Warhol immediately noticed something special in
LaChapelle and gave him a job at his publication, Interview Magazine. David became an in-house photographer for the
magazine and Warhol continuously encouraged him as an artist. In fact,
Lachapelle was the last person to ever photograph Warhol, before his death in
1986. This famous portrait catapulted David LaChapelle’s work into the lime
light and he has been basking in its glow ever since. Since, he has worked for
almost every major fashion publication and has had countless successful
exhibitions and publications of his own.

A common theme within his work, is the portrayal,
influence and exploitation of celebrity within modern society. In the image
below, LaChapelle photographed shock-rocker, Marilyn Manson. Back in the 1990’s
Manson was a person whom many parents viewed as the ultimate negative influence
on their children.

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In this photo, Manson is displayed as a Crossing
Guard. Someone whom most parents would trust to lead their children to safety.
This creates an interesting juxtaposition and irony within the narrative of the
image. It’s an interesting take on the way we as people, albeit
un-intentionally for the most part, allow celebrities to raise our children for
us. I enjoy the tongue-in-cheek
humour and the tone of the image. It mocks pop-culture and how skewed it is.

Vibrancy and saturated colours play a large role
in the composition of Chapelle’s work. In this instance, it aids the narrative
of a child-like reality within the photograph. The rule of thirds is also at
play in this image. Although, it may not be a perfect line up, Manson being
surrounded by unruly children and placed within the right of the horizontal image
most certainly creates a balance within the photo’s composition.

In recent years, LaChapelle has moved more
towards creating more Fine Art Photography. Although, his subject matter has
changed, his integral thirst for storytelling still remains. The image below is
named Icarus, it is featured in his
exhibition ‘Land Scape’, and
represents the idea of a fallen angel amongst a junkyard of technology. Eluding
to the idea that the innocence of man has been taken away from him by his own
creation, in this disposable, obsessed culture.

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