UNGA Special Session: War on Drugs26 January 2018Sponsors:  Oman, Afghanistan, Cote d’Ivoire, Uzbekistan, Equatorial Guinea, Yemen, Jamaica, Ukraine, Greece, BulgariaSignatories: Sudan, Syria, Israel, Qatar, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Libya, Romania, South Korea, El Salvador, Argentina, Bhutan, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Uganda, UAE, East Timor, Italy, Cambodia, Nigeria, TrinidadS.T.D. Plan: Source, Transition, Destination PlanTopic: Drug Cartels and Gangs The United Nations General Assembly,Concerned by the number of countries that encompass the source, transition, and destination countries in the drug trade and the interventionist policies practiced by other parties,Acknowledging that consumption of narcotics is a pressing issue in all three stages of the drug trade,Recognizing the problem that addiction poses for both the people and the countries that they reside in,Further noting that in order to be the most economically efficient, countries should not be bound by an all-encompassing solution, but rather a targeted approach that systematically undermines the drug trade; Instructs the U.N. General Assembly to classify nations as one of three classifications based on their specific needs in relation to their role in the international drug trade:The nations will be classified as follows:Supplier nations,Transit nations,Destination nations,Countries are then encouraged to individually adapt the policies that best fit their country’s role in the drug trade,Countries can shift their labelling over time to best fit their current situations, which also means that multiple labels can be applied to the same country:The label will generally be applied to the “primary” role of drugs in the country,The label will be decided by which process in the drug trafficking industry costs the nation the most amount of money,The database established below will allow for the tracking of the costs and players within each country to allow for the most accurate labelling, Respect countries’ sovereignty in their efforts to decrease the power of international drug gangs and cartels by minimizing their unwanted pretenses in the sovereign nations of this United Nations General Assembly;2. Requests the use of U.N. flagships to patrol heavily trafficked sea lanes in international waters:The U.N. flagships will patrol sea lanes that are popular routes for shipping drugs within the bounds of international, neutral waters:This will help countries who do not have navies or coast guards that are capable of large-scale operations,The U.N. flagships will only patrol in international waters as to not infringe on the sovereignty of individual nations,These ships will be staffed by U.N Peacekeepers;3. Encourages individual countries to use the following guidelines:For countries who fall into the production stage of the drug trade:Adopt better internal policing policies with an emphasis on protecting small farmers against threats from terrorist organizations, cartels, and gangs,Adopting programs to help educate people on the religious, social, and economic consequences associated with abusing drugs:Focuses on the elementary and primary levels of education to make an quick and immediate impact on the youth,Creating localized campaigns that target protecting youths from falling into drug addiction,For countries that fall into transitional stages:Establish regional border agreements to help vulnerable regions combat drug trafficking across borders,Regional Drug Coalitions would focus on the following:Encourage and provide the training for more effective military and police forces to secure land borders,Establishing Transnational Crime Units (TCUs),Improving intelligence gathering capacities,Develop strong coast guards for countries that lie along popular sea lanes used for trafficking drugs,Incentives for people who alert local authorities to drug-related activities:Creates a “buy-back system for drugs,” where those that capture drugs and report them to the government get 50% of the value of these drugs,The other 50% of the value goes towards the policing agencies within a country to secure the safety and prevent further transit,More clarifications can be found the “BIPA” clause,Offer training to support states that do not currently have the means to protect their own coastlines to create their own national Coast Guard:This training cadre will consist of personnel from donor countries through the United Nations,Training cadre will assist in patrolling the host country’s coast and slowly hand off patrolling authority to the host nation depending upon potential assessments,For countries that fall into destination stages:Allows countries to adapt their own drug policies on a nation to nation basis, deciding which drugs to legalize based on the needs and cultural conventions,Using the funds gained from these legalizations to make a Funding for Eradicating Drugs (FED) system,Funds will go to enhance rehabilitation programs, allow for displaced drug suppliers and traders to find new careers, and to strengthen security within the state,Prioritize the rehabilitation of those that are implicated in the drug trade:Using educational systems to help those that have been  affected by the drug trade yet through,The establishment and implementation of the SPICE of LIFE (Student and Professional Implementation of Career Education) (Long Term Implementation of Free Education) to, Increase long-term planning for students in order for them to see that there are more occupational options than solely the drug trafficking industry, Create long-term life goals for individuals looking to expand their professional strategies including, Career planning,Goal strategizing, Moral and emotional counseling,The use of the LIFE Program to:Promote the construction of schools within territory controlled by gangs and cartels,To promote long-term educational infrastructure,Funded by Non-governmental organizations such as College Funder and Teachers without Borders;4. Recommends the usage of already existing structures and organizations in the treatment of addiction and rehabilitation:Existing, abandoned structures should be turned into rehabilitation centers:Using abandoned, already existing structures dramatically cuts down on costs because:The renovation of these buildings will be done by the country:If a country needs assistance in renovating these buildings, the United Nations’ fund will be available to help,The renovation should be done by local workers in order to provide employment. These structures can include, but are not limited to:Abandoned military installations, Office buildings,Abandoned sports complexes;5. Urges the creation of a needle buyback program in each country in order to reduce the rates of infectious diseases:Governments will incentivize people to give back needles without fear of arrest for drug usage,In exchange for needles, they can receive resources, including but not limited to:Naloxone:This is an inexpensive medication that stops the effects of opioid overdose:While it is available in medical centers, often medical centers are too far away in order to administer in time to save a life, It has been proven to help reduce the stigma surrounding addiction because people do not feel the shame of