We make assumptions about people’s character by judging them according to their appearance based on our first impressions. These first impressions may not always be the correct conclusion as we can clearly see in the novel of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice. In the novel, first impressions of every character processed in a detailed manner. As the story progresses, we see how this prejudice can be misleading.Jane Austen wrote this novel in 1797 under the title First Impression but later, it was changed and published in 1813 under title Pride and Prejudice. The reason why it has changed that her previous novel, Sense and Sensibility was successful so the publisher offered a suggestion to use same noun-noun formula as it was more striking title than First Impressions. If we examine this titles briefly, First Impressions could be a good title since we see main characters, Elizabeth and Darcy, have unpleasant first impressions of each other and they judge one another wrongly. Despite their uncivil impressions, they find love in each other and eventually get married. But, when we look into the overall novel, Pride and Prejudice is more suitable because it has deeper meaning and thoughts as it befits to Austen’s novel better.Firstly, as it is seen a lot in the book, sometimes first impressions can be fallacious, Mr. Darcy is an example of it. He was seen as a gentle, handsome person when he first seen at the ball but he turned out to be arrogant for most of the people as he refused to dance at the ball despite the lack of male partners. When his friend Mr.Bingley asks him to dance with Elizabeth, he refuses and tells that she is not pretty enough for him. Elizabeth overhears this statement and it hurts her pride. Then she holds grudge against him, this leads her to judge him as a rude and unpleasant man. When it comes to Mr. Wickham, who has seen as a reliable and appealing officer, turned out to be an awful gambler who lied about Mr.Darcy. Also, he seduced and eloped with his sister, Lydia. We can deduce from this instance that, the candle of someone who lies almost always burns just to midnight. We can not trust someone before knowing him entirely. Through the story, the truth about the characters emerges naturally. In addition to these, when Elizabeth learns the truth about Mr.Wickham and Mr.Darcy, she understands how wrongly she judged them. Also, she learns the big role of Mr.Darcy behind Lydia and Mr.Wickham marriage. Due to the fact that she understands the truth, she put aside her pride and thinks positively about Mr.Darcy and his marriage proposal. After all, contrary the way he looks in the first impression made by Miss Elizabeth, indeed, Mr.Darcy was a real gentleman.

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