Web applications
usability, popularity and dependence is increasing day by day in real world
that transformed vulnerable to security attacks. This attack is of various
types. SQL injection and XSS (cross site scripting) attacks are the most common
to exploit the web appellations.  SQL
injection attack may cause alteration of database while sneaking into the web
application database. The
proposed Intrusion Detection System is a classification based approach that is based
on a three-tier architecture model. In this paper, a decision tree classification technique is proposed for
the vulnerability prevention of SQL injection. The proposed model makes use
famous decision tree classification model to prevent the SQL injection attack
that will filter the HTTP request by using a decision tree classification based
attack signatures. The proposed mode has been compared with other SQL detection
and prevention technique on synthetic data that produced satisfactory results
for the proposed model.


Keywords: SQL
Injection Attack, Web Security, Decision Tree, Data Mining.



In the
present scenario, web applications such as facebook, twitter, web sites, mail
servers and financial applications play crucial role for users in the fast-growing
internet era. These web applications manage user’s personal information and are
designed depending on multi-tiered design architecture where a web server
resides between the database server and the clients. In such scenario, web
applications are the most significant objective for attackers and it could be possible
in both the database and client sides. signature based detection mechanisms is
used in most of the IDS where well-defined patterns of any well-known attack
are used for comparison. In the web application system, user interact with the
web service. Moreover, in a three-tier web application multiple client observed
in the front-end, database server and web server. By considering the database
queries are triggered while the client dispatches the request to the web
service. The database responds with a proper reply to the web server which in
turn replies to the client. In an web applications various types of attacks are
possible due to various reasons like ambiguous coding methods, design level flaws,
web application configuration errors, validation error in user input etc. Due
to an improper design or a ruthless implementation, web applications are known
to a number of vulnerabilities SQL Injection Attack is the most vulnerable among
the top ten web application vulnerabilities published by Open Web Application
Security Project 1. SQL injection attack mainly is in the form of SQL query. SQL
injection vulnerabilities were reported in 2008, making up 25% of all reported
vulnerabilities for web applications according to OWASP. When the data inserted
by the user in web application which bypassed to the web server without any
validations that causes unwanted changes in database by causing cryptic
attacker SQL query to work on the bank- end of the web application 2. When an
unlawful user access to database by altering the planned effect of an SQL query
by inserting new SQL keywords or operators into the query by which he acquires
the informal access to a database in order to view or manipulate data base then
an SQL Injection Attack occurs.


SQL Injection
Attack is inappropriate user input validation. Although, the awareness of
security is increasing day by day, still there are number of important reasons
that make securing web applications complicated and make it vulnerable to
potential threat. Web applications are increasing day by day at an
extraordinary speed and the developers and administrators does not have the
adequate information and experience to maintain security in terms of SQL
injection. Moreover, the general user is now developing the applicators that
are vulnerable to security attack as they are apart from security issues. To
handle the problem of SQL injection attack, a practical approach is to scan the
each and every query coming or interrupted to the web database and check the
queries and allow only the actual SQL queries to access the database. Although
there are massive number of techniques available to handle SQL injection
attack, but the SQL injection attack presentation applications still have some
problem in terms of the high number of undetected vulnerabilities and high percentage
of false positives. The detection of Web SQL injection attack is not a great application,
but it is a useful tool to access the security of web applications. The
proposed technique used in this paper considered decision tree classification
algorithm to identify different SQL attacks depending on common rules. These
rules can be used to defend other attacks also. The proposed algorithm will
scan a webpage in a controlled environment and identify the vulnerabilities
using a decision tree classifier by considering the rules lie on it. Moreover,
a framework is used to detect and prevent SQL injection attack using decision


A data
mining technique like decision tree is very popular in terms of classification
that uses a tree data structure for decisions including resource cost, event
outcomes and utility. Decision trees mainly used for decision analysis in the
data mining applications to reach a required target.

In decision
tree internal node represents an attribute and each branch represents the
outcome of the test and the leaf node represents the class label. Decision tree
is basically a combinational data structure where a tree and graph are combined
to process the data depending on some rules and the path from the origin node
to the leaf node follow those rules while executing a process where the
decision tree are used for visually and analytically mining the tool to predict
the values of alternatives. Decision tree are commonly used in decision
analysis, predictive analysis etc. to identify a strategy that is most likely
close to the objective. Decision tree should be a best choice model in terms of
processing data from web server. It’s also a good one for parallel application
as well as online model selection algorithm. Moreover, in terms of analysing
conditional statistics decision tree becomes a useful one as it can be used as
a descriptive means. The decision tree can be converted into decision rules. The
outcome is the results of the leaf node, and the conditions along the path form
an intersection in the decision clause. Decision rules can also be calculated
by building associative classification rules.


In this
paper, we considered SQL Injection Attacks and the decision trees and propose a
SQL Injection Attack prevention algorithm based on decision tree classification
technique. Rest of the paper is organized as follows: section 2 represents the literature
review, section 3 with proposed model, section 4 with evaluation procedure and
finally paper end with conclusion and references.


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