Based on the theoretical account that has been given in the text edition ( Exhibit 6. 3-The Value Chain ) . below is a value concatenation of Turkish Airlines. Primary Activities:
* Operationss: Turkish Airlines operates agenda services to over 200 international and 50 finishs. functioning sum of 265 airdromes in Europe. Asia. Americas and Africa. * Selling and Gross saless: After acquiring award of best air hoses company in Europe. the Turkish Airlines has been focused on to hold sponsorship with biggest association football squads which are Barcelona FC and Manchester United and they besides had a Television commercials with Lionel Messi and Kobe Bryant. With this scheme. Turkish Airlines have had more costumiers in Europe. England and Americas. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=sQLG37rM5hw

* Service: When you have a flight with Turkish Airlines. they merely care about how safe and how comfy you are traveling to get to your finish. Based on their costumier populations and their market portion. it fundamentally shows their successful service quality. Support Activities:

* General Administration: Based on my researches. Turkish Airlines has 53 % international market portion and 53 % domestic market portion. If I consider their market growing. there is a obvious addition from 2003 to since now.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. turkishairlines. com/download/investor_relations/presentations/june_2011. pdf

* Human Resources Management: Based on Turkish Airline’s presently employee profile. they have 8128 flight forces. 1975 abroad forces. 5634 other domestic forces which make it entire of 15737 forces. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. turkishairlines. com/en-int/corporate/career/current-employee-profile * Turkish Airlines Corporate Development and Information Technologies Department has presently 44 employees who are qualified to work on different information engineering platforms and who has different accomplishments to coming up with new originative thoughts for bettering their system every bit good as developing the solutions. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. turkishairlines. com/tr-TR/kurumsal/faaliyet-raporu/2010/en/m-6-11. hypertext markup language *

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