Hong Kong this name is familiar to everyone in the universe. This small metropolis has two different civilizations. In 1980s and 90s, Hong Kong is a Global Financial Center. At that clip, this metropolis merely relies on import goods and banking. It does n’t hold first sightseeing musca volitanss. It could merely claim to be a “ shopping Eden ” or “ nutrient Eden. ” Tourism at that clip was non popular.

“ 1997 ” is a particular figure for everyone in Hong Kong. After this passage, Hong Kong changed from a British Colony and becomes to a portion of China. This passage changed the touristry industry a batch. Hong Kong has become a major urban touristry finish in South-East Asia. Many substructures were built after this passage. Disneyland, natural Parkss and different hotels were built in after 1997. At that clip, touristry becomes an of import function of Hong Kong.

Long clip ago, Hong Kong is merely a little fishing community. It is located in the South East China and surrounded by the South China Sea and Pearl River Delta. This small metropolis is made up with so many islands. As Hong Kong ‘s landscape is hilly with steep inclines, it was a Eden for plagiarists and opium runners. In the Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou is the lone one trading port in the universe. At the same clip, Hong Kong is merely topographic point near to Guangzhou. Besides, it has a natural seaport. That ‘s why it attracted the British to colonise Hong Kong.

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For 100s of old ages, many Europeans started to merchandise for tea, silk and porcelain to China. At that clip, China was proud of their economic system. They thought they were the best in the whole universe. That ‘s why they imposed rigorous ordinances on trade in order to protect Chinese civilization from being destroyed by aliens. In 1757, “ Cohong ” was established. It was the Chinese import-export monopoly. The merchandisers were authorized by the Chinese Cardinal Government to manage trade. The regulations are so serious. They restricted the European bargainers ‘ visits to China. Europeans were illegal to larn Chinese linguistic communication or to cover with anyone except the merchandisers in the Cohong. They merely allow them to come in for trading Season. That is from Nov to May.

In this wood engraving, it shows an nut ‘s married woman was sold by her hubby to back up his wont of opium.

Due to the obstinacy of Chinese people, they made a large error in the hereafter. In 1820, British discovered that opium was profitable for trading. They supply of the drugs from the poppy field of India. This is a large concern for British. They started to import opium to China. At that clip, Chinese people were addicted by this drug. Many people sold all ownership to purchase opium. In add-on, it affected the wellness of the Chinese people. Many people were killed by these powerful drugs. “ Cohong ” was corrupted by British and other aliens. Many Cohong merchandisers allowed the opium came to China. From the 1820s onward, British trade with China was in excess. China used a batch of Ag to purchase opium. Due to the consequence of opium, the economic system of China declined. That ‘s why British were sing opium as of import economic development.

As more and more nuts were created, it alarmed the Qing authorities about how serious state of affairs they had. They designated Lin ZeXu as an Imperial Commissioner to cover with the opium job with British instantly. He was a celebrated anti-opium hero in this war. At that clip, Lin ZeXu gave rigorous orders to Britain ‘s merchandisers and Chinese ‘s merchandisers. He confiscated all stock of drug in China. Lin confiscated over 21,000 instances of opium.

On March 25, 1839, Commissioner Lin punished the opium runner by destructing all the opium. First, he ordered the suspension of western merchandisers, who lived in a alien small town in Canton. Then Lin ‘s ordered the military personnels to construct some roadblocks across the street and the seaport. After all the merchandisers came to the seaport, Lin ordered the troop to force all opium into the H2O and put the fire on. This fire burned for 5 yearss. At the same clip, Lin wanted the full aliens to subscribe the understandings. It was about the regulation of forbidden to merchandise the drugs in China. The western merchandisers were so surprise for Lin ‘s behaviours. He wrote a missive to Queen Victoria about the mischief of Britain ‘s merchandisers. In a missive of Queen Victoria, Commissioner Lin said:

“ … so long as you do non take it ( opium ) yourselves, but continue to do it and allure the people of China to purchase it, you will be demoing yourselves careful of your ain lives, but careless of the lives of other people, indifferent in your greed for addition to the injury you do to others: such behavior is abhorrent to human feelings… ” ( How China got rid of opium, 17 )

From this missive, it showed that how disquieted did Lin had. He worried about the opium jobs in China. He did n’t believe that this missive will go the direct cause of opium war. After Queen Victoria read this missive, she felt insulted about the behaviour of Lin. She ordered the military personnels to assail China in Pearl River. As British had great military engineering and great naval forces in the universe, China was lost in the conflict.

