We have here
listed 7 amazing exercise which you can do at your home and get
slender legs within just few days. When you start with the exercise,
don’t forget to do some warm-up exercise at first and then start
with them. Try to repeat each mentioned exercise at least 30 times.

Set 1: Leg
changing jump lunges

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Keep your
back in a straight line and lung forward with your left leg. While
doing the previous mentioned position, make sure that your right
knee is in lower position than your left knee.

Use your
arms and jump as high as possible.

While you are
still in the jumping position, change your leg and land with your
right leg. When you land you right leg must be in a lunge position.
Start with 10-15 repetitions and gradually increase it to 30.

Set 2: Jump

bend your knees a tiny bit and while doing do position your arms
near your back.

jumping straight, lifting your knees as high as you can.

This exercise is
harder than any other exercise mentioned here so it will not be
possible to do this 30 times in your first attempt. It is a nice idea
to divide the exercise into three parts, each part having 10
repetitions. Take rest of 1 minute between each set.

Set 3: Lose
outer thigh fat with leg rise

yourself using your right hand, lie down on the floor. Use your left
arm as a support and place it firmly on the floor in front of you.

raising and lowering your right leg and when you do so make sure
that there is no sharp movement.

Do the
same thing with your left leg as well.

This exercise is
essential for losing thigh and buttocks fat.
Set 4: Leg
raise for inner thigh

your body with your hand, lie on your right side. Next, bend your
left leg and place it nicely on the floor in front of you. If you
are struggling to keep your leg firm, you can take the help of your
hands to keep it firm.

raising and lowering your right leg without any major sharp

Do the same
process with your other leg as well.
Set 5:
Dumbbell lunges

Place your
hands on your sides and make sure that your back is not bended.

While you
continue to maintain the above-mentioned posture, start performing
reverse lunges. Reverse lunge is also known as step backs for which
you need to use your right leg and perform the same position with
your left leg as well.

Try bending your
legs as much as possible to make a 90 degree angle.
Set 6:
Sidelong bows using a dumbbell

Start by
holding the dumbbell with your right hand and your left hand must be
placed on your waist.

Next, move
to your left and bow down while your back is straight. When you do
this make sure that your torso is in a straight line with your right

The final
step is to touch your left angle using your right hand keeping your
right leg straight.

When you are
starting with this exercise you can also use a bottle instead of a
Set 7: Smooth
leg raise from the prone position

yourself using your hands and right knee and try to stretch your
left leg.

Raise your
left leg as high as you can and then slowly bring it down.

Change the leg
and repeat.  

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