TUI was established in 1997 and has grown to be one of the biggest circuit operators in Europe. They have served around more than 30 million clients yearly with a presence in around 180 states. TUI started off as a transit and industrial company but so diversified to concentrate merely on touristry, transportation and logistics. They have a immense web of 3500 travel bureaus, 285 hotels in 28 states, 7 air hoses, 10 sail line drives, and 79 circuit operators. They have been unchallenged for most of the decennary but so planetary environmental challenges have brought in its portion of jobs.

Environmental Analysis


The biggest strength of TUI is the fact that it is one of the biggest travel groups in Europe. They have a immense footmark which makes it easy for them to derive entree to the market and to sell their merchandises to a big cross subdivision of the population. They are besides able to maximize on their trade names by doing them work in concurrence with each other. They besides do non hold any desperate fiscal jobs as they sold off one of their major assets. TUI is besides good known for its high quality client services. Their immense web comprises of a big mix of circuit operators, air hoses, hotels, sail ships, travel bureaus and retail shops. There is a batch of trade name consciousness for their trade name names such as TUI, RIU, Thomson Airways, 1-2 Fly. This has helped them a great trade as people are cognizant of it and there is a batch of good religion for these trade names.


One of the failings of TUI is the fact that it has a really high degree of debt it has to keep which is ( net debt/equity 2002E: 169 % ) . This puts a batch of force per unit area on them to bring forth net incomes so that they can serve their debts. They besides have to postulate with a lower border of net incomes as there is a batch of competition within the market and they have no pick but to offer the best trades to everyone at the disbursal of a lower border. The company besides suffered from losingss in 2008 due to the recession and other fiscal jobs which created a major dent in travel bundles. It is non executable for them to prolong themselves for long if there is a immense bead in gross.


There are plentifulness of chances for them to capitalize on looking at emerging markets in India and China which will give them chance for growing. The Indian and Chinese economic systems are turning really quickly and there are people over there with money to save on leisure activities. It would be a great thought to put up store over at that place. They can besides look at other concern chances by looking at possible acquisitions or amalgamations with other companies.


There are still a batch of menaces which can impact the concern due to the recession. The recession may hold eased a spot but so it has still affected how consumers buy merchandises. If clients are tight fisted with their billfolds so it can impact the bottom line of the company in the short term. There is besides the menace that clients looking for nest eggs can choose for cheaper bundles such as the rail or coach for short trips and non to trust on air hoses. This can besides do a major dent in their income. The money salvaging thrust will besides impact them as there are clients who are looking for budget bundles and non looking for expensive bundles with 4-5 star hotels in them.



The air hose industry has had to bear a batch of high costs of all time since 9/11 and 7/7 occurred since the authorities has refused to bear the full cost of security. This charge has been passed on to the consumer since the air hose has refused to take the whole duty. There is a batch of high security due to this ground and in-migration Torahs have been tightened up every bit good as non to let unscrupulous elements in. This has besides resulted in some finishs being off the list for some travelers as they have been unable to acquire any insurance for that peculiar finish. This has a batch of effects for TUI as they besides own a few air hoses. The Tourism industry is besides affected by the fact that non all finishs are stable. There can be any kind of political instability in those topographic points which can besides impact touristry in that state. They are besides troubled by the fact that there can be a different revenue enhancement set for different states. Some states revenue enhancement more while some provide benefits so that their touristry industry can profit in the longer tally.



The recession is one of the factors which can impact the Tourism industry soberly. It has already claimed concerns such as Goldline, XL leisure group and many others. Many of these companies rely on a low border of net income and if there is non plenty to travel around so the smaller participants go under while the bigger 1s besides suffer heavy losingss. This means that one time the recession gets over merely the large strong 1s will be able to capitalize on the chance and derive new clients. There are besides factors such as oil monetary values which can besides impact how consumers make their travel programs. Airlines ever add a surcharge whenever there is an addition in oil monetary values. This can do it a bit expensive for the consumer to go every bit good. The recession has besides lead to a fluctuation in the exchange rate of states. The current Euro currency crisis made it rather weak against the lb and US dollar late though it has now made a ample figure of additions. Tourism is such that tourers will travel in immense Numberss to finishs with a weaker exchange rate as they can acquire more for their money. For illustration when the lb was at 1= $ 2 dollars at that place was a immense inflow of British Tourists in the US to profit from the weaker dollar.


