While personal relationships between Military members may be a personal pick. they become a affair of official concern when they degrade morale. dicipline and regard for authorization. Unprofessional Relationships can be between anyone. but as members of the Armed Services. we have an duty to maintain our behaviour within Military Standards.

Persons involved in unprofessional relationships usually should hold least terrible actions taken against them. necessary to extinguish the unprofessional facet of the relationship ; nevertheless it is up to their supervisor or commanding officer. The supervisor may publish a missive of guidance or rebuke within an UIF ( Unfavorable Information File ) . bump the person. transfer them to another responsibility subdivision. or in worst instances. have them administrativly separated.

Fraternization is an unprofessional relationship between an officer and enlisted member. which has a higher possible to damage morale and disciplin. It besides compromises the standing of all officers because they are placed in a higher degree of leading and authorization. The term is used to depict the condemnable discourtesy in direct misdemeanor of Military Customss. Most people think of Fraternization in sexual footings. nevertheless. there are many more ways to perpetrate such an discourtesy. Any behavior that violates Military Customss against Fraternization can be proscuted under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. If the persons are married they may confront extra charges. So remeber. Fraternization is a condemnable discourtesy and is punishable under the military justness system.

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