Well following the motive of making a affordable flagship killer, the team was ready to launch OnePlus one but they never wanted to launch it in a traditional way which is of selling there devices in the retail stores. Instead they opted for a different approach of invite only system, generally exclusive invites are reserved     iv  for high price members of clubs and secret society, but oneplus wanted to take this route and went ahead with there invite only model.       Industry experts believed that this model is going to backfire big time and wanted the founders of oneplus to change the strategy, but in-spite of that oneplus proved everyone wrong  as it created a huge amount of interest in their smartphone which was described as the “Flagship Killer”. Oneplus One was a big hit in the market and it later went on to become one of the most talked about smartphones of 2014.   By the end of 2014, Oneplus sold 1.5 Million smartphones globally in its 1st year of trading. It greatly exceeded the expectations of Carl and Pete and the fellow Chinese workers with who he founded the business. What’s commendable is the fact that all of this was achieved with any advertisement budget, mainstream marketing. Apart from talking on social media circles and flash sales online.  Ups and Down of Oneplus in Indian market      v     Well India is one of the biggest market for Oneplus and oneplus one did really well in the country, however just like any other business success is always coupled with some tensions and oneplus was no exception. The Delhi High Court banned the sales of Oneplus due to a losses of Micromax, which is another phone manufacturing company based in India. Micromax said that it had the exclusive rights to ship phones with cyanogen mod software in India, Oneplus argued that this exclusivity was only for Indian competitors and not for phone manufacturers outside India. Later the ban was lifted in December 21st 2014 and Oneplus had to built its own custom Rom called Oxygen OS for its future devices.    Success and Reaching different markets After its marvelous success with Oneplus One, Oneplus made its products available in southeast Asia for the first time partnering with Lazada Indonesia on 23 January 2015. A few months later, the company launched Oneplus 2 the successor to the highly successful Oneplus one. It was unveiled on July 2015 and was highly promoted as 2016 flagship killer, there were really high expectations     vi  from the second generation Oneplus Phone mainly because the company managed to create a big amount of hive for it, slowly Oneplus started expanding there market significantly world wide as the sales of there smartphones grow exponentially. In-fact after the launch on Oneplus 3 they received an on slot of orders for which they even had to stop there sales before they could made demand and similar was the reception to Oneplus 3T as well.  Competition with giant brands The smartphone totally changed the phase of an android device by offering all the premium specifications at an affordable price, but how did a company which did not even exist a few years back created a brand which would outshine the most popular brands available in the market like LG and Samsung, the answer to that question is there strong vision and there plans the moto of Oneplus is to make great product and sell the phone directly to consumers skipping the middlemen. The company follows word of mouth policy and they believe in providing high values to the costumers, so that they promote there product to there friends, family and Know people. Their business model clearly shows that best quality materials and latest hardware is used in all of there devices, all the components are collected and tested at there factories in the best conditions.. Oneplus surely proved one point that there is no reason that a smartphone should be priced so high, a brand new Iphone 7 is priced at Rs 49,000 while galaxy S8 is priced at Rs 55,000 no doubt both are amazing phones but it is quit evident that the additional price you are paying is only for the brand name.   Despite witnessing huge success so far the founders of oneplus believed that they are not even a success yet, they believed that the smartphone industry is constantly changing and users understand what they are getting, however its a sure fact the Oneplus will  ripple the smartphone industry ultimately in a way that it gives costumers a more choice and better product.    

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