Peoples are ever looking to travel up the ladder and happen ways of doing alterations in their lives. There have been a important figure of alterations in the manner people conduct their lifestyle these yearss. The cyberspace has brought about a revolution in how people can travel approximately and travel as they can utilize it to happen the best bundles to accommodate them. Companies such as TUI have web sites which allow consumers to custom-make their travel programs. Peoples are really witting of which company they choose when they are on vacation as trade name names matter a batch. A good trade name name can vouch a good vacation for them. However merely those companies which have ever provided good consequences in the yesteryear are the 1s which can fulfill the demands of the clients. There is something known as trade name trueness which can vouch that kind of experience.


Due to technological progresss a batch of work has now been automated. Peoples are trusting on the cyberspace for a batch of material. The cyberspace has lead to a roar in the figure of gross revenues being conducted as people are able to make a batch from place. Consumers have been able to book a big figure of vacations online as it ‘s rather easy to make that. The Numberss have shown an upward tendency of all time since booking vacations online became popular. This is a dual edged blade for large companies such as TUI because on one manus they can acquire rid of extra staff and relies on the cyberspace for engagements etc but so the same theoretical account can be used by other rivals with lower militias therefore increasing competition.


There are a figure of environmental jobs associated with the touristry industry. Factors such as the environment have lead to the green civilization. Peoples are now ever speaking about their C pes print which is due to pollution. The UK authorities shot down programs for a 3rd track at Heathrow due to pollution and the fact that it would lend to noise pollution. The authorities has besides imposed a green revenue enhancement to countervail the effects of C emanations. There are besides wellness factors which can impact touristry such as SARS ( in the early portion of the old decennary ) which led to a immense diminution in flights to the Southeast and more late the Swine Flu pandemic. These are the grounds why touristry can be affected in certain countries.


There are ever some kind of jobs associated with the Tourism/Airline industry as it is governed by certain Torahs and ordinances. There is ever the demand to hold a license of some kind for one thing or the other. All companies are cognizant of the legal reverberations if they do something which is against the regulations.


Potential Entrants:

It is non easy for new entrants to come into this field as TUI and some of the other giants already have a immense interest in the market. There is besides a really high cost associated with come ining the market as it requires a batch of capital and the costs associated with it. Peoples are besides familiar with TUI and its trade names. This is one ground why it ‘s non easy for new companies to come into this field.


It is an obvious fact that people will ne’er give up on leisure activities as they want an flight from place at times. There are cheaper ways of salvaging money such as activities at places, local trips to town, picture games but so it can ne’er take the topographic point of travel. This means that there will ever be some demand for travel bundles. Overall it means there is a low menace of replacements.


The providers are the 1s who can either keep a batch of power over the market or they are the 1s who can be dictated to by the clients. However in the instance of the Tourism industry they do non hold much of a clasp in the market as most of them already have a immense presence within the market and already hold a batch of clout of their ain as they have entree to a batch of merchandises they require i.e. TUI already has some hotels, air hoses and their ain travel agents so they do desire demand to take the support of others. The lone opportunities of dickering power are when there are some hotels or air hoses which are non portion of the group and TUI needs to screen out some travel bundle with them.


There are n’t many replacements in the market and the fact that monetary value difference between merchandises is excessively low to do a large difference. Customers are able to choose their merchandises online via the cyberspace but so it wo n’t do a large difference. Hence the ground why the purchasing power of clients is rather low.


TUI does non hold to postulate with much competition in the market as the merely other large name out there is Thomas Cook and a figure of smaller operators. However since TUI has a immense portion of the market there is less competition within the market.


It has been mentioned earlier that TUI is the biggest circuit company in Europe as it has a immense portion of the market. They have been able to do a difference with the value and soothe them offer their patronage. This is the ground why they have been able to remain on top of the market for so long. They have a immense presence in a big figure of states and they are besides able to function 1000000s of clients each twelvemonth. One of the biggest grounds why they have been successful is the fact that they are that they have a immense presence in the market. They have involvements in everything which is linked to tourism i.e. hotels, air hoses, circuit operators, retail stores, sail line drives, etc. They are able to distribute value throughout their ain involvements and this is an added advantage as they do n’t hold to give concern to any other company as the money goes right back within the organisation. They provide their ain supply and can easy carry through the demand every bit good. They besides have all the channels of deriving entree to their client base may it be on-line or through the brick or howitzer shop format as non everyone likes to purchase their bundles online. One of their strongest points is the fact that they have besides been able to acquire support from their portion holders who have allowed them flexibleness. The client service and first-class operations is a notch above their rivals. They are besides more financially solvent than some of the other operators who late went flop due to the economic downswing. TUI besides has a really diverse portfolio of services which allow them to accomplish a sense of distinction. Since they can supply all these services they get repeat clients, are able to achieve their uniqueness and can construct upon their trade name.

