The chief ground for taking this subject is that I enjoy going and have been to assorted parts of the state over the past few old ages. During my one and a half twelvemonth stay at MICA I have been fortunate plenty to see some highly beautiful and alien locations in Gujarat such as Kutch, Gir, Modhera, Tarnetar, etc. to call a few. I see no ground why Gujarat should be one of the must see finishs on any tourer ‘s map. The aim of the survey is to understand Gujarat as an emerging tourer finish and on the footing of research suggest a communicating program for it to be amongst the taking tourer finishs in India.In 2008, the touristry industry in India was majorly hit by the planetary recession and the terrorist onslaughts in Mumbai. Unlike the high growing seen during 2003-08, 2009 is witnessing a slow growing. However, it is expected that the 2010 Commonwealth games will give a encouragement to the touristry economic system.

Post that depending on the resurgence of planetary economic system, touristry is expected to turn.The entire flow of tourer during the twelvemonth 2006 – 07 was 12.34 million and recorded a growing of 15 % over the old twelvemonth. Growth of 18.5 % was observed in the tourer flow from foreign states during 2006-07.Ahmedabad Ambaji and Dwarka are the major tourer finishs which invited the maximal figure of tourers in Gujarat. These three finishs accounted for 33 % of entire tourer flow.About 78 % of the tourer flow in 2006 – 07 was from within Gujarat.

The portion of other Indian provinces was 20.6 % . The foreign tourers accounted for 1.

68 % in the entire tourer flow.Besides, bulk of tourers visits were for concern intent ( 53 % ) in the province, later followed by spiritual visits ( 35 % ) . 8 % of the tourer visits were for leisure intents. This is demoing an upward tendency


Since centuries Gujarat has been a vivacious thaw pot of civilizations, traditions and motions. It has besides been blessed with a alone natural landscape and architecture which includes volcanic springs through bedrock to fossil Fieldss of autochthonal dinosaurs ; from the art of the neolithic cave painter to the rock chef-d’oeuvres of a series of civilised architecture. Yet, unlike rival tourer provinces such as Rajasthan, Kerela, Andhra Pradesh and Goa, Gujarat has still non been able to carry through its tourer potency.

Much of it is due to an inability to carve out a alone individuality and develop offerings which attracts more tourers.To understand, Gujarat as a tourer trade name it is imperative to understand the construct of finish stigmatization that has been looked upon by assorted academicians.


Tourism finishs are merchandises of history and civilization.

To some degree, a successful tourer finish is one which can link immediately with the cultural background of its possible tourer. If one looks at the significances associated with a peculiar topographic point, some of them are shared by the local community whereas others are shared by planetary cultural communities. For illustration, a topographic point like Manali or Rishikesh attracts tourers from all over the universe.Therefore a touristry finish may bring forth certain internationally shared significances which can represent a standardised platform from which a culturally dii¬ˆerentiated market communicating can take its point of going and supply a distinguishable spirit. An effectual portraiture and communicating of these significances is what finally helps the tourer decide one topographic point over another.


In today ‘s age of globalisation, intense competition between finishs is coercing assorted provinces to construct a strong distinguishable finish trade name which can assist distinguish one province from another and attract tourers every bit good as investors. To make this alone individuality and construct the competitory border, it is of import to analyze the microenvironment, tourer behaviour and tendencies, schemes adopted by other successful tourer finishs, rating of its ain strengths and failings, etc. as a footing for coming up with effectual communicating schemes.


At the nucleus of any successful tourer trade name, is a clear set of trade name values – emotional and functional, a robust trade name individuality, an attractive trade name personality and an efficient and targeted communicating scheme.Another critical factor that impacts the trade name image of tourer topographic points is the spirit and image of the local dwellers. Surveies have proved that a topographic point ‘s image is more frequently than non shaped by the ‘typical ‘ local people and their civilization.Destination image, similar to the image of merchandises and services can be seen as a multi-item concept, connoting that the amount of the properties, are the elements of i¬?nal composite image. This comes in line with Gensch who argues that merchandise image is evaluated by its properties. So, fundamentally finish images are the consequence of single properties plus a more holistic image.Besides, one of the surveies, “ Critical success factors in finish stigmatization ” has listed the following as critical success factors

