& # 8217 ; s View On Poe Essay, Research PaperCats Meets The RavenWhat is an writer? What does it count who is talking? These inquiries posed by Michel Foucault lead the reader of his essay in many waies and to battalions of inquiries. The thoughts presented in T.

S. Eliot s essay From Poe to Valery exemplify three different ways of analyzing Poe, his work, and besides the influence of his work.Eliot discusses the assorted influences Poe had on such celebrated writers as Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells. I particularly like how he wrote thatSherlock Holmes was lead oning Watson when he told him that he had bought his Stradivarius fiddle for a few shillings at a 2nd manus store in the Tottenham Court Road.

He found that fiddle in the ruins of the house of Usher.Eliot so goes on to specify the term La poesie pure or pure poesy. He says that all poesy starts from our emotions experienced and by our interactions with others. I wasn t certain if this upholds the thought that nil is original and all work is influenced by something else, so there is no original work, and who is to state who the writer of some work is. All of this goes along with the writer map, demoing that sometimes to sort a work by its writer, or to pigeonhole an writer as a certain sort of author is a folly.T.

s. eliots presents his reader with three different Gallic poets from three different ages, each of whom looked at Poe from a different position. The first of which, Baudelaire, stereotypes Poe as le poete maudit or the friendless poet, He identifies with Poe and is largely interested more in Poe s personality. This type of analysis would non wing in this class as we are more interested in discourse, but, in the debut to his interlingual rendition of Poe, Baudelaire gives one esthetic comment.He believe [ says Baudelaire ] , true poet that he was, that the end of poesyis the same nature as its rule, and that it should hold nil in position but itself.This of class leads Eliot over Mallerme whose chief involvement is that of Poe s poetry even though Poe s poetry does non interpret good into the Gallic linguistic communication.. The decease of the writer is most evident in Valery who is non concerned with Poe s life style like Baudelaire, or Poe s versification like Mallerme, but instead the metaphysical and esthetic deductions of Poe s work.

Valery says I prize the theories, so profound and so perniciously learned. Once once more Eliot mentions the thought of pure poesy and how it is merely achieved through by increasing consciousness of linguistic communication. This of class we discussed with the writer map as good.

The thought that we don t write, the linguistic communication writes and works through the writer so that the writer is truly a map of the linguistic communication while besides a map of the work. Another characteristic Valery takes from Poe is his incredulity. He believes everything to be merely a unsmooth bill of exchange, ne’er being finished. As we saw in Pym, Poe can go forth us without a defined stoping and non experience guilty about it at all after he has gotten us to play his game of seeking to see him through his authorship when it is merely his message, ne’er himself.Eliot believes that pure poesy came easy to Poe, even with the dross in his usage of words, to Poe, the intervention was everything. He besides states that Poe and Valery through their extremes run into with the same consequence.

Poe holding no strong beliefs because he ne’er matured to that degree, and Valery s grownup head being excessively disbelieving to keep any strong beliefs.Eliot s usage of the three poets to expose the writer map and how it works through different analysis is a paper that Foucault would hold admired. He shows the different ways the three poets looked at Poe s work and so concentrated on Valery who overlooks Poe to acquire to his theories.

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