The inquiry is that: what type of foreign policy should the US have with South Africa and the larger Africa? The reply of this inquiry goes back to the foreign policy preparation and execution of the United States authorities. Harmonizing to the United States Department of State. the foreign policy attack for South Africa and the larger Africa is Transformational Diplomacy ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) . The rule being expounded in this sort of foreign policy attack is partnership.

During the past old ages. what is being applied to South African people is the rule of paternalism. but this has been a failure ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) . The doctrine of transformational diplomatic negotiations is to make work with the people and non for them ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) . In other words. the United States authorities must work manus in manus with the South African people as their spouses for economic. societal and political advancement.

The thought behind this foreign policy is to ease in assisting the Africans to better their lives by agencies of constructing their ain states and transforming their ain hereafters ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) . As such. the use of diplomatic power of the United States to make this end is instrumental for that affair. It is true that there are assorted struggles in South Africa and the larger Africa. It could be remembered that Somalia gain benefits from the transformational diplomatic negotiations attack headed by the authorities of the United States.

Somalia collapsed as a province for about 15 old ages due to war affecting Ethiopian military. but with the foreign policy execution of the United States in its benefit there was betterment ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) . At present clip. Somalia was guided to the way of recovery and stableness by the United States authorities owing to its partnership ideals with the state. The people were being taught on how to acquire out from poorness and at the same clip working with them for economic and political stableness.

There are methods that are followed by the United States in deciding struggles affecting the African race. These methods are considered portion of the transformational diplomatic negotiations and proved to be utile and proper. First. there was a call for declaration of the struggles in South African states including the larger Africa. Second. the United States authorities have backed African struggle mediation procedures and improved the capacity of the Africans to convey out peace support operations and combat terrorist act within the continent ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) .

And in conclusion. there were besides attempts to work with prima African go-betweens and with representatives of the United Nations. every bit good as the African Union and other African organisations. The transformational diplomatic negotiations attack is utile to retain peace in the African continent. Within the twelvemonth 2001 and 2007. there were 6 wars that erupted in Africa and many people suffered to decease ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) .

The partnership of the United States authorities and African s together with the United Nations resulted to on-going recovery of the war-worn countries in Sierra Leone. Liberia. Congo. Burundi. Angola every bit good as the North and South struggles in Sudan ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) . Since the construct of democracy is an effectual tool for peace and economic advancement. the United States authorities tried to work with Africans in order to reject subjugation and panic.

Therefore. it is ever true that authoritiess that mirror the popular will of the people are more likely to idolize boundaries and human rights compared to those who failed to make so ( “US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007” ) . Majority of the African states are now working towards democratic administration with the aid of the United States foreign policy preparation and execution under the protections of transformational democracy. Mentions U. S. Department of State. ( 2007. February 15 ) . US Foreign Policy in Africa for 2007. Retrieved November 6. 2008. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. province. gov/p/af/rls/rm/ 80210. htm.

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