Understanding the value of and need for astrategic plan is a great place to start, but just wanting something, isn’tenough. If it were, we’d all be famous actors in Hollywood. Developing astrategic plan takes discipline, foresight, and a lot of honesty.

Regardlesshow well you prepare, you’re bound to encounter challenges along the way. Spinneys,one of Lebanon’s leading High Frequency store chains, intended atre-establishing its presence online and allowing it with a highly interactivestage through which customers can retrieve latest information, news, locations,branches, CSR activities, promotions, private label products, to name but a fewand are able to efficiently communicate with the administration in a fast andeasy way. And faced with the increasing diffusion of smart phones and theconstant connectivity of its customers, Spinneys was very active in developingrelevant mobile applications that satisfy demands and needs as well as delivercompetitive services to the audience. All the persons have different needs, andthey want to satisfy these needs. (1)Spinneys satisfy the food need of human lives,so their target customers ranges all the population whence age, social class, gender.super markets is a highly competitive For this reason and in these times ofhard competition is an excellent idea to have tools like “merchandising”, totry to gain advantage against the other competitors. The retail store chainoffers a wide range of seafood, fresh produce, bakery, meat and poultry,flowers, tea and coffee, organic products, and cheese, among others.

It alsooffers loyalty cards and recipes of various food and beverages. The companyoffers its products and services under Spinneys brand. Spinneys operates in Beirut,jbeil,tripoli ,saida and many other areas  through company owned and franchised stores,with buying offices.These are competitive strategies thatensure customers understand the business value proposals to induce consumers?confidence and loyalty.

The supermarkets also Endeavour to variety and choiceas key factor for excellence and reliable differentiation. This ensures continuedconsumers need satisfaction that lead to positive relationship with thecustomer. This aspect enhances good envoy ship to the brand that lead togrowing chain positive goodwill. This factor increases consumers exchangingcost as a result of value for money attitude among the customers and thisimproves on the loyalty to the shoppers.The loyalty and bonus points are to ensurea continued customer loyalty and positive reference with the core targetedmarket. The competitive advantage of a best cost providers lower costs thanrivals in incorporating upscale attributes, placing the company in appositionto underprice rivals whose products have similar upscale attributes(3)Customers’ want more, better, seamless andat the right price, THE NAME OF THE GAME IS CONSUMER EMPOWERMENT, Trust inquality and commitments brings client loyaltyThe different use of music, lighting andcolors on the foundation, these are which the report starts, but perhaps duringthe collected data, it can find more strategies that the report does not bearin mind. In this case, these will also be analyses and later commented.Marketing strategy of Spinneys:The product decision includes what goods orservices should be offered to different groups of customers.

As the productpolicy is  the most important element ofthe marketing mix, Renewed offer – attractive and powerful their  offers the needs and it should be alwaysorientated to consumer in a proper way so you are able to find  the biggest needs you want since all theitems are available from different brands. They created brand name (spinneys)with different items with less price than other brand for target people (poor)and almost same quality .and now it is considered the required brand for manycustomer since they trust spinneysEmployees and staff competence are keyaspects that ensure efficiency, consistency and reliable business execution.Having reliable and motivated employees ensure business continuity andconfidence on quality services and loyalty among the customers. Betterremuneration and recognition of the workers through rewards to ensure workerscommitment to give better results.According to Porter (1980), competitivestrategy is about being different; it means purposely choosing to performactivities differently or to perform different activities than competitors todeliver a unique mix of value. In supermarkets, quality service is criticalelement to differentiate companies in the same industry.

A warm and friendlycustomer experience is one of the foundations of business. There are manyapproaches to achieving competitive advantage. The mutual factor; however is thatall involve giving buyers what they perceive as superior value – a good productat a low price, a superior product that is price paying more for; or a bestvalue offering that represent an attractive combination of price, features,quality, service and other interesting attributes. Internet acceleratesinformation flow leading to growing demand of consumers to force supermarketsto avail variety and choice in superstores.Economies of scale is the cost advantagesthat spinnys obtains due to size. The greater the volume, the greater theadvantages… … “Economies of Scale (spinnys)” has a significantimpact, “Economies of Scale (SUPERMARKET)” will have a long-term positiveimpact on the entity, which adds to its value. These statements will have ashort-term positive impact on this entity, which adds to its value. Thisqualitative factor will lead to a decrease in costs.

Now you can buy from yourhome to avoided the traffic or parking and the website is very easy to use theydelivered your needs to your home with free delivery charge so they take careof her customersCompetition within the supermarket is a seriousbusiness driver in the industry. Each supermarket tries to win consumers’confidence and loyalty by offering different and unique service to theconsumers. In the market, competition has faced substantial challenges as aresult of rapid change of information and technology. This has forcedsupermarket to hold the fast systems changes to remain relevant in the market.The emergence of IT solution systems, internet prominence and existence ofinformation and communication media has forced the supermarkets to ensure theyare relevant current, updated, classy and modern in order to win consumersloyalty and confidence. Successful brands are those that customers want to buy.Supermarket stores typically have lower profit margins than other stores, so itis even more important that they are constantly on top of ways to run theiroperation cleanly and efficiently.

Labor costs are one of the only costs that aretailer can control, and so a grocery store should be on that like white on rice.The trick, however, is to not cut labor costs so low that the store begins tosuffer. If there aren’t enough reps for customer service, or to clean the store,then you’ve cut too much of your labor.

And when there’s no one there to helpthe customers or to make the store look hygienic and presentable, thencustomers and profits will fly out the door as fast as they came in. Those stores that cut back on trainingcosts will definitely understand the meaning of “you get what you payfor.” Employees who are not up to date on the latest information will getfrustrated and burn out quickly, and it is significantly more expensive for abusiness to have to deal with turnover and training another employee all overagain, rather than investing a couple of extra cash to update the sales forceit already has. The Savvy field rep helps out by always training in-storeassociates in sales techniques as well as how to be brand ambassadors for hisor her brand — and trying to schedule his or her own visits to the storeduring times it can most help out the store. This is tricky — because I’m notadvocating that you spend longer than budgeted time at the store, but if you’resavvy enough you can get your work done so quickly that there’s some time lefton the table for you to share with the store.

When the time comes that you needa favor (or an order) that time won’t be forgotten. Strong management can helpSUPERMARKET reach its potential by utilizing strengths and eliminatingweaknesses… … “Management” has a significant impact, so an analystshould put more weight into it. “Management” will have a long-termpositive impact on the entity, which adds to its value. These statements willhave a short-term positive impact on this entity, which adds to its value. Thisqualitative factor will lead to a decrease in costs. “Management” isa difficult qualitative factor to defend, so competing institutions will havean easy time overcoming it.

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