be deficient. St. Patrick ‘s besides needs head-shrinkers and psychologists that are specifically trained to cover with immature people and the jobs that they may show. Even though these inmates within these prisons may hold done incorrect, which is the ground that they are at that place, they still deserve to hold the right to be able to entree equal wellness attention whenever they may necessitate it. It is a human right to have medical attention, and this right should non be taken off from anyone.

The study by the Inspector of prisons had no immense unfavorable judgments against the wellness attention provided within the prison. It did nevertheless reference that the psychological science installation within the Institution can non cover with the capacity of captives that it has to cover with. This is an issue that needs to be looked at, as this service is critical to some of the captives within the Institution.

Rules and Regulations

When the study by the Ombudsman was carried out it was made cognizant to her that non many of the immature people were cognizant of the processs or the opinions set out by the prison. The prison had failed to supply information in relation to this issue. I think that immature people coming into the prison should be given a set of the guidelines which they must stay by whilst in the prison. If the immature people did cognize the guidelines to lodge to it do life easier for them and the workers within the prison.

Some of the immature people said that they had gotten a transcript of the guidelines which they must stay by whilst they are in the establishment. This made me inquire whether or non there was a policy in the prison to guarantee that each member had a transcript of the guidelines of the prison, or whether merely a few people had received them. I believe that this is an issue that needs to be cleared up. I believe all immature people should have all the information they need in relation to behavior in the prison or go toing the working stores and classs. The study besides found that there was a job sing literacy degrees among the young persons, so they found it hard with having written press releases in relation to the prison. The young persons specified that an single meeting with a staff member after come ining the prison would be good as it would cover all they need to cognize about life interior and the chances available to them. I feel that the prison needs to take all these issues and the sentiments of the young persons into history to seek and better a immature individual ‘s life within the prison. This system should be reviewed, revised, and bettered to the best of their ability. I believe everybody would profit from this.

The study by the Inspector of prisons provinces that the information cusps that were distributed had wrong information in them and were merely available in English, which in a manner is being racist against other nationalities that may come in the prison as it is non available in their linguistic communication.

Care Plan

The Ombudsman for kids besides found that none of the young persons seemed to cognize much or be cognizant that a program should be set up for them throughout their clip in the establishment in relation to instruction or other chances within the prison. This is rather lurid. At some point in clip these young persons will go forth the prison for the outside universe. I believe that the young persons should be given the best chances in the establishment which will assist them to accommodate to the outside universe when they get out.

The points I made above about the young persons holding single meetings with a staff member and set uping a program for the young persons whilst in prison is the ground why the staff working in the establishment needs to be decently trained. Therefore, this will ensue in the best results for the immature wrongdoers.


Another job besides mentioned in the Ombudsman ‘s study was that the immature people wanted to have on their ain vesture. They wanted to have on their ain vesture because they disliked holding to have on the vesture that the prison provided for them. The vesture they had to have on had been worn by other captives and was in a bad province.


In the study produced by the Inspector of prisons it mentioned in one subdivision of it that overcrowding within the prison was a job. However, in another subdivision of the study it stated that overcrowding in the prison was non a job. This left me inquiring as to whether overcrowding within the prison was a job or non. It seems a spot unusual that the study has contradicted itself. It besides leaves the reader of the study unsure of whether precisely overcrowding in the prison is an issue. In the other two studies that I have mentioned overcrowding was non mentioned. It seems curious for one study to province overcrowding is a job if it is non mentioned in other studies.


It is clear to see from the points I have made throughout my essay that within St. Patrick ‘s Institution that there are many issues that need to be addressed. Personally I do non believe that St. Patrick ‘s Institution is a topographic point for immature people. I hope within the following few months the new detainment centre in Oberstown will open, as it will be of immense benefit to the young persons. The staff working within this centre will be specifically trained to cover with young persons, therefore holding the best involvements of the immature people at bosom and desiring the best results for them when they leave the prison.

Even though the young persons will be go forthing the prison when the new detainment centre is opened in Oberstown, I believe that the issues in St. Patrick ‘s Institution still necessitate to be addressed. The older population within the prison still has to populate their day-to-day lives within this prison, which is why the issues need to be dealt with. It would be unjust for anybody to be populating in such conditions, whether they may be felons or non. They should hold the opportunity to hold the comfortss and services within the prison system to assist them to alter and take better lives when they do go forth the prison.

I am cognizant that prisons are perchance seeking to be rough to captives that they will non reoffend when they leave prison, therefore doing them live in rough conditions. These rough conditions may do a individual rethink their actions and alteration for the best so that they will non reoffend in the hereafter. If a prison system does non desire people reoffending when they leave the prison system they should supply them with accomplishments and instruction that may enable them to acquire occupations when they leave the prison, therefore ensuing in them non reoffending. This is why St. Patrick ‘s demands to alter and better itself, therefore supplying it ‘s captives with the best chances that it can.

I believe that all the jobs I have talked about in my essay demand to be addressed and addressed quickly. I know the state may be short of money as we are sing a serious financial crisis, but the Government needs to move rapidly and supply the support to the prison to break its comfortss and resources that will let the captives to better themselves when they are in prison and take a better life when they leave. Yes these people have evidently committed offenses, which is why they are in gaol, but do they non merit the opportunity to deliver themselves and do a better life for themselves and their households.


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