education is important for enhancing one’s value system that he/she has and put
them in practical form. To examine and control the various choices that one
makes in his/her life period he/she needs to understand his/her values. If we
go through reports many among them suggest that educational institutes should
not only go for teaching education only as inculcating values and improving
skills is a primary concern in children and teens.

is a important driver in enhancing values.

In school,
children are affiliates of a small society that experts a great influence on
their moral development. Teachers serve as a role model to students in school.
They play a major role in inculcating their ethical behavior (Satya Pal Ruhela,

school peers tend to diffuse confidence in cheating, lying, stealing and selflessness
for others. Although there are rules and regulations, value education is
saturated in an informal way to the children in educational institutes. In
developing an ethical behavior in children, key role is played by them.

steps are as under:

Accountability: The
children ought to be thrilled to be responsible for their own particular
activities and should figure out how to regard and treat others benevolent.

Role Model: The
teachers are the principal good example to the kids outside their family. At
the point when the youngsters see the model demonstrating worry for others,
spurring them for their great deeds and coordinating and supportive with their
scholarly issues, the kids learn them by watching and mimic it with kindred

The kids are shown essential ethics and qualities in school. They ought to be
instructed by underscoring the thought through numerous activities, stories and
tales, which will urge them to take part in additionally helping behaviors.

Appreciation: The teacher ought to value the kids for budding
pro-social behavior particularly for a particular activity they have done to
help other people. It is assessed that human values augments individual’s life however
in present situation, these qualities are weakened in a few countries.

To summarize, values are bridge between individual and social.
Individual hold values but others influence the formation of those values. Families,
groups and societies tend to share common values ( Kenneth Fleischmann, 2013). 

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