I. myself. before September 11. 2001 did non cognize what terrorist act was. It is wholly a new term for me. and I could ne’er calculate how awful it is. But so. sing and witnessing the feeling of losing the one you loved who was a victim of that catastrophe. I recognized that the universe is no longer every bit safe as earlier. Today. non merely America but besides Britain. Spain. Indonesia…became the mark of terrorists. The panic tissue is the most challenged thing for all the authoritiess to work out. Even though after September 11. 2001. US has attacked and destroyed a batch terrorists’ bases in over the universe. the terrorists still survive and keep taking to US and its Alliess. There is an old adage of ancient Asiatic armed forces: “understanding yourself and your enemies is the key to win every conflict. ” Thus. in order to eliminate terrorist act. we need to grok what it is. From the book “War on Terror” of Patrick Coaty. we will be able understand deeply how and why panic has an influence in our society by establishing on 3 positions: panic and international environment. panic and province. and panic with single.

Panic was foremost used From the Gallic revolution to the terminal of World War II as a tool to clean the monarchy in a society by the Jacobins. terrorist groups of Gallic revolution. Then panic was developed when the Soviets threatened and exploited people. Oppositions were starved to decease. The province controlled what a individual Ate. wore and even drank. It was evaluated as dependable for Soviet society. The Soviets used panic to interrupt the traditional social construction that evolved during the Czars ‘reign” . Under the clip Soviets ruled the state. the spread between the hapless and the rich became larger. The rich became richer and they hide the hapless to work for them. Subsequently on. that created the nutrient deficit in the urban of the society because the rich merely produced what they needed for life alternatively of what society needed. The responsibility of the Soviet Union is to keep the balance of full society by control the merchandises of rich provincials.

However. they did non success. and that was besides the ground why the Soviet Union is collapsed subsequently. Finally. terrorist act evolved under Hitler’s reign to fundamentally killing people to take control and deriving power by uniting it with the constabulary power of the province. Hitler learned from the experience of Stalin of Russia– he killed all of the people that helped him to go a leader. The Military Organization combined with the Gestapo which was one of the four organisations of the German Workers Party. and was responsible for the violent deaths of 1000000s people. As a consequence of World War II. the United Nations. which were the lasting members of the U. N Security Council include Great Britain. France. Russian and the Soviet Union. China and the United States. was established to forestall future wars and race murders.

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The United Nation has an duty to supply international peace and security. Unfortunately. each member has different positions and ways to keep their influences over the universe. and that led to the forming of a favourable environment for terrorist groups and their province patrons. The state release is another type of panic. During the cold war. many states were established by utilizing the force to derive the power. We saw the connexion between Soviet Union and groups that used panic as an look of national revolutionists to destabilise the authorities like revolutionists in Vietnam. Cuba. and Korea. These onslaughts have these similarities: support from the province. the component of surprise and the entree to international media. To derive more power and more influences to other half of the universe. Soviet Union and its Alliess such as Syria. Libya in secret supported the panic group and used them as a political tool to interrupt down the Western states.

The panic groups such as PFLP and the PLO normally targeted to citizen of Israel. and US Alliess. Although the stoping of tenseness and completion between the Soviet Union and the United States led to the expiration of the Soviet Union. and many of the terrorist of groups based in the United States and Western Europe began wither after Communism fell. terrorist act did non vanish. In order to keep and last. terrorist act needs to hold a patron. The province patrons of terrorist act are between Iran. Syria and their sponsorship group Hezbollah. Persians have expanded their impact through the Middle East and chiefly in Lebanon by assisting with the initiation of Hezbollah. The Persian disposal has taken portion in direct snatch and murder of 100s of Americans get downing with the U. S. Marine barrack onslaught in Lebanon in 1983. In the interim. while non straight responsible for the violent death of Americans. the Syrian made the terrorist onslaughts possible by allowing the Persian provide Hezbollah with military demands that the United State Department has about calculated is about 80 million dollars a twelvemonth.

After the onslaught of 9/11. the US authorities has discovered that Al-Qaeda was behind. September 11th. an of import event for al-Qa’ida. marked the alteration of al-Qa’ida from an organisation to a motion. The U. S. pushes the September 11th onslaughts. issue of the counter-terrorism to the top. Unlike the other groups of terrorist like Hezbollah which require a patron to do their move. Al-Qaeda has their ain fiscal system. Al-Qaeda makes net incomes from our demands for drugs and oil. Another manner to gain money rapidly of Al-Qaeda is merchandising diacetylmorphine for money and arms ; it is difficult for US authorities keeps an eyes on what Al Qaeda did to forestall them on clip in the hereafter. Furthermore. Al Qaeda besides used charities as a screen to raise the fund for the onslaught their enemy. Americans. Bin Laden. a leader of Al Qaeda. made a address that all Americans will be the mark of onslaught because they pay revenue enhancement for the authorities.

Before 9/11. Al Qaeda has successful bombed World Trade Center of US. but US authorities failed to destruct all terrorists at that clip. There are three different degrees of programs to contend the counter-terrorism. The three are: condemnable justness. pre-emptive scheme to counter-terrorism and targeted killing. Like condemnable justness. the domestic constabulary power of the province dainties terrorist the same manner one would handle kidnapers. bank robbers or liquidators. Although international public sentiment is by and large in understanding that those that preach and actively use terrorist tactics to distribute their thoughts must be stopped. there is a job when the U. S. uses means that travel against the thought of humane and just intervention of those being pursued. This is shown by the negative reaction of many Americans to the length of clip suspected terrorists have been imprisoned on Guantanamo Bay and the mistreatment of suspected terrorist in the prisons of Iraq.

However. to wait for the terrorists to come to U. S. dirt is to play with fire. It does non cognize when and where their following onslaught will be. How to forestall terrorist act is one of the most concerning job of the authorities. Supporting the terrorists’ group is one manner helps them derive more power and influence. Therefore. the authorities had better happen a manner to cut off all the connexion between them and their patron than seeking to rummage everyplace and destroy terrorists one by one. The authorities has to fasten the security. The deficiency of security along our boundary lines has besides made it possible for terrorist to populate among us and to develop and form without our consent. It is the best to allow the constabulary and ground forces ever be prepared and pattern every individual twenty-four hours.

Protecting and look intoing position and life of every citizen can non be neglected. As a citizen. we should and hold to describe some leery actions of alien to constabulary. There are a batch of programs being given. but it is said above that we will non cognize when and where their following onslaught will be. All we can make is being prepared and cognizing how to protect non merely ourselves but besides people we cherish. Our authorities needs our aid and cooperation. . Although we don’t know that the onslaught like 9/11 would go on in the hereafter or non. it would be a good start in allowing the mean single improves their understanding the elements in the War on Terror.

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