1. The description the demand of the picture system is every bit below.

A picture shop system runs a series of reasonably standard picture shops. Before a picture can be put on the shelf. it must be cataloged and entered into the picture database. Every client must hold a valid client card in order to lease a picture. A client rents the picture for three yearss at a clip. Every clip a client rents a picture. the system must guarantee that they do non hold any delinquent pictures. If so. the delinquent pictures must be returned and an delinquent fee must be paid before the client can lease more pictures.

Similarly. if the client has returned delinquent picture. but has non paid the delinquent fee. the fee must be paid before a new picture can be rented. Every forenoon. the shop director prints a study that lists delinquent pictures. If a picture is two or more yearss delinquent. the director calls the client to remind him/her to return the picture. If a picture is returned in a damaged status. the director removes it from the picture database and may sometimes bear down the client. a. Pull a usage instance theoretical account for the picture system described above.

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Manage client
Add picture
Tax return
Print study
Delete picture

( 10 Markss )

B. Rental is one of the usage instances in the picture system. Write a Rental usage instance description utilizing item format ( Use instance name. histrion ( s ) . brief description. pre-condition. post-condition. chief scenario ( flow of events ) . and alternate flows and exclusions ) . ( 10 Markss )

c. Draw a system degree sequence diagram for the Rental usage instance based on the chief scenario in reply for ( B ) . ( 5 Markss )

2. The instance survey below is about the patient intervention procedure in a clinic.

Whenever new patients are seen for the first clip. they complete a patient information signifier that asks for their name. reference. phone figure and insurance bearer. which are stored in the patient information file. Patients can be signed up with merely one bearer. but they must be signed up to be seen by the physician. Each clip a patient visits the physician. an insurance claim is sent to the bearer for a payment. The claim must incorporate information about the visit such as the day of the month. intent and intervention cost. It would be possible for a patient to subject two claims on the same twenty-four hours. Pull a category diagram based on system demand described in the instance survey above. ( 10 Markss )

3. A usage instance scenario description for a wellness nine rank system is given below.
Every clip a member enters the nine. an attendant takes his or her card and scans it to do certain the individual is an active member. If the member is non active. the system presents the sum of money to regenerate the rank.

The client is given a opportunity to pay the fee and utilize the nine. and the system makes note of the reactivation of the history so that particular attending can be given to this client when the following unit of ammunition of reclamation notices are dispensed.

The rank object shops the rank information. while the payment object shops the payment of reclamation of the rank. Pull a sequence diagram to demo the flow of events for the usage instance scenario above. ( 10 Markss )

4. Figure 1 shows a sequence diagram for registering a class. Translates the diagram into Java codification.

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