There is a expression, “ Customer is God ” which means client ‘s demands should be fulfilled by the goods or service supplier so that the client can go your loyal client. As to the hotel industry, it is besides really true that hotel staff should seek the best to fulfill all demands and petitions from the invitees so as to maintain the invitees come back frequently and present their friends and relations to step in the hotel.

However, non all clients are easy traveling and sometimes clients may convey up hard petitions which are non able to be met by the hotel, therefore it will present a great challenge for the hotel staff to manage.In this manner, the relevant hotel section, here referred as the front office under the room division will frequently be responsible for treating such petitions and ailments. The manner how the client ‘s petitions and ailments are handled is really of import for the hotel ‘s development sing its respectability and sustainability in this field. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to extremely concentrate on the grounds of such hard petitions and ailments and the solutions which will decently acquire the issues handled without piquing the clients and doing them fulfill with the services of the hotel.

It besides addresses the significance for the hotel to be able to manage the ailments and petitions in a proper manner. In the concluding portion, the study has drawn a proper decision for such challenge discussed and analysed.

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Introduction 4Discussion about the grounds and signifiers of the hard petitions and ailments brought up by clients 4The ways how the Front Office staff should confront and manage such challenge 6Significance for the hotel to manage the challenge in a proper manner 7Decision 9Mentions 10


With the development of assorted concerns and touristries, different types of cordial reception industries such as concern hotels, vacation hostel hotels, have been quickly developed and expanded in the metropoliss all around the universe. Since the monolithic enlargement in this cordial reception sector, the competition between hotels with the same degree is going more and more intensified. Therefore, to better the service seeking to fulfill every client whenever stepping into the hotel to the best is going critical in the hotel direction ( Kandampully, Mok & A ; Sparks, 2001 ) . However, no affair how good the hotel staff made the readying and how much attempts they made for seeking to run into the client ‘s demands, there are still many challenges in footings of managing the existent incidents in the existent state of affairs. With the consideration of turn toing the challenges which might be encountered by the hotel staff, this study picks one typical challenge that the hotel room division section will on occasion confront to analyze.

The challenge is identified in the study is how the hard client ‘s petitions and ailments are processed by the relevant staff. Normally the petitions and ailments are handled by the front office staff under the room division section of the hotel. Such hard petitions and ailments from clients are really common for the cordial reception industry. In the study, it is to compose about such typical challenge to be handled by the front office staff in a concern hotel.

Discussion about the grounds and signifiers of the hard petitions and ailments brought up by clients

In cordial reception industry, it is really difficult for the hotel non to hold any incidents occur since the cordial reception sector is covering with different types of people. Take a Business Hotel as an illustration, one big Business Hotel will have 1000s of clients each twelvemonth.

All of the clients are with different features or from different states with evidently different civilizations. Even the best and most reputable hotel may non be able to do every client satisfy with its service. Normally, it is more occasional for the Front Office under the Room Division Department to reach the clients straight. And more frequently requests or ailments from clients will be delivered to the Front Office and the staff is responsible for managing such incidents.The grounds why sometimes clients will suggest some difficult petitions or even sometimes they straight make ailments about the hotel is non hard to understand. From the position of client, he/she spends money on the nutrient and services in the hotel, hence, client may believe he/she should merit more convenient and better service.

And the more money he/she spends in the hotel, the much higher outlook with regard to the services he/she will hold for the hotel. This is the psychological reaction of human being. During the hotel service procedure, if the clients feel the existent experience of the service is non up to the outlook they set in their head, it will do client ‘s dissatisfaction ( Bardi, 2010 ) .

Although most of them will non uncover this temper and leave the hotel without a word, some of the clients will kick to the Front Office. Besides since different clients are greatly different in their life background, acting methods, features, they will reflect a different demands for the hotel services. Meanwhile, as the rating of hotel services by each client is subjective, rating of the same services may change from individual to individual. Therefore non all the client ‘s demands can be fulfilled and nil is perfect, the diverseness of the housing clients perfectly guarantee that there will be hard petitions and ailments ( Hsu & A ; Powers, 2001 ) .During the hotel service, a hotel may face many signifiers of hard client ‘s petitions and ailments. There are hard petitions such as late room service, inquiring for some installations which are non equipped in the hotel etc. Typical ailments are like dirty room, unreasonable phone monetary value, hapless installations, bad-quality nutrient, linguistic communication misinterpretation, unhelpful staff and so on ( Ahmed, 2005 ) .

The ways how the Front Office staff should confront and manage such challenge

When meeting the hard client petitions and ailments, Front Office staff may experience great emphasis for managing such incidents particularly when covering with some difficult clients.

It is a great challenge for the employees to manage the petitions and ailments decently without piquing the clients and to guarantee Hotel ‘s involvements at the same clip. To manage these incidents in a proper manner, the staff should foremost hold a right attitude about the challenge. To cover with such unprepared incidents is one place ‘s duties.

Requirements and ailments made by clients should be regarded as gifts to hotel. Customer ‘s petitions and ailments non merely reflect the demands of clients are non fulfilled by hotel, but besides provide an chance for the hotel to measure its service quality and direction quality in assorted facets ( Barlow & A ; Moller, 1996 ) . It really provides a good opportunity to better hotel in many ways, which will finally enables the hotel with an outstanding public presentation and to be really competitory in the housing industry.For Front Office staff, it is a cognition to well manage the hard client ‘s petitions and ailments.

