Many people wonder if athleticss were different 80 old ages ago than it is today. Well I have done some research and figured out the reply. With the research I have found I determined that athleticss have changed a small spot but overall each athletics is fundamentally the same. Some of illustrations of athleticss that have non changed a batch are hockey. baseball and the Olympics. Hockey’s National Hockey League got started in 1920. which is still around today.

The game has changed somewhat since its beginning but it is non a whole different game. Baseball hasn’t changed much and it doesn’t have to because it is merely every bit exciting as it was when it became popular in the ’20’s and ’30’s. For the Olympics every 2 old ages the same thaumaturgy is at that place today as at that place has ever been.The game of hockey became a professional athletics manner back in 1890.

But in 1920 was when the National Hockey League came on to the scene. The same exhilaration. force. media coverage and labour differences were about so merely as they are now. The game of hockey has been known as a game of much force. There is non so much force in the game today but still is known for being a violent game. In fact.

in the 1920’s when participants got in a battle. they would non drop their baseball mitts and have a fist battle. they would wack each other with their sticks and that was accepted. The media coverage was merely every bit brainsick as it is today. Every where you went you would see something about hockey.

Alternatively of households and friends watching the game on a Television like today. households and friends in the ’20’s and ’30’s would listen to it on the wireless. Labor differences are non merely a modern thing. they even happened back in the ’20’s.

In 1925 a labour difference between the participants and ownership cost the metropolis of Hamilton their darling Tigers.More games were added to the agenda and the participants were non acquiring any excess money for the excess games. So the participants went on work stoppage during the playoffs. As a consequence the NHL suspended the nine and the following twelvemonth the nine was sold to a adult male who brought the squad to New York and named them the Americans who are known now as the Rangers. Similar state of affairss happen today when participants will sit out because they want to be traded to another squad or want to do more money. Hockey is a athletics that Canada can name their ain before 1920 and still can today. Sure there have been minor alterations but the footing of the game is still there and ever has been and will be the figure 1 athletics in Canada.

Babe. Rose and Sammy all ran on a soil diamond with bases 90 pess off from each other. Rocket Roger and Rapid Robert pitched the ball 60 pess 6 inches off from place home base.

Yogi Berea and Mike Piazza both stood behind a 5 sided place home base. Blackie and A Rod stood 45 pess between 2nd and 3rd base. All these steps are the same even though these players’ callings stretched from 1907-today.

The steps of the playing field have ne’er changed. Baseball along with hockey were the two most talked about athleticss in Canada in the 1920’s. So the media was all over the topographic point. In those yearss unless you went to the game you would hold to listen to it on the wireless or read about it the following twenty-four hours in the newspaper.

Today the media coverage is a batch merely like it was 80 old ages ago. Ownership so was merely like today. To have a squad you had to be a really affluent individual. Besides most proprietors were more interested in doing money than seting a victorious merchandise on the field.

That is besides similar today with merely few exclusions. Although baseball originated in the United States. Canada did and still has a really strong fan base for baseball. Not many alterations have been made in the game and is still loved every bit much as it ever has.Every 2 old ages at that place is exhilaration of the competition between states from all over the universe in the Olympics. No affair if it is the winter or summer games people gather about and speak about the games. It is particularly exciting in Canada because of all the different immigrants rooting for their place state gave the whole thing an even bigger sense of exhilaration.

The Olympics had and still hold a immense impact on society. Whenever the Olympics are on everyone knows it even if they are non a athleticss fan. The Olympics have a manner of conveying people together and will do people happy.

There are a batch of friendly competitions amongst different types of Canadians and that’s what makes the Olympics so great and it has done that in the ’20’s. ’30’s and has continued on to today.Another illustration of how the Olympics are the same so as it is now is in every event there is a gold. Ag and bronze decoration victor.

Never have these decorations changed and ne’er will they be changed. Which every state hosts the games will have a immense encouragement in their economic system as people come from all over the universe to watch their place state compete and have to pay for disbursals like nutrient and hotels. This is the same today. The Olympics have ever had a positive impact on society and this will go on to go on.In decision I have to state that athleticss have non changed really much since 1920. In hockey the game has non changed and it doesn’t demand to because it is so popular. In baseball Barry Bonds smacked merely as many place tallies as Roger Marris did with the same molded chiropteran and there is over 100 old ages of baseball history and if you look back you will see it is about the same today.

In the Olympics. Gold. Silver. Bronze. Those will ever be the 3 decorations won. Nothing will alter that.

So overall athleticss have non changed much between the old ages 1920 and 2004 and I believe I have proved that in the above information.

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