Table 5: Critical success factors derived from the literature reappraisal

Strategic orientationTrial statistics are included and the finish ‘s chief markets are quantii¬?ed and segmentedThe chief competition is identii¬?edTourism tendencies are identii¬?edA long-run orientation is adoptedThe importance of international fight is recognisedThe demand for substructure betterments is highlightedThe demand for integrating with national/regional touristry programs is recognisedResidents attitudes to touristry are consideredLocal civilizations, values and life styles are consideredWealth and occupation creative activity and quality of life for occupants are primary purposesThe issue of overcrowding is addressedThe issue of environmental jobs is addressedThe issue of seasonality is addressedThe benei¬?t of touristry to the finish is quantii¬?edScenarios are developedDestination individuality and imageThe demand to develop trade name individuality is recognizedBrand associations are identifiedThe demand for image development is recognisedPositioning is discussedThe demand for coordination of industry promotional stuff is recognisedRecognition to guaranting the promises made in selling communications are conveyed to visitantsNew and advanced signifiers of communicating channels are addressedThe demand to better stigmatization and trade name consciousness is recognisedThe importance of experiences to tourers as opposed to touchable propositions is recognisedStakeholder engagementNational authorities bureaus are involved in planningLocal authorities bureaus were involved in planningThe country tourer board/area tourer office was involved in planningLocal occupants were involved in planningLocal concerns were involved in planningThe demand to better communicating between stakeholders ( public, private and occupants ) is recognizedLeadership is addressed to give greater counsel to stakeholders.

Execution, monitoring and reappraisalThe timescale for each undertaking is includedThe demand for monitoring and reappraisal is establishedEVALUATING DESTINATION BRANDSThe strategic trade name analysis model comprises three chief parts:Tourist analysis,Rival analysisSoul-searching.First, a finish must carry on a systematic tourer analysis. It should concentrate on placing relevant new tendencies and developing a thorough apprehension of tourers ‘ motive for travel.Second, a finish should besides transport out a rival analysis. A finish needs penetrations into the rivals ‘ advantages and disadvantages in order to better its ain fight. For illustration, by capitalizing on sensed niche market chances that rival finishs have so far failed to react to.Last but non the least ; a finish should take to place its true place in the market through the systematic readying of a critical soul-searching.

Another theoretical account that is used to measure touristry topographic points is De Chernatony ‘s Brand Box Model. The theoretical account uses two dimensions – representationality and functionality – to make a four-cell matrix based on consumers ‘ positions. Interviews were conducted to see where the different trade names are situated within the four cells of the matrix ( high-low, functional-representational )


Most of the academic articles that I came across were written in a planetary context. A few instance surveies have been written on successful tourer provinces such as Kerela, Uttarkhand, etc. There is no recent research as such done on Gujarat touristry or its selling and branding enterprises.

Besides, specific parametric quantities need to be chosen to measure a touristry trade name within the Indian context in add-on to certain critical factors discovered during the literature reappraisal.Around six old ages ago, research had been done on “ How to pull foreign tourers to Gujarat ” . However, this undertaking was non academic in its mentality and much has changed the manner communicating flows in today ‘s 2.

0 universe.


To analyze and measure Gujarat as a tourer finish trade name and benchmark it with other successful tourer finish trade names in India every bit good as abroadTo understand the motives and attitudes of the Indian and foreign tourer sing Gujarat


The initial portion of the survey will be wholly dependent on secondary research. Internet portals of assorted touristry boards will be studied and evaluated. Cases of successful touristry stigmatization exercisings will besides be studied.On this footing of this survey, a set of parametric quantities will be defined to critically analyse the current stigmatization and selling enterprises of Gujarat touristry.Following measure will be a primary research which would affect interactions with the assorted stakeholders such as locals, circuit operators, tourer functionaries, Indian tourers every bit good as foreign tourers to judge their perceptual experiences about the Gujarat touristry trade name.Detailss about a portion of the proposed primary research are as follows:

Information Beginnings

Data Collection Method


LocalsFGD / Indepth Interview6Foreign TouristsQuestionnaire20Indian TouristsQuestionnaire50On the footing of the research findings and analysis a set of recommendations will be made to assist develop Gujarat as one of the top tourer finishs in India.

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