Tuberculosisis an old – new
infection, scientists theorized that first human infection was in Africa about
5,000 years agoi,
even there is evidence that human infected by this infection 9,000 years ago. One
of the sustainable development goals for 2030 was to end the global TB
epidemic. Globally Tuberculosis is one of the most causes of mortality and
morbidityii.  It is measured as the third of the world
population is infected with tuberculosis and about 8- 10 million cases of
active infection and 3 million deaths occur annually.

In Saudi Arabia, tuberculosis is
still a major problem and it is the third- largest Arab country despite the governmental
effortsiii in
controlling the infection but still this effort in a term of medication and
they do not jump to the step of prevention. Most of the researches and papers
based on old or not updated references; here a comparative incidence of active
cases in 1991 based on official notifications was 14.8 per 100,000 while the
estimated incidence was 30 per 100,000iv.On
the other hand, World Health Organization (WHO), in 2012, reported that an
annual TB incidence rate increased to 18 per 100,000v
and Saudi Arabia remains a TB burden country. There are many factors can play a
role to make the Kingdom faces this public health issue. One of these factors
are the immigrant who pass the border to settle down in Saudi or to come to the
area as a transit then to Europe and due to socio-economy defects which may consider
a major factor of infection transmission.

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