On the 29th August, 1842, the British authorities forced Qing negotiant to subscribe an unequal treaty-Treaty of Nanjing and besides two other pacts.

There are six major clauses as followers:

( 1 ) Hong Kong Island was ceded to the Britain for 99 old ages.

( 2 ) China needs to pay 21 million Ag dollars for the confiscated opium and the amendss of the war.

( 3 ) The ports of Canton, Amoy, Fuchu, Ningbo, and Shangri to be opened for British trade and abode.

( 4 ) All the captives of the war must be released instantly by Chinese authorities.

( 5 ) Britain can bask the most favored-nation position.

( 6 ) All the aliens can accomplish duty liberty.

After this opium war ended, Hong Kong still in hurting. The Second World War started from 1940 to 1949.China became the weakest state in the universe. All the states attacked China for money. In 1941, Nipponese occupied Hong Kong for three old ages and eight months. As the same clip, China had the Nationalist-Communist civil war. In this clip, Hong Kong had been earnestly affected by the Sino- Nipponese struggle and the civil war. It became a military base and supply station for Nipponese. At that clip, Hong Kong was in pandemonium. They lacked of nutrient supplies and authorities control. Fever, bubonic pestilence and typhoons affected the life and belongings. In add-on, Hong Kong was the first settlement for pulling felons or suspension merchandisers. Opium lairs and chancing nines were all over in the metropolis.

This is the image that all Japanese ‘s navy in Hong Kong ‘s military base.

Beginning: Shan Wah Organization

Under British Rule

Economy Growth

Hong Kong regained its position as Global Financial Center. There were some economic disruption resulted. After the Second World War and the Nationalist-Communist Civil War were settled down in 1949, the commercial activity of Hong Kong declined. When China Communist China was practising closed-door policy from 1949 to 1972, Hong Kong seaport was the major gateway for states such as Korea, Japan, Canada and the United State. This seaport physically sheltered by typhoon, In add-on, it was duty-free. That ‘s why it attracted many states to import goods in Hong Kong.

In the 1950 ‘s, 1000s of Chinese refugees went to Hong Kong. They brought accomplishments and capital, along with inexpensive labour helped retrieve the economic system. At the same clip, many foreign companies relocated their central offices or offices from Shanghai to Hong Kong. From this unexpected growing, Hong Kong from a district enters pot to industrial and fabrication.

In the 1960 ‘s, the fabrication industry was still booming. Hong Kong had a big supply of cheap labour from mainland China. Due to this, foreign houses and corporations took advantage of it. This led to the growing of the fabric industry and industry of fictile goods and playthings.

Until 1970 ‘s, it was the passage for the service industry. As the gap of mainland Chinese Market, many makers move to North. Tourism and commercial industry started to turn. At the same clip, Hong Kong stated its place as a commercial and touristry in the South-East Asia Region.

In the 1980 ‘s to 90 ‘s, Chinese and British authorities met for the hereafter of Hong Kong after 1997. At that clip, the whole universe economic declined. In add-on, the hereafter of Hong Kong was ill-defined. Many industrial corporations besides implemented a high grade of protectionism. It was hard for Hong Kong to export the local merchandises. As all the things happen, the universe investors lost their assurance of Hong Kong. After the Sino-British Joint Declaration was announced in 1984, Hong Kong economic system still was gliding. As a consequence, finance became the changed for Hong Kong from industrial- oriented metropolis into planetary fiscal centre. The economic development has resulted in prosperity. By 1994, Hong Kong realized in service industry and fiscal.

