The web site that is reviewed in this review is e-Medical web site located at World Wide Web. e-emedical. com. gold. Figure 1 Front Page of The E-Medical Website On the e-Medical web site. it is stated that the web site was created by a group of medical General Practitioners ( GP ) based Melbourne. Australia. which a intent of bettering entree to information for their patients. E-Medical web sites claims to convey the best medical advices from the practising physicians to its users.

These include advice on intervention. supplying cognition about diagnosed conditions or chronic conditions every bit good as bettering life manners. The web site does non look to be to a great extent commercial as the text of the web site and the advertizements are unbroken separate. The web site does non place the names or the certificates of the medical advisers entirely on any page from which they can be verified. These medical practicians are available for advice taking from the confab suites of the web site.

The website itself is owned by registered Pharmacists Dino Sapuppo and Frank Di Salvo ; nevertheless. no other information on them is available on the web site. The stuff on the web site is original which means it has non been copied from anyplace. nevertheless. much of the intelligence or other information deficiency any mention to their original beginning. E-Medical web site besides considers patient privateness as of import ; hence province that all information gathered by e-Medical advisers will non be passed onto any 3rd party.

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The web site besides seems to miss regular updating as the last intelligence posted in intelligence subdivision is dated 10th of February 2010. The site besides does non name the last update day of the month ; nevertheless. the web site has received its update in the last 6 months ( E-Medical Website 2010 ) . The e-Medical web site is easy to download. taking less than 5 seconds to lade to the full. The pilotage of the web site is besides easy as all the major subdivisions are listed as links on the left manus side chief bill of fare. Each page on the web site besides has a subdivision heading which informs the user of its location within the web sites.

The interface of the web site is besides simple to utilize with much of the work done utilizing text and simple artworks used whenever necessary. The website utilizations pink and blue colour for artworks and text while the background is left white. This colour strategy is easy on the eyes. The web site besides has a good layout with bill of fare on the left manus side. a chief saloon on the top and advertizement on the right manus side. while transcript right message is delivered on the footer ( E-Medical Website 2010 ) . Remarks on Website The web site does non look really believable.

This can be said non merely on the footing of the content of the web site but besides on the footing of its visual aspect. The information contained in the web site is outdated by at least 3 months. which is a important clip period. Furthermore. the web site fails to supply the certificates of its squad of medical advisers. which creates credibleness uncertainty in the head of the user of the web site. Furthermore any advice or reexamine given on the web site can non be considered reliable until the genuineness of its manufacturers ( the making of physicians or content referees ) can go known.

Furthermore. though the web site seems to hold a good visual aspect. it seems really basic and deadening. and seems like it has been built with a low budget. The web site besides lack any 3rd portion advertizement which besides shows that it lacks in popularity and is non the preferable pick of advertizers ( Net Mechanic 2010 ) . Reference List E-Medical Website. 2010. ”eMedical” . [ Online ] Viewed on 14 May 2010 from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. emedical. com. au/default. asp & gt ; Net Mechanic. 2010. ” Web Site Usability Checklist” . [ Online ] Viewed on 14 May 2010 from & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. netmechanic. com/news/vol7/design_no4. htm & gt ;

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