Vagamon Hill  Station is known as the “Scotland of Asia”,one of the 50 must-be-seen
places in India,
mentioned by the National Geographic Channel. 
And one of the highest hill stations in Kerala with an altitude of 1200

Vagamon Hill Station
is 63 km from Kottayam
Town. The place is always
in silence and simplicity of the nature always makes the beauty of the misty of
the place. Due to its high altitude the weather is never hot even on a summer
midday. The average temperature will be 25 Degree Celsius (82 Fahrenheit). So
if you love to live in a cool temperature, your honeymoon would be awesome.

Vagamon is
surrounded by three hills, Murugan,
Kurishumala and Thangal hills which shows the secularism of religions in Hinduism,Christianity,Islam. There is variety of
flora and fauna seen, which provide lush greenery in the long view.

The suicide point
also increases the beauty of the place which lay in between the grassy hills. The
highway cut across hard rock  providing a
background not seen in Kerala. This narrow descending strip connects the hill
station to the plains.

The vagamon has not
yet touched with commercialization so it is an peacefull and the natural place
with happiness.There are fine resorts with natural beauty available and the
charges are not too high. It is a place for an unforgettable honeymoon.

The murmuring of
birds and the cold breeze makes the couples a happy environment for the
honeymoon. The hills of vagamon speaks the rainy mist, sun with cold breeze,
also the noisy wind says the stories of vagamon. While the greenery  in Vagamon attracts visitors from around the
world, its grassy meadows that stretch far keeps them come back.

The eyes of camera
cannot fully cover the beauty of vagaman. At the top of the vagaman hills we
can see the beauty of the sky and the land below, we can see the clouds
shifting, fog covering the peaks also the sky becomes white and blue in colour.
We can see the stream of water as a line is drawn from the hill top to the
bottom as symbol of beauty. The narrow roads the cold breeze and the hills
which touch the sky all gives a romantic effort the newly wedded couples. The
vagamon can provide an romantic song team for the couples to enjoy………..

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