Fig 1. Beginning: Census and Statisitic Separtment

This graph is the degree of Hong Kong ‘s Gross Domestic Product in existent footings. From the graph, it shows that the Hong Kong economic system is greatly devlop in thios 30 years.As you see in the graph, the line is increasing. It represents the quality of life was improved a batch. As the GDP is increasing, the monetary value index besides addition. In the Fig.2, it shows how the consumer monetary value index alterations. From the graph, we know that monetary value is lifting 8.8 times. It is the great accomplishments over the last four decennaries of the twentieth Century.

Hong Kong Consumer Price Index

Fig 2. Beginning: Census and Statistic Department

Hotel and Tourism indusrty growing

In 1957, the publicity of touristry industry was begun. At the same clip, Hong Kong Tourist Association ( HKTA ) was established. Harmonizing the HKTA, there were 50 000 visitants came to Hong Kong in that twelvemonth. They were chiefly from the United States of America and Western Europe. They tried to see the enigma Chinese life style. Over the old ages, Hong Kong has become an increasing travel finish for visitants all over the universe. In table 1, it shows the growing of the visitants. By 1973, entire visitant reachings passed the one -million Markss. By 1995, the entire visitant reachings passed the 10 1000000s. It is increasing bit by bit. As the arrival tourers were increasing, the market mix has besides changed. There are more than 70 % of visitants coming from within Asia.

From the tabular array 1, I besides find that the hotel industry is increasing. At the terminal of 1995, Hong Kong had 86 hotels with 33 052 suites. The mean tenancy rate for the twelvemonth was 85 % . This is a great criterion for tenancy. As it was a great public presentation in hotel industry, many new hotels scheduled to open over the following few old ages. From the tabular array, the mean length of stay of all visitants in 1995 was 3.9 darks. When I checked on the going record, I find that they recommended a stay of 5.5 yearss. It shows that the satisfaction of the visitants.

Characteristic of touristry in Hong Kong

Business travel development

Chart 1. The intent of visitants 1972-1998

Beginning: Hong Kong touristry Association

Year leisure Visiting Meeting /business TransferIn the chart below, it shows the intent of visitants from 1972 to 1998. In past 40 old ages, the concern travel development was lifting and booming. The exhibition industry is acquiring of import function for Hong Kong. In the chart, the concern travel was 29 % in 1996. Harmonizing to the Hong Kong Tourism Board ‘s research, the convention and exhibition concern has grown from 15 international events in 1976 to 2 175 events in 1995.


In the chart 2, it shows the visitant reachings in 1989 to 1998. From the chart, it shows that Hong Kong touristry was non affected by season. As a whole, there were no large differences in every month. In 1996, the most visitor reachings season was December. It was 1,144,302. The least visitant ‘s reaching season was February. It was 834, 031. As a whole, the visitants ‘ reachings were increasing past 8 old ages.

Chart 2. Visitor reachings per month ( 1989-1998 )

Beginning: Hong Kong touristry Association

Major activities in Hong Kong

Year Shopping hotel Foods entrainment sightseeing

Shopping ever is the major attractive point of tourers. Hong Kong was claimed itself as “ shopping Eden ” because of the monetary value is lower than other states. In add-on, Hong Kong has different civilizations than others. In past 20years, shopping was the major ingestion of Hong Kong touristry.

Chart 3. Consumption of Visitor reachings ( 1971-1998 )

Beginning: Hong Kong touristry Association

Hong Kong touristry passage after returning to china ( 1997 to 2003 )

Handover Ceremony

As clip goes by, Hong Kong had been ruled by British for about 150 old ages. In 1997, Hong Kong stepped into a new chapter of its prosperity. The handover ceremonial took topographic point in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on June30, 1997. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre were constructed from 1994 to 1997. This centre was the one of the two major exhibition centres in Hong Kong.

On June 30 midnight, the last British president and new nominate main executive of Hong Kong met together in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Chinese sovereignty was take downing the British and Hong Kong flags. At the same, they were raising the Chinese national and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Flags.