TUI has been able to supply value for the money as it strikes the right balance between net incomes and the demands of its clients. They are besides able to accommodate to drastic alterations in the market by altering themselves as they have the experience to make that. They besides are able to accomplish more economic system of graduated table merely because they are their ain providers.


The ANSOFF matrix can be used to happen out what way TUI can take in order to farther develop itself.


TUI can diversify by looking towards the rail, coach and ferry sector. There is a batch of possible in that sector chiefly because of the fact that there will ever be people who want to salvage money by choosing for a cheaper manner of travel. They can get down their ain services to capitalize on that and derive a portion of that pie as their primary manner of transit is air hoses followed by luxury sails.

Market Penetration

TUI has the biggest market portion in the whole country along with a immense presence in the European Market. They know that it will non be easy for new rivals to come into the frame but so they have to maintain tapping the other corners of the market. They have to postulate with the fact that other web sites can offer the same trades without puting up store. They can heighten their market standing farther online so that they can derive more grosss.


TUI has a batch of bundles which are developed for specific locations. They can make a batch by looking for new finishs for its clients to give them a new gustatory sensation. They can besides make some budget bundles for its clients so that they have more options if they are unable to take from the expensive picks.


TUI has the biggest presence in the market and they have been able to market their merchandise good. It is a good thought to travel on to other markets so that they do non stagnate. They have reasonably much cornered the market in Europe and need to happen a new one. They can easy capitalize on the Indian and Chinese markets chiefly because they have great economic systems and they have a batch of people with disposable income over at that place. They can happen new grosss within those markets while the state of affairs improves in the other markets.

TUI has to besides look at other factors which can impact them such as the fact that oil monetary values maintain fluctuating. They need to purchase oil monetary values at a lower monetary value now by fudging their stakes but so there is no warrant if the monetary value will travel down or remain up in the hereafter. It could be a safe stake if the monetary values go up in the hereafter. This can turn out to be a hazard but so it wo n’t be as large of a hazard as purchasing oil at more expensive monetary values. For illustration if they buy oil at 75 dollars a barrel and it goes back to 65 so they will hold paid more but non lost much.

They besides have to confront the possibility that air hoses may be taxed more for the green revenue enhancement in the hereafter in order to countervail C emanations. They are already taxed a batch presently and there are besides possible steps in the hereafter where the figure of flights will be capped in order to cut down pollution.


This study has used a figure of tools to come up with an analysis. It would non be practical to make it without the usage of the tools. There are nevertheless some restrictions when it comes to the tools being used.


PESTEL is a great tool as it allows us to analyze the macro environment and acquire a better apprehension of the industry and its environment. All these factors allow us to see the hereafter menaces. PESTEL besides allows us to look into out the key factors which can impact the scheme of an organisation every bit good. They are brought to the head and can be seen.

However it is merely an apprehension of the whole state of affairs and does non supply any solutions. It besides does non let us to measure the degree of the job. It is besides non executable to analyze the full macro environment because there are eternal possibilities.


Porters Five Forces allows us to understand what drives competitory behavior and the factors behind it. It is a bit more elaborate and can easy place the grounds behind competitory behavior. It can besides look into the advantages and disadvantages of the industry by analyzing its profitableness and fight graduated table. It is besides used to find the feasibleness of the industry and understand the basicss behind it.

The lone job with it is the fact that the environment is ever altering and it can ne’er be used for a long term analysis. It besides does non take the industry into sections and considers them to be a whole. It is flawed as it does non look at HR, civilization and the direction accomplishments of an organisation.


The SWOT analysis is to the point and focuses on the strengths, failings, chances and menaces of a concern. It takes into history both the internal and external facets of the concern. It is a great determination doing tool and besides understands which points of the concern to take into history. It besides addresses the cardinal issues and identifies the relevant information.

Despite all the strengths of the theoretical account it will still disregard some of the of import factors of the concern. It does non supply any solution to beef uping the concern.


The ANSOFF matrix allows the concern to look into out its best options in different scenarios. This besides allows them to research how they can turn as a corporation.

It is a bit limited as it merely takes into history the fact that it merely looks at growing and portion and non other factors. It besides uses a growing matrix to analyze the operations which is non sufficient.


TUI still needs to a make a batch to capitalize on its current place. They can do hay while the Sun radiances and addition as many clients as they can. If they diversify and start providing to people with limited incomes they can derive a whole new market. They merely need to play their cards right and they can turn a great trade.

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