When asked to typify the United States of America with one. lone papers. one might instantly believe of the Declaration of Independence. This powerful and sacred papers non merely represents America. but is besides one of chief grounds this great state exists. America has prided itself on being the “land of the free ; ” a topographic point for people to hold “unalienable rights.

” in which they can prosecute “happiness. ” and are free from unfair subjugation.Thomas Jefferson created the Declaration of Independence because the founding male parents and he were persevering and determined to obtain America’s freedom. autonomy.

and independency from Great Britain. Jefferson paved the manner for freedom when he wrote this papers ; nevertheless. freedom was non granted to all. One might state that the Declaration of Independence is a really controversial piece of history because it dismisses many different groups from pursing autonomy.

At that clip. white males were the lone citizens who were permitted to seek freedom and addition independency.Womans were non integrated in this historical papers. Because of their isolation.

adult females endured hapless intervention and went through immense troubles to get autonomy. In 1848. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote the Declaration of Sentiments in hopes that the readings of the American beliefs of freedom and autonomy can alter and be reused for different intents. When Stanton wrote this papers. freedom still existed but the thought of it was typical from that of Thomas Jefferson and the founding male parents. Independence was the desire to coexist non interrupt away.

While both the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Sentiments exhibit the exact same model and have similar. if non. the exact same linguistic communication. the Declaration of Sentiments includes a different significance of freedom. is non-violent. and contains a list of declarations.

While the Declaration of Sentiments and the Declaration of Independence have many similarities. they besides have important differences in significance. The first sentence in both pieces start out utilizing precise linguistic communication ; nevertheless. the two have different petitions.The Declaration of Sentiments is bespeaking.

“a place different” from what has been given to them and are declaring one that they are entitled to by nature and by God. This papers is demanding that adult females have a different function in society that is non separate from work forces. but that is equal to work forces.

The Declaration of Independence. on the other manus. is bespeaking a entire “separate and equal station” from their current political sets and is declaring to obtain political sets that they are entitled to by nature and by God.The Declaration of Independence is bespeaking a entire separation from Great Britain so that they can populate independently with equal representation in the universe.

Womans were non contending for self-government from Britain ; they were contending for freedom in their ain state. Because of this. the significance of freedom was typical from that of the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Sentiments emphasizes women’s coexistence with work forces. “evidently her right to take part with her brother.

” This papers was created in a different clip.In 1848. the thought of freedom was non the same as it was in 1776 for the founding male parents. Womans wanted to populate peacefully. but besides every bit with work forces.

However. in 1776. America and its citizens wanted to populate independently from Britain and be seen as an equal state.

The Declaration of Independence emphasizes America’s divider from Britain and wanted to “utterly dissolve and interrupt off all political connections” with them. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wanted to derive sympathy and rousing from America. and in order to make this she used similar diction as the Declaration of Independence.

Stanton used one of the most celebrated and powerful lines from the Declaration of Independence to non merely do a statement. but to besides demo what sort of free will she and her adult females co-workers wanted. Making this. she drew connexions between adult females and the remainder of American society.

The Declaration of Independence contains one of the most influential lines in America’s history: “we keep these truths to be self apparent that all work forces are created equal. ” To this twenty-four hours. this statement is everlastingly acknowledged throughout the state.The usage of the word “men” emphasizes the equality between the King and white males. The Declaration of Sentiments uses this celebrated statement and adds. “We hold these truths to be self apparent that all work forces and adult females are created equal. ” The add-on of “women” emphasizes the equality between two groups of people.

male and female. Including adult females into this really profound and important history alterations the manner people interpret freedom. Alternatively of autonomy for merely one group of people. The Declaration of Sentiments is declaring that adult females be a portion of the freedom every bit good.In order for the founding male parents and for Elizabeth Cady Stanton to show why they were bespeaking freedom.

although different from each other. they had to explicate the subjugation they each endured. The Declaration of Independence lineations. “ the patient sufferance of the settlements.

” giving a list of incorrect behaviors the King had done to America. By giving a list of unfair intervention the King had done. America and its citizens felt as though they had a right to populate independently from Britain. Using this lineation. the Declaration of Sentiments lineations.

