We all have different paths which we must tread. As a child, it was very common forparents to pick out a career for their children. I come from a family that believes everycareer is worth pursuing provided there is passion.

I have always had a passion forcomputers as I was exposed to them at a very tender age and this greatly influenced mychoice of studying Information and Communications Technology for my first degree. Ifell in love with computers as a result of my exposure to them during my first degree studies. I then decided i will become an expert in the field.My desire to become an expert in this field was fueled by the increase in use of information systems worldwide. I believe that we are yet to maximize the full potential of information systems .

With this in mind, I knew that in-depth knowledge and understanding of emerging technologies was important in order for me to achieve this goal. This is why i decided to apply for the PTDF scholarship.As an expert in any field of learning your work is valued greatly, this is no different in the world of computers. I believe that having a masters degree in a computer related field broadens your horizon and sets you up to take on new challenges, not only in your locality but also in the world as a whole.

This forms a bedrock for development in your local community and also allows for advancement of the field. Nigeria is the largest population in Africa and has one of the fastest developing technological sectors,computers have now become a huge part of our societies as they improve the way businesses and industries are being run. There has been no better time to have a masters degree in this field.I believe that we all have a role to play in the development of ourselves first, and then the development of our communities. The benefits this opportunity will furnish me are too numerous to mention but a few. For starters, having a masters degree affords you the opportunity to work in a larger number of industries than you would have if you had only a bachelors degree.

This puts you in a better position for employment and also puts you ahead financially if you were already employed. Also, the interaction with other people from different countries will also improve the way you reason and allow you to bring about more innovative solutions to some of the problems currently being faced in Nigeria.Apart from classroom interactions, I found that studies are complemented by external speakers from top shelve companies through seminars and conferences on real-world case studies related to subjects in study modules.

Moreover, I also found that adequate facilities are always on ground for student use.

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