After the raising Chinese flag, Chinese sovereignty announced that Hong Kong would followed “ One state, two systems ” rule. . It meant that Hong Kong maintain their ain life styles, right and freedom for 50 more old ages. Hong Kong changed its name as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

As the proclamation was proclaimed, Hong Kong had pattern their jurisprudence. It called Basic Law. The basic jurisprudence was taken consequence on July 1, 1997. It is really of import to Hong Kong. This jurisprudence protects the human rights of Hong Kong citizen. It maintains order HKSAR. It besides ensures that the Sino-British Joint Declaration was implemented in “ One state, two systems ” .

Harmonizing the Basic jurisprudence,

Hong Kong can maintain its ain currency and foreign exchange modesty.

It will run by Hong Kong people.

It maintains the current system of authorities.

It remains free port and keep ain usage control.

English and Chinese are the two functionary linguistic communications in Hong Kong.

It manages their economic system, trade and fundss.

In the basic jurisprudence, it besides stated that the ordinances in all industries. These ordinances can keep stableness and prosperity of Hong Kong ‘s economic system. From the information, I know that the Hong Kong and Mainland relationship become stronger since handover.

East Asiatic Financial Crisis

After returning to China for few couple hebdomads, the awful things happened all of a sudden. The economic system began traveling down rapidly. The first event was East Asiatic fiscal crisis. It took topographic point in Thailand in July 1997. It affected the currencies, stock markets in many Asiatic states. It affected profoundly in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and the Philippines. There are some articles show East Asiatic fiscal crisis affected the whole economic system in the universe.

“ Theoretically, the currency devaluation of a tourer bring forthing state is likely to act upon its outbound travel in a figure of ways. ” ( Economist Intelligence Unit, 1975 ) .

“ The about 5 % diminution in Chinese reachings in 1997 may be partly caused by the Chinese authorities ‘s limitation in licenses issued to the Mainland Chinese who wanted to go to Hong Kong after the handover ” ( Mok & A ; Dewald, 1998 ) .

“ Hong Kong, Macau, and Malaysia, whose bulk of inward tourers composed of Asians, experient shrinking in tourer reachings between 1997 and 1998, but recorded a growing in reachings in 1999 ” ( WTO, 2000 ) . ”

In amount, this fiscal crisis affected touristry industry. As the increasing currencies of Hong Kong, many travellers may go other states, such as Thailand or South Korea. In add-on, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand promoted the touristry industry a batch. Due to the economic declined, concern travel besides declined. It besides affected the recovery of Hong Kong ‘s economic system. Fortunately, Hong Kong had about recovered from this impermanent diminution in touristry.

From the graphs below, it shows that the gross domestic merchandise in these 10 old ages. When I go through profoundly, I find out that there are dramatically declined from 1998 to 2003. In 1999, there was clearly increasing to 8 % . In 2001, it came down rapidly to -4 % . It shows that Hong Kong economic was declined. It besides showed that the unemployment was serious. The populating criterion was traveling down.

Beginning: Hong Kong Census and Statistic Department

Beginning: Hong Kong Census and Statistic Department

SARS ( Severe acute respiratory syndrome ) Crisis

On November 16, 2002, another crisis was attacked Hong Kong. This is SARS ( Severe acute respiratory syndrome ) . The first instance of infection was in Guangdong Province of China. When China notified to World Health organisation about the eruption on Feb 2003, it was 305 instances already. The outbreak spread to Hong Kong rapidly. Due to the serious of the eruption of SARS, Hong Kong touristry industry was faced another unexpected challenge. The eruption was terminal in August, 2003. Hong Kong and China was the most serious state in whole universe. Table 1 shows the spastic of Major States of SARS instances 2003/7/11.This resulted was upset.

Table 1

Major States of SARS instances 2003/7/11













China ( * )




Hong Kong ( * )



























( *** )





















( * ) Harmonizing WHO information,

Hong Kong and China instance was announced


Beginning: World Health Organization

Visitors Arrivals from 2001 to 2003According to the in-migration section ( Table1 ) , the day-to-day entire reachings and goings fell from 61,400 on March 2003 to 32,500 on April 2003. In the tabular array of visitant reaching by month to month, it shows the worsening went from March to May. April was the worst month of both inbound and outbound travel, it 90 % compared with the same period in 2002.On June 23, Global Tourism Revival Campaign announced that Hong Kong was non SARS- affected country. The visitant reachings had a rapid growing in August. It returned to positive growing of 9.6 % . By the terminal of December, the reachings reached the highest point of the twelvemonth. It had sum of 1.79 million reachings.

