Frederick Douglass’ essay:•Stratagems: A program. strategy.

or fast one for surprising or lead oning an enemy. Any ruse. artifice. or flim-flam devised or used to achieve a end or to derive an advantage over an adversary or rival: concern ploies. •Commenced: to get down ; start.
•Depravity: The province of being depraved.

A perverse act or pattern. •Chattel: a slave.•Injurious: harmful. hurtful. or damaging.

as in consequence: deleterious eating wonts. •Pious: Having or demoing a duteous spirit of fear for God or an sincere want to carry through spiritual duties. Characterized by a hypocritical concern with virtuousness or spiritual devotedness ; holier-than-thou. practiced or used in the name of existent or pretended spiritual motivations.

or for some apparently good object ; falsely earnest or sincere: a pious misrepresentation. Of or refering to spiritual devotedness ; sacred instead than secular: pious literature. Ha ving or demoing appropriate regard or respect for parents or others. •Dialogue: conversation between two or more individuals.

•Emancipation: the act of liberating.•Unabated: with unrelieved force. power. or energy.•Utterance: an act of uttering ; vocal look.•Denunciation: an act or case of denouncing ; public animadversion or disapprobation. •Vindication: the act of justifying.•Abhor: to see with utmost repulsion or antipathy ; detest absolutely ; loathe ; abominate.

•Contemplate: to look at or position with continued attending ; observe or analyze thoughtfully: to contemplate the stars. •Discontentment: non content ; dissatisfied ; discontented. •Anguish: excruciating or acute hurt. agony. or hurting: the torment of heartache. •Abolitionist: particularly prior to the Civil War ) a individual who advocated or supported the abolishment of bondage in the U. S. •Treacherous: characterized by falseness or preparedness to bewray trust ; faithless.

•Tedious: marked by boredom ; long and boring: boring undertakings ; a boring journey. Walt Whitman verse form & A ; Introduction to Information:

•Learn’d / learned: holding much cognition ; scholarly ; erudite: erudite professors. •Proof: grounds sufficient to set up a thing as true.

or to bring forth belief in its truth. •Unaccountable: impossible to account for ; unexplained ; incomprehensible: The boat has an unexplainable inclination to gape. •Narrative: a narrative or history of events. experiences. or the similar. whether true or fabricated. •Information: cognition communicated or received refering a peculiar fact or circumstance ; intelligence: information refering a offense. •Observation: an act or case of detecting or comprehending.

•Quote: to reiterate ( a transition. phrase. etc. ) from a book. address. or the similar.

as by manner of authorization. illustration. etc. •Chronological order: the agreement of things following one after another in clip: Put these paperss in chronological order. •Factual: of or refering to facts ; refering facts: factual truth. •Explicit: to the full and clearly expressed or demonstrated ; go forthing nil simply implied ; univocal: expressed instructions ; an expressed act of force ; expressed linguistic communication. •Implicit: to the full and clearly expressed or demonstrated ; go forthing nil simply implied ; univocal: expressed instructions ; an expressed act of force ; expressed linguistic communication. Laurie Kimpton-Lorence’s essay:•Technique: the mode and ability with which an creative person.

author. terpsichorean. jock. or the similar employs the proficient accomplishments of a peculiar art or field of enterprise.

•Discipline: preparation to move in conformity with regulations ; bore: military subject. •Culture: the quality in a individual or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in humanistic disciplines. letters. manners. scholarly chases. etc.

•Technical vocabulary•Precision: the province or quality of being precise.•Personalize: to hold marked with one’s initials. name. or monogram: to personalise letter paper. •Formula: a set signifier of words. as for saying or declaring something decidedly or magisterially. for bespeaking process to be followed. or for prescribed usage on some ceremonial juncture.

•Aspiration: strong desire. yearning. or purpose ; aspiration: rational aspirations. •Terminology: the system of footings belonging or peculiar to a scientific discipline. art. or specialised topic ; terminology: the nomenclature of vegetation. •Colloquialism: a conversational look.

•Syntax: the survey of the regulations for the formation of grammatical sentences in a linguistic communication. •Cultural literacy: cognition of history. parts. and positions of different cultural groups. including one’s ain group. necessary for understanding of reading.

composing. and other media. •Analyze / analysis: the separating of any stuff or abstract entity into its constitutional elements ( opposed to synthesis ) . •Humanities: all human existences jointly ; the human race ; world. Samuel Scudder’s essay:•Antecedent: preceding ; prior: an antecedent event.

•Acquire: to come into ownership or ownership of ; acquire as one’s ain: to get belongings. •Zoology: the scientific discipline or subdivision of biological science covering with animate beings. •Devote: to give up or allow to or concentrate on a peculiar chase. business. intent.

cause. etc. : to give one’s clip to reading. •Naturalist: a individual who surveies or is an expert in natural history. particularly a animal scientist or phytologist. •Infectious: catching by infection.

as from one individual to another or from one portion of the organic structure to another: infective diseases. •Aversion: a strong feeling of disfavor. resistance.

repulsion. or antipathy ( normally followed by to ) : a strong antipathy to serpents and spiders. •Precinct: a territory. as of a metropolis. marked out for governmental or administrative intents. or for police protection. •Commend: to show. reference.

or congratulations as worthy of assurance. notice. kindness. etc. ; recommend: to commend a friend to another ; to commend an applier for employment.
•Ardent: holding. expressive of.

or characterized by intense feeling ; passionate ; fervent: an fervent vow ; fervent love. •Entomologist: the subdivision of fauna covering with insects. •Resuscitate: to resuscitate. particularly from evident decease or from unconsciousness. •Loathsome: causing feelings of abhorrence ; gross outing ; revolting ; repulsive: a nauseating tegument disease. •Infinite: immeasurably great: an infinite capacity for forgiveness. •Interdicted: Civil Law.

any prohibitive act or edict of a tribunal or an administrative officer. •Piqued: to impact with crisp annoyance and bitterness. particularly by some lesion to plume: She was greatly piqued when they refused her invitation.

•Wretched: really unfortunate in status or fortunes ; suffering ; pathetic. •Perplexity: the province of being perplexed ; confusion ; uncertainness. •Injunction: Law. a judicial procedure or order necessitating the individual or individuals to whom it is directed to make a peculiar act or to forbear from making a peculiar act. •Inestimable: incapable of being estimated or assessed.

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