Trump and Kim
Jung Un fights, fake or real?

Trump and Kim Jung Un have been a lot in the news in 2017 because of their
twitter fights. There have been a lot of conspiracy theories about Trump and
Kim Jung Un’s fights, if they were real or not.

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Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un have been a lot in the news in the past
year because they caused a lot of havoc and controversy on social media with
threats that they would start a nuclear war and to most people’s surprise that
hasn’t happened yet. 

Trump said:”I probably have a good relationship with Kim Jung Un.” A lot
of people found this very strange, because one moment he is threatening
North-Korea with nuclear assaults and now he is proclaiming that he has a good
relationship with Kim Jung Un. Of course we can’t know if he is actually
telling the truth or just saying that to comfort everybody.

Trump once tweeted:”Why would Kim Jung-un
insult me by calling me “old,” when I would NEVER call him
“short and fat?” Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe
someday that will happen!” This tweet is a huge part of all the controversy
between the two leaders. Trump was with this tweet very hypocritical and said
that he would never call Kim fat and short, but by saying that he actually
calls him fat and short.

There have been countless threats for the beginning of
a nuclear war by the two world leaders. The reason why it only happens with
them is because they are both convinced that they are the supreme country on
topic of weapons.  A lot of people think
that soon there will be a nuclear war unleashed by the two leaders.

So far, Vladimir Putin hasn’t been involved that much
and that’s for the better, because if he would be engaged in the “fights”,
things could get a lot more seriously and world war 3 could be started. Putin
on the other hand is a lot more media-shy and doesn’t post every hour on
twitter what his next step is going to be.

Kim Jung Un’s people (North-Korean people) don’t have
a lot of freedom on the internet, so they actually don’t know half about what
goes around on twitter between Kim Jung Un and Trump, Kim refers to himself as
the “supreme leader” and every person in North-Korea should think that he is
that. Meanwhile Trump only refers to him as “the least racist person you know”
but that’s a debatable and in the United States a lot of people think that
Trump is a bad president and is incapable of leading a country successfully,
but at least they have the government  who has a lot of input.




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