Table 1

Beginning: Hong Kong in-migration section

Table 2.

Beginning: Hong Kong touristry board

Table 3.

Beginning: Hong Kong touristry boardFrom the Table 3 and 4, the entire visitant reachings for 2003 showed a modest autumn of 6.2 % over 2002. As a whole, Hong Kong was the least suffered by SARS. The entire touristry outgo of inward touristry was somewhat decreased by 3.4 % . It was HK $ 74.93 billion. The hotel tenancy dropped by 14 % . It was from 84 % in 2002 to 70 % in 2003. As a whole, Hong Kong was recovery rapidly in this catastrophe.

Table 4.

Beginning: Hong Kong touristry board

Prosperity of Hong Kong

Despite the Asiatic economic downswing and SARS in these few old ages, Hong Kong touristry is get downing to go comfortable since 2004. Harmonizing WTO statistic, Hong Kong touristry industry still remains the ten percent largest in the universe. For a certain extent, the fiscal downswing and SARS helped Hong Kong to reconstitute the touristry industry. Besides, it paved the manner of success in the following millenary.

Beginning: Hong Kong Immigration Department

In the figure 1.1, it shows the visitants arrival from 2004 to 2008. As I say, there is a great growing in these old ages. In 2004, the reachings had recorded at 40.4 % . This is the highest growing since the Financial Crisis and SARS. In 2008, the visitant reachings had a mildly growing. It reaches 29.5 million.

In the figure 2.1, it shows the entire touristry outgo associated to Inbound Tourism from 2004 to 2008. In 2008, the entire touristry outgo associated to inbound touristry of tourers transcending HK $ 158.9 billion. The per centum growing was 11.7 % . The two of import parts of touristry outgo besides increases. Destination Consumption Expenditure recorded at HK $ 117.14 billion. It increases 10.7 % . Passenger International Transportation Expenditure at HK $ 41.81 billion. It increases 14.8 % .

Beginning: Hong Kong Tourism board

At the terminal of 2008, there were 158 hotels and 546 tourer guesthouses in Hong Kong. From all these constitutions, it provided 60,273 suites. It was increased 3,624 more than in 2007. The hotel room tenancy rate was somewhat dropped from 86 % in 2007 to 85 % in 2008.

The mean length of stay of nightlong visitants in 2008 was 3.3 darks.

Beginning: Hong Kong Tourism board


Tourism Undertakings Development

After returning to China for about 13 old ages, Hong Kong had developed their systems to keep stableness. They constructed many touristry undertakings and policies to advance Hong Kong as a “ Dream City ” . There are 4 of import touristry undertakings. They are international airdrome, Hong Kong Wetland, Hong Kong Disneyland and Ngong Ping 360. All undertakings provide a batch of occupation chances and economic development to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Airport ( HKIA )

Hong Kong International airdrome was built in 1998. It is a celebrated top category airdrome. As Hong Kong is a major international and regional air power hub, visitants can wing straight to Hong Kong without altering flights. It is one of the busiest airdromes in the universe. It carries more than 90 air hoses including mainland China at a clip. HKIA was named the universe ‘s best airdrome several times by Skytrax study. Economically, it helps to reenforce Hong Kong as a logistics Centre by associating the southern mainland with the remainder of the universe. With a good airdrome to associate with different states, it helps to pull conferences, and better cordial reception industry.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is the first Disney subject park in China. It located on Lantau Island. It opened on 12 September 2005.According the research of Hong Kong Disneyland ; it had over 15 million visitants since it opened in 2005. This subject park helps Hong Kong repositing itself as a antic touristry finish for household. It divided four different subjects: Main Street, U.S.A. , Adventureland, Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. Since its gap in 2005, it achieves 22 awards for being the popular subject park in Asia.

As Hong Kong Disney gap in 2005, it attracts a batch of international travellers to see the enigma in Hong Kong. They are chiefly in China and Asia. In add-on, it provides a batch of occupation chances to Hong Kong people.

