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In Pakistan’s war against terrorism
countless lives of armed personnel have been lost. So the continuing need to
wage war against terrorists forces us to prevent losses of armed forces. And
for that very reason an autonomous vehicle may be used. This vehicle can be
used for many functions and purposes like scouting, targeted operations and
etc. This vehicle will come with GPS navigational capability to be able to
precisely pinpoint current and destination location. This vehicle will be
equipped with a camera to provide live video feed for scouting purposes. It
will be equipped with two fail safes. The first being the ability to detect
collisions and being able to avoid them. The second being that in case of
malfunction the vehicle can be operated manually remotely. This autonomous vehicle
will ensure decline in losses of armed forces in the war against terrorism.


1.      Introduction


An unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is land based application
which requires ground contact for proper functioning and it is correlative to
remotely used underwater operated vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles

An autonomous vehicle is a ground based application, which
has ability to acquire surrounding information precisely and has ability to
work for longer durations without any human intervention. It can detect the
things which are available in its path and then carries out specific desired

UGVs are especially designed for battlefields in order to
avoid enemies’ armaments, and they can perform military tasks wisely. They are
independent to the surrounding atmosphere and they are fearless to perform any
task during military operations. There are number of sensors available for
observations of environmental obstructions, to transfer data to human operator
and to reflect its orientation wirelessly to the operator. They can reduce civilian,
military and police causalities without involving them in battlefields. The
charts below list the demand of UGVs for military operations by countries

II.      The Problem

The people of Pakistan lose their lives daily in Pakistan’s
war against terrorism. Annually we lose about 1,600 civilians and 500 armed
personnel in such wars. The need arises to minimize these losses.

Armed personnel losses occur in multiple ways. First is the
lapse in military decisions. Because incorrect judgement of leaders incorrect
decisions may be made which will result in the loss of lives. Some lives are
also lost by lack of military intelligence.

Armed personnel losses also occur because of terrorist
retaliation. So the need arises to improve military intelligence, the need
arises to avoid detection and penetrate the terrorist’s defenses.

The line graph below lists the casualties in terrorist
violence over the period 2003 – 2015. The number of lives lost on the y – axis
and the year on the x – axis.

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