going to the medical center,It is an easy-to-administer medication that already is given out to people for their own usage:Instructions will be included in the kit containing Naloxone that are:Visual,Written in multiple languages:The United Nations will provide translations,Translations will be done double-blind to ensure accuracy,The naloxone will be distributed to these sites by:Hospitals,Medical Centers,Organizations, including but not limited:Doctors Without Borders,World Health Organizations,These needle buyback programs will be located in government locations, including but not limited to:Police Stations,Post offices,Town halls;6. Encourages the use of the CROWBAR system in cooperation with Crowded Cities International which would distribute the CROWBAR Device to, Train local bird species through Pavlovian Classical Conditioning to:Pick up used needles and cigarette butts to prevent the reuse of such items, Drop said used needles and cigarette butts into the CROWBAR device which, Supplies birds a food pellet to reinforce the practice of dropping needles and cigarette butts into the device,Supplies birds water to reinforce the practice of dropping needles and cigarette butts into the device, Increase the social behavior of birds in order to further the distribution of the classical training techniques,7. Supports the reclassification of addiction as dependence syndrome:This would fit with the current recommendations by the World Health Organization,Reclassification as dependence syndrome has been shown to reduce the stigma around addiction that is prevalent in religious countries,8. Encourages the maintenance and expansion of regional partnerships:Regional partnerships will be used for:Border security,Intelligence sharing,Regional partnerships have also been shown to stabilize areas because of the growth in trust between countries;9. Supports the prevention of drug use, cartel, and gang activity in prison to ensure the safety of the previously incarcerated and the ability to assimilate back into society without reverting back to participating in gangs and cartels by:Expanding accountability courts that conduct risk and need assessments to guide decisions on the fate of the accused,Prioritizing rehabilitation programs over retributive programs, as recommended by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction, that individual countries will design, in order to ensure that those addict to drugs can be integrated back into society,Conducting risk and need assessments carried out within the prisons to systematically and effectively identify plans for discharge,Discharge planning by medical and mental health professionals should start 90 days prior to the release of the offender and include:Housing options,Employment options,Informing the inmate that they will receive up to four or months of intensive probation supervision,Offering incentives for getting involved in programs created to minimize the likelihood a person will reoffend by:Incentives could include, but are not limited to, things such as a certain amount of days per month off their sentence, Creating correctional programs within prisons such as but not limited to:Cognitive-behavioral therapy,Mental health or substance abuse treatment,Educational classes,Vocational programs,10. Encourages separating prisoners that have a high risk of returning to participating in violent drug activities after discharge by:Using need and risk assessments conducted by the accountability courts to distinguish those to be placed in separate prisons as well as court evidence that their participation in drug cartelling was significant,Ensuring that low drug offending criminals are placed in separate prisons in order to avoid recruitment from those with a high risk to reoffend,Also ensuring prisoners do not have opportunities to further organize and recruit within these prisons by:Informing guards on inmates history and on language used in cartels including names of cartels and phrases,Instructing guards to separate inmates engaging in recruiting or discussing drug cartels;12. Recommends the establishment of a database system that will:implement surveillance that records on the international, regional, and state-based level,encourage nations to share existing information on those that are involved in the drug trafficking business,classify those that are in the trade at varying levels of threat: low, middle, and high range:Low threat are those that have been implicated in the trade less than once per year,Middle level threat are those that help with the transportation of drugs,High level threat are those that head cartels and gangs, or use violence in order, to expand and secure the drug trade,nations shall use this information to protect particularly vulnerable regions by monitoring the movement of high-level “big players”;13. Asks for the implementation of the Best International Practices Approach to Corruption (BIPA), a specific and clear strategy to reduce corruption within states, which is comprised of the following:Goals:Reduce corruption within local, state and international law enforcement agencies, with a strong focus on local level corruption,Increase the ability of local judicial systems to follow through with cases from start to finish in a timely and organized manner,Include civil society in the judicial decision making process to hold officials accountable to their constituents, Increase overall spending per-citizen on each state’s judicial and law enforcement systems,Framework:Advocates for the increasing of the overall net profit earned by law enforcement officials through a variety of means including, but not limited to:Increase taxes on both tourism and major businesses to increase overall state revenue,Allow for the claiming of 50% of assets forfeited by organized crime groups to be kept by the law enforcement officer that had committed the seizure:Advocates for the creation of  Asset Forfeiture Trackers which are state run organizations/agencies that allow local law enforcement agents to self-report the amount of money claimed during a seizure,Holds law enforcement agents accountable to honest self-reporting as any discrepancy found with the self report as the actuality would result in a corruption indictment,Establishment of specific judicial tracks in each administrative region of the state:Judicial tracks are divided by:Region,Type of crime:Organized Crime,Decentralized Crime,Encourages the addition of civil society to the judicial process through:Creation of Civil Society Advisory Committees that:Asks of citizens to sit in on public trials,Asks of citizens to voice their concerns about any of the following matters:Improper management of the case,Opinions on the verdict of the case, Deployment of information-education campaigns to:Further the public’s understanding of the functions of the judicial system in place within their state,Further the public’s understanding of the current electoral process present within their state,Further the public’s understanding of the steps that should be taken to report crimes, including corruption, Spread information on the specific contacts within each particular region through which judicial/legal complaints can be followed through with.

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