Awards of Hong Kong DisneylandOrganization


Award Date



Bridal Awards


Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel



A aˆ?A

The Best of the Best Award

A aˆ?A

The Best Hotel Wedding

Banquet Venue

A aˆ?A

The Best Unconventional

Venue for Marrying


MLA Black Box

Culinary Challenge,

Hong Kong

Chefs Association

Disney ‘s

Hollywood Hotel



A aˆ?A

Best Entree, Deluxe Salmon Combination

A aˆ?A

Best Main Course, Sear

Lamb Steak and Beef

Ravioli with Tomato Coulis

Travel Weekly China

Hong Kong




A aˆ?A

Best Themed Attraction,

Industry Awards 2006

China Hotel

Starlight Award

Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel



A aˆ?A

“ The Top 10 Theme Hotels

of China ”

A aˆ?A

“ The Top 10 Glamorous

Hotels of China ”

China Hotel

Acme 2007

Disney ‘s

Hollywood Hotel



A aˆ?A Best Themed Hotel in China


Hong Kong




A aˆ?A

Ranked 7 in the “ Top 15 World ‘s Most Popular Amusement Parks ”

Baby Kingdom

Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel

January 2008

A aˆ?A

“ My Favorite Hotel ”

A aˆ?A

“ Top 10 Trusted Brand ”

China Hotel Starlight


Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel,

Disney ‘s

Hollywood Hotel

March 2008

A aˆ?A

“ The Top 10 Theme Hotels of China ”

A aˆ?A

“ The Top 10 Glamorous Hotels of China ”

Providing Industry Safety

Award Scheme

( 2007/2008 )


International Theme

Parks Limited

March 2008

A aˆ?A

Group Safety Performance Awards ( Hotels with kitchen ) – Silver

Disney ‘s

Hollywood Hotel

A aˆ?A

Providing Constitution Awards – Gold ( Hotels with kitchen )

Hong Kong


Main Street

Corner Cafe

A aˆ?A

Providing Constitution Awards – Gold ( Restaurants [ Non-Chinese ] )

Hong Kong


Royal Banquet Hall

A aˆ?A

Providing Constitution Awards – Gold ( Fast Food Shops functioning Chinese & A ; general classs of nutrient )

Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel

A aˆ?A

Providing Constitution Awards – Silver ( Hotels with kitchen )

National Geographic

Traveler Magazine

– Gold List Awards

Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel

March 2008

A aˆ?A My Favorite Hotel Award


Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel

June 2008

A aˆ?A

HOTELS China Best Leisure Hotel Top Ten


Hong Kong

Disneyland Hotel



A aˆ?A

HOTELS China Best Themed Award

Beginning: Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Wetland Park

The Hong Kong Wetland Park was located in Tin Shui Wai. It opened on 20 may, 2006. The Hong Kong Wetland Park is the first major ecotourism installation in Asia. The purposes of this park are advancing green touristry and environmental protection. This park is the place of wildlife. It includes birds, butterflies, fishes, darning needles, mammals and reptilians. It comprises 60 hectares of wetland modesty and a 10 000 M2 visitant ‘s centre, exhibitions and galleries. It is operated by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.

Ngong Pinging 360

Ngong Pinging 360 is a great finish for the visitants who want to larn different civilizations in Lantau Island. It opened to the populace on 18 September, 2006. The Ngong ping 360 overseas telegram conveying the visitants

Skyrail ” , a 20-minute overseas telegram auto drive, and the “ Ngong Ping Village ” , a new attractive force designed to foreground the cultural and spiritual traditions of the Ngong Ping country. Opening to the populace on 18 September 2006, the Ngong Ping Skyrail links Tung Chung with Ngong Pinging on Lantau Island, where the Tian Tan Buddha Statue and Po Lin Monastery are located. Complementing the development of the Skyrail, the Ngong Ping Village has been developed on the site taking from the Ngong Ping Terminal of the Skyrail.

The 30-year franchise for the Ngong Ping Skyrail commenced in December 2003 when the Project Agreement between the Government and the MTR Corporation Limited ( MTRCL ) came into force. MTRCL commenced the building of the Undertaking in December 2003.