Normally the staff can decide the incidents with mention to the undermentioned counsels harmonizing to different complex state of affairs.When clients ask for some difficult petitions which may non be achieved within the hotel ‘s bound, clients may experience defeated and defeated. Usually clients will non intentionally do some unreasonable petitions, hence, when the staff face such petitions, they should foremost seek to fulfill their clients if the petitions are non pathetic. If hotel can non run into the client ‘s petitions, the staff should do apologies to clients in a polite manner. The staff should maintain the petitions down on the notebook and guarantee the clients that the hotel will better its service or add the petitions in the service scope ( Malhotra, 1997 ) . Actually the petitions are besides the advice for the hotel. It can do the hotel perfect its services.

For case, now there are more and more adult females concern travelers, adult females have more demands than work forces in footings of housing and nutrient and so on. Women clients may inquire hotel to fix better hairdryer and healthy repasts. In other state of affairss, hotel may hold some handicapped individuals who will demand more particular petitions from the hotel. Normally if client ‘s hard petitions can non be provided by the hotel and the staff decline them in a really polite manner, most of the clients will non be annoyed. However, if the client ‘s petitions are refused by the staff without any account, client will do ailments because they feel his self-pride is devalued.When covering with the ailments, the staff should be really careful because if the ailments are non handled decently, the hotel will lose non merely one client. When client complains, the hotel should manage the ailments instantly and take the ailments earnestly. Hotel staff should carefully listen to the client with ailments with a heart-whole attitude and trade with the ailments after being agreed by client.

After probe, if it is found mistake with the hotel, apology and proper compensation shall be made in order to acquire forgiveness from the clients and do them fulfill with the hotel once more. The staff shall maintain in head avoiding struggles with clients. For the serious incident, the staff shall soothe the clients foremost so study to the director and manage it harmonizing to the ailments process.

Every ailment should be integrated in a file and analysed so that it can go a stuff for preparation as typical instances ( Heung & A ; Lam, 2003 ) . After the ailments are resolved, hotel staff should appreciate the clients for indicating out the improper ways of the hotel, which makes the hotel better itself. Then the clients will experience good feeling about the hotel once more and will come back for following clip.

Significance for the hotel to manage the challenge in a proper manner

To properly trade with the hard petitions and ailments is important for hotel ‘s success and development. There are plentifulness of hotels established in the metropolis, why the clients would come back if they feel they are non treated in a good mode. For hotel, to offer a good service is one thing, to decide petitions and ailments in a good mode is another cardinal factor for its repute.

Deciding the jobs efficaciously has a strong impact on the client satisfaction and trueness. Customers will perchance fulfill with the hotel based on the recovery attempts made by the hotel ( Liao, 2007 ) . There are Numberss of hotels going good participants in the housing industry because they know how to present their services to clients and how to guarantee guest satisfaction about their services or even how to manage the guest ailments successfully and derive back the client ‘s trust about their hotels. Therefore, these hotels survive in the competitory adjustment country.Particularly at present, engineering develops fast and Internet is used by most people around the universe. If one hotel failed to manage the invitee ‘s petitions or ailments, the pained client may distribute bad words via Internet, which will greatly destruct the hotel ‘s celebrity and possible clients may take the other rival by sing these remarks ( Piccoli, Spalding & A ; Ives, 2001 ) . Besides this, one time the client experience negative sentiment about the hotel, he/she will present this message to his/her friends and relations.

For illustration, when we check the hotel information via Internet, we will on occasion see some messages or remarks made by other people. These bad words will decidedly do us experience non good about the hotel, although some of them may non be true.While on the other manus, if the hotel can seek to carry through the petitions of the clients, hotel will derive considerable net incomes and will decidedly construct a good repute in the cordial reception industry. Take London Hilton in Park Lane as an illustration. Since now there are more and more adult females concern travelers who have specific demands and demands different from those of male invitees.

These adult females invitees highlight good wellness diet and fittingness installations and they require more appropriate installations in their suites, such as cushioned hangers, good lighting and full-length mirror. Therefore, London Hilton refurbished the 30 suites on its 22nd floor to go an all-women zone and offers a private subdivision for them and heighten the security. The suites are facilitated harmonizing to adult females taste including manner magazines, powerful hairdryers and others ( Carysforth, 2003 ) . As a consequence, the London Hilton Hotel is popular by most of the adult females travelers.

Proper managing client ‘s ailments and do the kicking client feel he/she is respected besides helps the hotel to construct its repute and win back client ‘s trueness.


In decision, the cordial reception industry most frequently cover with people. In order to last in today ‘s intensively competitory concern environment, it is really indispensable for hotels to guarantee to accomplish client ‘s satisfaction. As people ‘s increasing sense of protecting his consumer rights, many ailments occur in the hotel service. Besides because hotels provide merchandises and services which may be perceived in different ways by different people, different people will hold varied degrees of sentiment in reacting to the same or similar service and merchandise ingestion. Ailments sometimes do good to the hotel if the hotel is able to work out the job in an effectual manner.

If non, ailments will lend a really bad influence to the hotel. However, for the Hotel Room Division sector, it is really disputing for them the properly trade with the affair. The individuals for set abouting such place should be experienced and well-trained in this country.

The capableness of managing the ailments and hard state of affairs is non merely about personal traits but besides about tacts and schemes. The hotel staff should be familiar with the relevant schemes or processs when managing the hard and complex issues. It is besides the hotel ‘s luck to hold such first-class staff being capable of work outing ailments.

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