There were comparing Air National Guard contrast between Sendong and Ondoy? It hasthe same effectof one’s life? How about to our environment? Well we already observed of those catastrophe. we know that theirs a batch of people who were being affected theres a batch of dreams being distracted though we experienced that catastrophe that retrieve everything’s happen. there’ a ground. But I know there were non an ordinary were catastrophe cause it’s distructed a batch of life.

But allow one state you these were all our mistake. These were non god good right? Cause god give these fantastic Earth for us to go forth. to care and hearten with it.

But alternatively to care with it. but we did? we let these being distructed. that cause of catastrophe that we had experienced.

now a yearss.Furtheremore. non merely people were being distructed but besides our environment. the comparing between Sendong ang Ondoy. It both distructed of one’s life. it killed a batch of guiltless life both typhoon. non see either you were hapless or rich strong and weak.

Both typhoon were unexpected cause of that twenty-four hours were both Sendong Air National Guard Ondoy strucks to Cagayan de ORO City and Manila severally. everything that twenty-four hours had. were gone. their house… nil was left particularly to those who were being affected of the typhoon. To our environment. were a batch of natural resources being distructed.

However. both typhoon has a comparing but they had besides difference. Because as we observed. there’s a batch of people in Cagayan de Oro died where the typhoon Sendong strucks than in Manila. where the typhoon Ondoy strucks. The natural resources that both typhoon distructed and affected but we all know. that both people who were being affected besides of the typhoon. were seeking their really best to confront the 2nd life that they had right now.

Though. there’s a ot of comparing and contrast between Sendong and Ondoy. but there’s merely one thing that we must bear in our mine that we must non lost hope. no affair. what we faced right now. cause God will non go forth us.

merely pray but delight make your best to do it. but hope it for God interest.Evaluations: 9Why is Disater Control Important?Catastrophe control of import because it can salvage more lives. Though we can’t halt it. because it is a natural catastrophe. but still there’s a opportunity to salvage our lives if merely being cognizant. and more sensitive of what go oning to our environment.

The catastrophe were incountered to our lives. it is God’s good? possibly do were non being careful to our environment. sometimes we forgot to thanks God for this fantastic topographic point. that we had right now. we forgot to thanks God for the fresh air that we breath and the H2O that provide of our thirst and everything that we had. the ground why we still alive.

However. those things were the ground why we still here. but besides those were the ground why some lives were gone like the Sendong happens because of the strong inundations. it cause a large distruction of one’s life. The air current. that sometimes. it be come strong.

that cause of autumn down of houses. trees and etch. And everything happened that we can calculate out how it was happened. But if everyone being sensitive. qui vive. of class they can salvage their lives. If in clip the clime is non good we should make of what we must to make. we should utilize of our common sense.

because the last sorrow is in the we must to care of our environment as we can and how each other. if we non like that their person suffered. Equally long as we here on Earth. we need to make our duties that as a homo we life on Earth.Furthermore. we can make the remainder as we like to make but we hope for everyone’s interest. so that everyone can experience the true significance of unrecorded and love.

We must to be grateful to God of everything we had on this Earth. though it is a small but it is ground why we still alive.Evaluations: 9How to Prevent Another SendongToday. we experience lot if tradegy. as like typhoon sendong happened.

Make you desire to allow it happened once more? We didn’t learned of what we see? Well. its non yet over tto lost hope. still we have a opportunity to forestall that we should non allow our female parent Earth to be to the full distructed by the typhoon.

There’s still a manner to forestall it. we as a young person. we should collaborate and should opened our eyes widely. to see what the consequence.

of what we did.We can merely forestall it. if we merely assisting each other by seting more trees.

that can forestall the inundations. avoid illegal logging. keep the astuteness of the rivers and we throw our refuse in the disposal we should divide the bio-digrable and non-boidegrable were biodegrable we can recycle it. We must to care our female parent Earth. cause God gave it ti us. God let it borrowed to us. so everytime when he desire to acquire it back because we abuse our female parent nature.

He can make it. but sa a young person we ne’er let it happened. we try our really best to salvage our female parent Earth cause we believed everythings happened has a reasoned possibly God measured. us of how we loved each other.Hopefully. we learned everything of what we had experienced on that “Bagyong Sendong” .

If that sendong happen. we should be prepare.Evaluations: 9“ Categories The Victims of Bagyong Sendong ”Many people had suffered the typhoon Sendong. It has a different consequence of persons particularly their lives. It was non merely gave consequence of persons but besides to our environment. It gave a large distruction of our environment and to our lives. Were about people lost everything that they have the things that of import to their.

particularly their love 1s.Most of the victims from households who were affected of the typhoon Sendong lost their lives. shelter. their of import things that they had. No one been considered eithier they such rich or hapless. weak and strong.

everything were affected. Many got trauma. many hopeless and many got sick of some jobs on how to stand on their ain. Eventhough. they experience on that typhoon their still seeking to believe positive. so that in merely a small manner.

they could bury what they had felt and experience. Not merely people were been affected but besides our environment. some trees are fall down. the Bridgess were broken. because of strong air current and strong H2O. and the worst one the houses were wholly exhausted.It’s non easy to see a typhoon because it distruct everything that we had. on that instance.

we learn to take good attention of our nature and people what we know. By that. we had learn a large lessons.

So while were still alive we must to love. attention. aid. which each other.Evaluations: 6“ Where I was when Typhoon Sendong Struck ”On December 16.

2011 we. our schoolmates decided to went on Jasaan at twin Black Marias. to observe of our party at that place. we’re happy to pass our twenty-four hours at that topographic point. Even though we’re merely hold few bill of fares but our tummy were full of nutrients.

but first of that we viewed the beauty of duplicate bosom were we can saw the large stone. the clear H2O were goes and goes. and took the image of that beautiful position we saw. After a few hours.

some of our friends decided to swim the pool. they get fun. took some images. and some of them. were prepared for tiffin.

some grilled the fishes and porcs. at precisely 12:37 p. m. we took our tiffin so that we both swim the pool. Around 4:00 p.

m. we decided to travel place. because the conditions was non good.

When we arrived to terminal of the jeepney routes Jasaan to Cagayan. the rain to a great extent falling down. When we got home our parent were really grateful that we arrived in our places safety. Because the rain is non yet over we don’t have pick but to maintain slumber and we decided excessively that we don’t need to wait my cousin because as all we know that they had attended a party.Around 12 midnight my auntee receive a call from his girl. That they need a aid for they can non be able to travel place because the rain and air current is excessively strong and the H2O is over fluxing.

That’s why they rescue them dor being stranded by the typhoon. And for the interest of our safetyness they merely left us with his girl in at their places.Evaluations: 7“ What is Typhoon? ”A typhoon is a violent cyclone that accurs in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Typhoon characteristic heavy heavy rain and winds that maintain velocity equal to or greater than 14 stat mis ( 119 kilometres ) per hr.

Similar storms that accur in other parts of the universe are called tropical cyclones or hurricane. The word typhoon comes from the Chinese term “ tai-fung ” . intending great air current.Typhoon occur most often in the late summer. They form of all time warm sea’s between about 5 Air National Guards 20 grades of latitude from the equator.

The heavy rains and strong air currents of a typhoon can do great loss of life and one million millions of dollars in belongings harm. As a typhoon approaches lands. it’s air currents produce a haste of saltwater called a storm rush that can lay waste to coastal countries.

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