The Ngong Ping 360 overseas telegram auto takes visitants on a scenic 25-minute drive above

sea and land between Tung Chung and the top of Lantau Island, where a Buddhistthemed

small town is located. It besides links up other celebrated tourer attractive forces such as the

Tian Tan Buddha, normally known as the ‘Big Buddha ‘ , the Po Lin Monastery, the

Wisdom Path, the quaint fishing small town of Tai O and luring beaches on the

southern portion of the island.

In May, visitants to the Ngong Ping small town witnessed a new Guinness record for

‘Most people playing wood block/Chinese block ‘ during a jubilation taging

Buddha ‘s Birthday. In November, Ngong Pinging 360 won the esteemed ‘Globe Award

for Major New Tourism Projects Worldwide ‘ presented by the British Guild of Travel

Tourism Policy

International Convention, Exhibition and Tourism

Capital: The Government strives to heighten the entreaty of

Hong Kong as an international convention, exhibition and

touristry capital. Additional fund is earmarked to raise Hong

Kong ‘s MICE ( meetings, incentive travels, conventions and

exhibitions ) profile and beef up support to MICE events

to be hosted in Hong Kong. To this terminal, the HKTB set up a

dedicated office, entitled Meetings and Exhibitions Hong

Kong ( MEHK ) , in November 2008 to step up publicity


Hong Kong ‘s chief locales for MICE events are the

AsiaWorld-Expo near the airdrome, the Hong Kong Convention

and Exhibition Centre ( HKCEC ) in the bosom of the metropolis, and

the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre in

Kowloon Bay. The atrium nexus enlargement of the HKCEC was

completed in April 2009. After the enlargement, 19 400 square

meters of extra exhibition infinite was created,

stand foring a 42 per cent addition to suit

about 1 000 extra booths.

In 2008, Hong Kong became the first duty-free vino

port among major economic systems. Furthermore, Hong Kong was

chosen for the publication of a Michelin usher, which put

Hong Kong on the planetary map of epicures and

cognoscentes. To step up the publicity of Hong Kong as

Asia ‘s vino and epicure Centre, the HKTB embarked on a

series of nutrient and vino publicities in 2009.

The Exhibition Industry has already helped Hong Kong make a strong place in the international concern pivot, every bit good as constructing up international clients and concern web. In add-on, harmonizing to the Hong Kong Tourism Board`s research last twelvemonth, around 780,000 oversea invitees came to Hong Kong to fall in the International Exhibition Industry and the Exhibition Industry. It was an addition of 23 % by 2005. Therefore, the Exhibition Industry is the most of import to Hong Kong`s economic system

The Future of Hong Kong

At the start of the twenty-first century, the HKSAR Government undertook a reappraisal of Hong Kong ‘s long-run development schemes. Apart from covering with alterations, the reappraisal sought to capitalize on chances originating from reunion with the Mainland, and besides to react to the many challenges brought approximately by globalization and the outgrowth of a knowledge-based economic system. The reappraisal followed a biennial survey by the Commission on Strategic Development that envisions the acceptance of a strategic model to do Hong Kong non merely a major metropolis in China, but besides Asia ‘s universe metropolis.

Asia ‘s Cyber City for the Cyber Century

Hong Kong has set itself on class to go the Centre for invention and engineering in East Asia – a cyber metropolis in the cyber century. Much is being done to gain this end and to capitalize on the tremendous chances thrown up by the information revolution.


Cyberport – Hong Kong ‘s flagship on Information Technology ( IT ) – is a originative digital community, managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited and entirely owned by the HKSAR Government, supplying central offices for a strategic bunch of around 100 IT companies and more than 10 000 IT professionals. As at December 2008. there were 60 renters in Cyberport, busying about 88 per cent of bing office infinite. This bunch of local and abroad companies and professional endowment is seen as a accelerator and hub for the growing of IT applications, information services, digital game development and multimedia content creative activity. Cyberport will besides supply IT instruction for the wider community.

