Ten going on Sixteen” by Kay S. Humidity, is telling the transition of a child to a teen and the influences of the modern world in them. Kay Humidity starts the essay with her own child’s experience of going through adolescence. She also tells her daughter grown up too fast, and become a teen.

Teens is the term for describe kids between eight and 12. She points out “The teen phenomenon grows out of a complicated mixture of biology, demography, and the predictable assortment f Bad Ideas. First, Humidity say kids are very concerned their “look”. They are no longer like old fashion for kids, and they wear like an adult to school. They also wear make-up to school. Humidity thinks that more visible effects in girls than in boys.

She also tells the darker side of teen these days. Crime is one of the problems that she points out in this essay. Crime is increasing everyday not only by adult but by teen also. The next problem is sex activities. Sexual activities are increase every day.

They are having sex at the early age. As her report, some counselors in middle school see a few pregnant six-grader. Kids seem normal when they are talking about sex.

Another problem Humidity have in this essay is drug and school. Teens who are smoke marijuana no longer see it as dangerous. These are three big problems happen to teens that she writes in this essay.

In the end, she say all the problem that kids has influence by media such as the internet, TV, newspaper, and the market.

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