USING OF BRANDED STUFF TOWARD SOCIAL CLASS           Septivania Eightinauli 63715011                             Student of English Department ,Faculty of letters, Indonesia Computer University Abstract Most people absolutely know or ever heard the stuff with brand Gucci, Channel, Luis Vuitton and Hermes .Those brands very popular and famous in the world. The purpose of this study want to explain using of branded stuff can influence someone social class. This research with questionnaire, the average of the respondent is women.     Key word : Brand , Stuff , Social Class , influence ,IntroductionToday societies consciously or unconsciously always do something to make its own satisfaction. Specifically for lifestyle, almost people have consumptive behavior. People very easy follow and change their appearance. By the influence of social environment and also consumptive behavior people want and have an obsessed to make best appearance for their life , no matter how it the lifestyle must fulfilled. Absolutely appearance is the important thing for our life because in case of first impression, people always look from the appearance first. (Himmel,2014) 50% say that their appearance is moderately important to them, while 39% say it’s either very or extremely to them. (That leaves only 11% who say it’s slightly or not all important).  To fulfill the lifestyle one of them is people make its own satisfaction by buy branded stuff. “Brand is a term, name, symbol, plan or every additional aspect that recognizes one retailer’s merchandise or amenities as different from those of new retailers. (Dibb et al (1997) Bennett (1988)” .Gucci, Channel, Luis Vuitton and Hermes is the famous brand in the world. Those brand have high quality and quite expensive. Those brand make people willing spending much money only make their own satisfaction, even they know if the branded stuff is not too important. Buy branded stuff we must need much money, but not all people can buy all of the branded stuff except all of people in this world is rich. In the fact it’s became a problem because every people have different social class.  How branded stuff can influence someone social class? What does the factor make people want to buy branded stuff?  Methodology This research will use questionnaire with third questions. The respondent is 15 person all of the respondents is women. In the first question which stuff you will choose to make you feel more confident with an option branded stuff and no branded stuff 9 person choose branded stuff and 6 person choose no branded stuff. Second question is if there was someone who wear branded stuff such as Gucci , Channel , Luis Vuitton and Hermes what do you think about that person ? almost 15 person said that someone who wear it is high class, rich and fashionable. Third question what factor do you want to buy branded stuff ? 15 person said to make they stylish, fulfilled they satisfaction and raised their social status. Finding DiscussionNow Indonesia public figure become the center of attention, not because their achievement or their performance in television, but media social or television talking about their appearance. Clothes, shoes or bag which is they use everyday it became hot news. Such as Nia Ramadhani , Syahrini and Nagita Slavina. It became hot news because the stuff that they wear has a fantastic price. As a public figure of course appearance its important thing. It make media social very like to give detail explain about what the stuff they wear. The media social begin to explain from what is the brand of the stuff, how much the real price on the website of the product, and the design of the stuff. Such as Syahrini, she really likes use hat and sunglasses with high branded such as Gucci and Channel. Through the media social it want to show the reader, if the branded stuff absolutely can influence someone social class. People will easy to give rating by what Syahrini and any public figure wear. It means people will think if Syahrini is high class because she able to buy branded stuff which is the stuff is quite expensive. Only for one item it can spend much money. Also she is rich because branded stuff show about the ability of our economy in buying an item. The people who wear branded stuff, media social very fast to make a good news but why if there was public figure wear no branded stuff media social rarely make it to be a new news ? It is tell us if branded stuff which is they wear it’s the definition from our status social. The more expensive the stuff we uses make our social status became high in the social environment. Branded stuff not only has quite expensive price but it also have high quality and have high valueThe branded stuff show if only high class can buy that stuff, but the low class absolutely will shock about the price. For example if for one sunglass is thirteen million rupiah, the people in low class for sure they will think twice for buy that. The factor make people want to buy branded stuff is not only by social environment but also the influence from public figure, the quality of the stuff, satisfaction. No branded stuff is not has high existence in social environment. No branded stuff every people both from high or low class can buy the item. No branded stuff didn’t have high quality and also very cheap. People will be easy to get the stuff than the branded stuff. Many markets try to provide non original stuff and make a label same as branded stuff. The purpose is to make low class can fulfill what they need with price quite cheap. At least low class can raise their status in public even they use non original stuff, but will be ashamed if join with high class people because almost high class people will know the different stuff between no branded stuff and branded stuff. Conclusion Through the branded stuff it can be symbol for someone social class. If there are people can buy the branded stuff it means someone social class is high class. The branded stuff have characteristic as expensive stuff than no branded stuff. Branded stuff makes people more confident, social environment very easy accepts their status and also it can fulfill own satisfaction. No branded stuff show about low class. It show us if no branded stuff is symbol for cheap stuff. With the cheap price all of social class can buy the stuff. References

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