Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is a man of many traits from being an ex high ranking officer in the KGB to the most powerful man and possibly the richest man in all of Russia. He is a leader who would make Machiavelli truly proud. Machiavelli wrote that a prince must do whatever in his power to keep control of his princedom and if it is lost, do whatever to gain it back. Putin after completing two terms and losing his presidency rose to become Prime Minister. Putin then used all of his power to change the constitution allowing himself to become president once more this time not only for 4 years but for 6. 

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The masses rose up and there was strong opposition with his critics claiming election fraud. However, much like Machiavelli described he used whatever means of force at his disposal to continue to rule. Vladimir Putin would once again make Machiavelli as he choses to rule by instilling great fear his people due to the amazing convenience by which his opposition tends to drop dead. 

A good leader is also meant to be one one of a very cunning and manipulative nature this is strongly highlighted again by Putin. As for years he has manipulated his opposition, the political narrative in Russia, state sponsored media and allegedly even the United States election. Putin also embodies the traits of “The Prince” as he constantly boasts his strength and masculinity through picture of him with large dangerous weapon or even of himself on a hunt.

Putin is also infamously known for the large wealth that he has amassed by bleeding Russia dry. Specialists speculate personal fortune could be tens of billions. This echoes the lines of Machiavelli when he write nothing improves the reputation of a king more than enterprise. Today in politics especially in Russia with a text book Machiavellian character being at the forefront power has shows that Machiavelli’s prince is truly timeless.

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