of Hong Kong

Science Park

Besides utilizing the bunch construct, Hong Kong Science Park has boosted the metropolis ‘s engineering platform by concentrating on electronics, IT and telecommunications, biotechnology and preciseness technology, plus renewable enegy and environmental engineering. Phase I, which opened in 2002 at a cost of HK $ 2.9 billion ( US $ 374 million ) , offers

81 000 square meters of lettable floor infinite and boasts 90 per cent tenancy. Phase II, which was opened in 2007, will supply an extra 70 000 square meters of lettable infinite when it is to the full completed in 2010/11. In entire, about 160 local, Mainland and abroad companies are now in abode. These companies have created more than 2 400 new occupations, of which about 80 per cent are research and development ( R & A ; D ) related. THE FUTURE OF HONG KONG

Infrastructure Undertakings for the twenty-first Century

An efficient and dependable substructure has played a cardinal function in keeping Hong Kong ‘s place as a taking trade, finance, concern and touristry Centre in the part.

Infrastructure development enables us to run into demands originating from population growing and helps back up our

economic and trade development.The Government is committed to forcing in front with the 10 major substructure undertakings unveiled by the Chief Executive in the 2007 Policy Address as follows:

– South Island Line

– The Sha Tin to Central Link

– The Tuen Mun Western Bypass and Tuen Mun-Chek

Lap Kok Link

– The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link

– Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

– Hong Kong-Shenzhen Airport Co-operation

– Hong Kong-Shenzhen Joint Development of the Lok

Ma Chau Loop

– West Kowloon Cultural District

– Kai Tak Development

– New Development Areas

By bettering transit and other infrastructural systems, the execution of the above undertakings will non merely ease Hong Kong ‘s farther development, but will besides further more socio-cultural and concern activities.

In add-on, with closer and more efficient rail and transport links between Hong Kong and the neighbouring parts of Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta, farther cross boundary integrating can be encouraged.

Railway Development

Railwaies play a critical function in functioning the conveyance demands of Hong Kong. They provide fast, dependable and comfy

services, cut down force per unit area on route webs and are more environmentally friendly. After the commissioning of the East Rail Line Tsim Sha Tsui Extension, the Ma On Shan Line and the Disneyland Resort Line, the extension of

East Rail Line to Lok Ma Chau was opened in August 2007. It is a new boundary-crossing railroad that extends from the East Rail Line Sheung Shui Station to Lok Ma Chau and connects with Huanggang in Shenzhen. In add-on, the Kowloon Southern Link, which will link the West Rail Line Nam Cheong Station with the East Rail Line East

Tsim Sha Tsui Station, and the LOHAS Park Station, are scheduled for completion in 2009.

There are several other rail lines under active planning, they are the South Island Line, the Sha Tin to Central Link, the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, the Kwun Tong Line Extension and the Northern Link.The MTR Corporation Limited is besides continuing withfurther planning and elaborate design of the West Island

Line, which will affect the extension of the bing MTRIsland Line from Sheung Wan to Kennedy Town. Upon completion of these rail links, Hong Kong ‘s rail networkwill expand to over 270 kilometers and the railroads ‘ portion of the public conveyance system will be increasedfrom 35 per cent to about 40 per cent.

Road Undertakings

Strategic new roads will cut down urban congestion and providevital new links to the New Territories and beyond. Among the major route undertakings are Route 8 and Stonecutters Bridge.

On completion in 2009, the 1 596-metre Stonecutters Bridge, with a chief span of 1 018 meters, will be one of the longest span cable-stayed Bridgess in the universe. It will be the first long-span span located in an urban settingin Hong Kong and will be extremely seeable from Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. This span is an of import portion of Route 8 between Tsing Yi and Sha Tin and will supply the metropolis with a new east-west path, associating the eastern portion of the New Territories to the airdrome. This new main road will supply direct entree to Container Terminals No. 8 and No. 9 in Kwai Chung.The planned Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge ( HZMB ) is a big sea-crossing associating the HKSAR with the metropoliss ofThe HZMB Main Bridge is a 29.6 km-long double three-lane carriageway, including about 6.7 kilometers of immersed tunnel. The authoritiess of Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong are presently finalising fiscal inside informations refering the span. Construction is planned to get down no subsequently than 2010.


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