“ the patient sufferance of adult females under this authorities. Alternatively of naming grounds why the settlements have suffered. Stanton. uses similar give voicing to demo the unreasonable intervention adult females had faced by their ain authorities in America. By seting this in The Declaration of Sentiments.

Stanton high spots that adult females are existent American citizens who are enduring from hideous intervention by their ain state. This exhibits a alone sort of freedom cause that is different from the Declaration of Independence freedom cause. Both paperss aim its grudges at two typical people ; nevertheless. the paperss use the same word. “He.

” to depict this individual.The Declaration of Independence described the King as their oppressor by crying certain judgements such as. “He has refused his acquiescence to Torahs the most wholesome and necessary for the public good” and “He has obstructed the Administration of Justice. ” The Declaration of Sentiments uses the exact same technique. but the word “He” is non used to turn to the King ; it is used to undertake all work forces in general. “He has compelled her to subject to Torahs.

in the formation of which she had no voice. ” “He” is used in a similar manner. but is obviously depicting two different groups of people.The authors of these paperss were concerned with two different sorts of freedom: political freedom and matrimonial freedom. The establishing male parents were painstaking and concentrated on America’s political freedom from Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence makes America’s political battle obvious by including announcements such as. “He has plundered our seas.

ravaged our seashores. fire out towns. and destroyed the lives of our people.

” The battle for political independency is evident in this one line because it is explicating how Britain is forcibly destructing the United States of America against the citizens will.While. in the Declaration of Sentiments. the hubby is described as the autocrat. This papers includes statements such as. “He has made her.

if married. in the eyes of the jurisprudence. civilly dead. ” These two paperss were published at exceptionally dissimilar times: times had changed. In 1848. American citizens were no longer being oppressed by Britain and no longer hankering for political freedom ; nevertheless. they were being oppressed by their hubbies and were in despairing hunt for matrimonial equality.The usage of force is significantly present in the Declaration of Independence ; nevertheless.

in the Declaration of Sentiments force is non-existent. The Declaration of Independence contains really explicit and intense linguistic communication. Even though the Declaration of Sentiments theoretical accounts the Declaration of Independence. Stanton does non incorporate any force or baleful averments. The Declaration of Independence provinces. “Whenever any signifier of authorities becomes destructive of these terminals.

it is the right of the people to change or get rid of it. This strong and baleful statement is replaced by. “it is the right of those who suffer from it to decline allegiance” in the Declaration of Sentiments.

Stanton turns this really aggressive statement into a less intimidating one. Making this besides. at the same time. changes the significance of freedom. Alternatively of desiring to interrupt off.

the Declaration of Sentiments shows that adult females want a different sort of release. Womans did non desire to get down war. but wanted to raise concern about the intervention they were undergoing. Whereas. the Declaration of Sentiments references no act of war or aggression. the Declaration of Independence includes war.Stanton writes that adult females.

“insist that they have immediate admittance to all the rights and privileges as which belong to them as citizens of the United States. ” The Declaration of Sentiments was bespeaking for adult females to hold the same sort of basic rights that was amongst the population of work forces. Submissive words such as “insist” illustrates women’s unsought to hold barbarous confrontation with work forces. The Declaration of Independence non merely contains hostile linguistic communication but besides contains menaces of war.

“Hold them as we hold the remainder of world. enemies in war. Including this statement created a sense of victory for American citizens. However.

the add-on of war makes the papers much more serious as good.The Declaration of Independence made it extremely good known that America would travel to all terminals of the Earth to derive emancipation and autonomy from Great Britain. America would travel to all costs and steps to see independency through. Because of this. the Declaration of Independence has more of an border than the Declaration of Sentiments. This important difference creates a typical intension for the word freedom and illustrates that uring diverse times in history. freedom and all its significances. can be interpreted in differing ways.

Meaning merely this: The Declaration of Independence went to all steps in order for America to be independent and separate from Britain. while the Declaration of Sentiments took a more peaceable attack to derive the same equalities that work forces had. The concluding sentences and ideas to both of these paperss are yet another illustration to how the Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Sentiments hold huge fluctuation.One can state that the terminations are different because the Declaration of Independence uses barbarous and baleful linguistic communication and the Declaration of Sentiments does non ; nevertheless.

the disagreement comes from how the linguistic communication and significance work together to show each groups wants and demands. With the usage of violent linguistic communication. Thomas Jefferson and the founding male parents are conveying their desire and the remainder of the country’s desire to stop all ties with Britain and to go an independent state. no affair what the cost. That these United Colonies are. and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States ; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown. ” This statement is aggressive and because of this. the significance alterations.

