Cosmopolitan Studio is 20 hectares in size, busying the easternmost portion of the 49-hectare Resorts World Sentosa. There are a sum of 24 attractive forces, of which 18 are original or specially adapted for the park. The park consists of seven themed zones which surround a laguna. The park is presently divided into seven themed countries: Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar, each zone is based on a blockbuster film or a telecasting show, having their ain alone attractive forces, character visual aspects, dining and shopping countries.

The park features the universe ‘s tallest brace of dueling roller coasters that are based on the popular telecasting series, Battlestar Galactica ; a palace from the universe of Shrek and Monster Rock, a unrecorded musical show having the Universal Monsters. Universal Studio has over 30 eating houses and nutrient carts, together with 20 alone retail shops and carts located around the park. Attractions premiering are marked “ Premiere ” and dining mercantile establishments that are certified Halal are marked with “ Halal ” .


What are the current services provided?

Universal Studio has a figure of recreational installations, Breathtaking and stimulate, so impressive. The following six non to be missed: Transformers, Battlestar Galactica, Sherk 4D theatre, Steven Spielberg ‘s particular effects studio, the Crate escapade of Madagascar, Hollywood dreams.First, Transformers.Transformers this undertaking in Universal studio opened in December 2011.

The procedure itself is non merely thrilling but besides merriment.Second, Battlestar Galactica.It is one of the highest of the two-track roller coaster in the universe, if you enjoy the stimulation, you perfectly can non lose it.Third, Sherk 4D theatre.This is the subsequence “ Shrek ” won the Academy Award for best alive characteristic, in this original 3-dimensional films, everyone can bask whole-heartedly of surprises in the film universe without go forthing the place.Fourth, Steven Spielberg ‘s particular effects studio.It is chaired by Steven Spielberg, designed specifically for Singapore, with the thaumaturgy of the film, you can bask a different appeal of New York City.

Fifth, the Crate escapade of Madagascar.This is a popular indoor amusement undertakings, really interesting and exciting.Finally, the Hollywood dreams.14 Brilliant floats, together with the particular effects, tailored music, every bit good as the widely popular characters, plus more than 100 performing artists smart luxury dress, and add alone appeal to Universal Studios of Singapore.

4. What are your experiences when utilizing such services? How do you experience? Any countries to better

Personally, I feel that it is an extraordinary and gratifying to see such fantastic things. When you are undergoing these by yourselves, you would experience highly non merely astonishing but besides unforgettable. And in my sentiment, I suggest that commanding the sum of people to see the topographic point every twenty-four hours is necessary because that could do the tourers feel more relaxed.

5. Make you experience the staff needs preparation to further better their service?

I would wish to state that I do experience the staff needs preparation to further better their service ; it is because it will assist a batch in some ways. For illustration, it will assist to heighten client ‘s satisfaction. Besides, it will promote the staff to better themselves and do them experience self-assured therefore they can serve the tourers better. Furthermore, it will indirectly impact the economic efficiency and popularity of Universal Studio.

6. If you are the manager of Marketing of this attractive force, what are some of the thoughts you would wish to present? You may disregard the budget but use wild thoughts to affect the Lecturer.

We can construct one of the largest ecological resort areas, which are non merely big recreational undertakings, Zoo, Underwater World, a Singapore plant-based forest landscape wellness territory will besides be build. Harmonizing to the program, the country of the ecological resort area on estates of drives inside the top equipment are imported from abroad, we could accept visitants of five million people per twelvemonth after the completion.Or,We can construct a H2O park ; there are a batch of different sorts of game undertakings, exciting, hazardous, restful, and suited for kids and the aged. We need to happen some immature people to work indoors the park ; they can do certain the security, meanwhile they besides able to convey verve and immature ‘s ambiance to the park.

7. In each of your thought, you have to place what sort of income you think the attractive force can acquire?In my sentiment, I think the mainly income is from immature people. It is because that immature people presents are going more relaxed about life, they do things they want to make in order to bask their lives, and they spend much more money to things that attracts them compared to the yesteryear. So it will be easier to acquire money from the immature.


Another challenge will be how to acquire the visitant spend $ 100 or more on that twenty-four hours?

We can bear down for the ticket when they enter the door, and so bear down a sensible monetary value for each programme, and we can besides supply topographic points to sell some bites and drinks, eating house monetary values due to increase a small, at the same clip inquire some staff to make promotional activities so that visitants to purchase keepsakes the short termi??less than 1 yeari?‰i??what do you believe the attractive force can hike their selling attempt? in the long term ( 3 old ages and beyond ) , what do you believe the Marketing Dept should make to do the attractive force sustainable?Universal Studios Singapore is Southeast Asia ‘s merely Universal Studios subject park. It covers an country of about 20 hectares, including 21 amusement and public presentation undertaking, the chief subject of the Universal Pictures to make, such as Jurassic Park, Shrek and mas, besides including Battlestar two-track roller coaster and the universe ‘s first to Madagascar the subject of the indoor rafting attractive forces. Sentosa Resorts World is the 2nd stage of the undertaking, from the 3rd one-fourth of this twelvemonth, after another introduction, including the fish tank and marine life park. So maintain the attractive forces will pull more tourers come to see and play.Universal Studios late new installations enabled, every 28 seconds there is a “ wooden box ” , each can transport 20 riders. To 0:15, it ‘s queuing clip is besides 85 proceedingss, with the Universal Studios other popular installations about 90 proceedingss waiting clip, non far away.

Malagasy republic: A Crate Adventure is the first design based on the film “ Madagascar ” drives. Visitors ride in a “ wooden box ” , impetus with the flow, you can see the H2O on both sides follow the illustration of Alex the Lion, zebra Horseshoe River Magnus LuoLiya, camelopard Mailman School of film characters 89 moves the robot visitants rendered film screen 12 characteristic from Dream Works Animation movie shot, particularly alive fragments for drives. Each grownup costs $ 60, kids and the aged fee are 30 In short, this installation enabled a important addition in the wonder of tourers, so conveying a significant income. So, in the following 1 to 3 old ages, this installation will shoot fresh blood into the Universal Studios.

Because the directors of invention, create the installation, in order to guarantee that the Universal Studios extra financess in the following few old ages, and is ready to purchase the new installations adequate readying


Universal Studios Singapore began test operation in March last twelvemonth to pull tourers to the first nine months of about 200 million people. Universal Studios Singapore this twelvemonth, is expected to pull 400 million visitants, direction said. Sentosa Resorts World correspondingly increase the figure of visitants is expected to increase from 15 million riders to 16 million riders. Resorts World Sentosa president Chen Qide, Universal Studios Singapore visitants, aliens accounted for 75 % , Chinese tourers accounted for about 10-15 % .

I would wish to Universal Studios in a few old ages after the market is turning, it is possible to open other subdivisions in other states such as China

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