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about Boeing:-

Boeing which was
established in 1916 by manufacturing small aircrafts to large airplane has
occupied among world’s largest aerospace companies list standing in second
largest defense contractor.  The company
main moto is to manufactures, airplanes and selling rotorcraft, rockets and
satellites. Boeing which is the largest military aircraft in United States of
America locating it’s headquarter in Chicago, IL.


From my research Boeing
being a public aerospace industry with the production of 778 commercial
aircraft by 2016 and more than 190 military aircraft (2016), as focusing on
military aircraft which is a good decision taken by team to reduce terror
attacks but the information should not be public such as the providing the
brief organizational strategies in the company’s website may create a problem
of data hacking. They introduce Microsoft’s Lync Server which helps the
employees for desktop sharing, online communications which may cause a security
attack so implementing UC system may bring key changes related with Boeing UC
system has been the limit of agents to use the same softphone headset which can
access both office and personal calls. Phone capacities take after the
versatile worker who can show which device to course calls to on the fly. Their
Boeing phone number is reliably the same whether they are in their office, at
home, or managing the contrary side of the world. Complete information about
associates is given through Lync’s zone and development support limits.


Boeing’s assembled IP
network and UC engage staff to share information and data more quickly and
sufficiently, including their location. Boeing’s geographically scattered
architects use these systems to confer fitness to each other likewise as they
could in case they were in a comparative place meanwhile. The ability to help
united exchanges capacities over the unified IP sort out energizes getting the
hang of sharing and has transformed into a fundamental part of Boeing’s joint
exertion and data organization strategies. Virtual group advantage from having
the ability to alter their coordinated efforts to the Boeing can use unified
communication to secure their data being share by the third party. Below are
few of the points if am the CIO at Boeing.

Ø  Passwords
– Apply Strong Initiation Protocol (SIP) passwords to secure VoIP telephones
and other UC endpoints. Usage of strong passwords for framework segments, as
well as for clients. Reset passwords regularly, and never use the one’s used
password again.

Ø  Streamline
– Improve security and execution by trashing unused highlights or

Ø  Internet
Protocol Security (IPsec) is a strong securing Internet Protocol (IP)
transmission of data is encrypted for every IP packet of a correspondence
session. IPsec is a conclusion to-end security conspire working in the Internet
Layer of the Internet Protocol Suite. Beginning with the definition and
understanding the idea of End-to-End security

Ø  A
VPN confirms the source what’s more, secures message honesty and privacy.

(Local Area Network) where Staff who access local network in the work place to
share file through internet are printers might be a possibility to share the
data which is related to military aircraft so stuff should avoid the usage of
phones and any smart devices when working in the area.



the research I can say that by integrating UC can bring great mobility among
the employees and introduce new communication tools which protects the data
from mislead hands and also accessing the companies data would be more
confidential especially to the company dealing with military aircrafts.






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