This is what genuinely differentiates this papers from the Declaration of Sentiments. If the Declaration of Independence contained no violent or aggressive linguistic communication. it would likely be an wholly different papers and would portray an utterly different significance. The violent linguistic communication works together with the significance to convey the of import message.In the concluding ideas of the Declaration of Sentiments.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton is showing her wants and her follower’s wants. but with a different attack. Similar to the Declaration of Independence. the Declaration of Sentiments conveys its message by utilizing both linguistic communication and significance to show the groups wants and desires. Stanton uses peaceable linguistic communication to do her and her follower’s thoughts visibly understood. In the Declaration of Sentiments.

significance and linguistic communication worked together to convey that adult females wanted equality with work forces and non separation.As the Declaration of Independence uses ferociousness to show how the citizens of America were traveling to obtain their petitions. the Declaration of Sentiments uses continuity and diligence. “But we shall utilize every instrumentality within our power to consequence our object. We shall use agents. circulate piece of lands. request the State and National legislative assemblies.

and enterprise to enlist the dais and the imperativeness in our behalf. ” This usage of linguistic communication alterations the significance of the message.If the Declaration of Sentiments used aggression and inhuman treatment. similar to the Declaration of Independence.

its message and significance would likely be extremely different from what it was intended to be. One of the most tangible differences between these two paperss is that the Declaration of Sentiments includes a list of declarations. while the Declaration of Independence does non. As each papers comes to an terminal to express their last and concluding ideas. the Declaration of Sentiments goes on to give declarations to how women’s battles and hapless intervention can be settled.

The fact that this papers was stressing coexistence with work forces and non separation from work forces. the add-on of these declarations merely exemplifies how this really act of populating humanely together can go a world. There were several declarations in this papers including. “Resolved. That adult females is man’s equal-was intended to be so by the Creator.

and the highest good of the race demands that she should be recognized as such. ” The inclusion of these declarations embodies the paperss intending even further. Although. the Declaration of Independence does non include a list of declarations. its declaration is clearly stated in the concluding paragraph.

Thomas Jefferson and the founding male parents were contending for separation from Britain. non for equality with Britain. Because of this. the lone “resolution” for the Declaration of Independence was this.

“That all political connexion between them and the State of Great Britain. is and ought to be wholly dissolved. ” Although. the Thomas Jefferson did non include this statement into a list of declarations. he didn’t have to because it was already absolutely written in the decision. Stanton wrote a list of declaration because adult females were non contending to derive specific rights.Womans wanted equality in every sense of the word. In order to do it perfectly evident which equalities adult females desired.

the list of declarations did the occupation. In decision. as historical times change. readings of freedom and equality alteration every bit good.

Freedom and equality will ever be freedom and equality but even so. are left unfastened to different readings for many alone groups of people. Even though. the Declaration of Sentiments uses the exact same model and includes similar linguistic communication to the Declaration of Independence. the Declaration of Sentiments expresses a diverse thought of reedom.

uses a different method of look. and contains a list of declarations. During 1776. America was digesting great subjugation under a King who lived 1000s of stat mis off. which led Thomas Jefferson and the establishing male parents to hanker for independency from Great Britain. During 1848. adult females were confronting unfair intervention from their fellow citizens.

which caused Elizabeth Cady Stanton and her follower’s to want the same equalities as work forces. Because each group voiced distinguishable thoughts of independency. each papers presented their statement in a different manner.

Thomas Jefferson used fierce linguistic communication with his desire to interrupt away from Britain to build his message. while Elizabeth Cady Stanton used relentless and non-violent linguistic communication. together with her aspiration for equality. to do her message clear. The Declaration of Sentiments includes a list of declarations as good. These declarations explicitly clarify precisely what sorts of rights adult females longed for. The Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Sentiments are genuinely of import pieces of American history.

in which their distinct differences portray a dissimilar freedom cause and beginning.

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