Compact high denseness metropoliss are the ideal theoretical account for sustainable urban life in the twenty-first Century. Many agreed that making more compact urban cloth by and large will make efficient substructures and better quality of life. However, grounds from the UK tells that there are obvious downsides to the appealing thought of the compact metropolis, and green infinite is one of the first victims of high denseness urban development ( Fuller, 2007 ) . This vision of sustainable compact metropolis is the aspiration, frequently, the world is really different. Wise planning and appropriate denseness control within the metropolis are important to avoid the negative impacts of high denseness. But more basically than this, is to see a better urban life environment for the people. Hence, making more quality green infinites, will be the cardinal towards a more livable and healthy metropolis.

As population increased and urban Centres expanded, parks, the traditional topographic points for diversion, were enclosed, new edifices spread over the unfastened infinites in and around the town and metropoliss, the air grew more contaminated and chances for diversion in fresh green milieus dwindled. Pocket Parkss are important for a lively urban setting.A In fact, non everyone life in metropoliss enjoys the same criterion of life, but these little urban Parkss are the topographic point where people from all walks of life can entree and to the full use. Furthermore, in high denseness metropoliss like New York, pocket Parkss are the urban oasis where they offer a little sum of greenA in what is normally a concrete jungle. They provide a sense of release from the stressful and intense urban lifestyle.A It is non ever executable to construct big Parkss whereas little Parkss offer speedy and accessible remainder and relaxation from feverish urban environments.A High denseness metropoliss and pocket Parkss are interconnected. Lively public motion in the high denseness metropoliss engender active public unfastened infinites which allow lower offense and greater safety. Through understanding the function and value of pocket Parkss within the metropolis, the standards to plan successful pocket Parkss in high denseness metropoliss were discovered. This is a comparative survey of pocket Parkss in the West and East terminal of Glasgow, United Kingdom which is transporting out by detecting, oppugning and construing the ‘clues ‘ in different pocket Parkss. This is a record of self experience and feeling towards the park aided with studies and exposure. Nevertheless, the proviso of unfastened infinite is peculiarly of import in a heavy metropolis. Appropriate land usage criterions should be established in all new developments and pocket Parkss and waste land can be the small gems of the high denseness metropoliss. In some cases, pocket Parkss can replace spoilt tonss within the metropolis. A good and successful pocket park is of import portion of the urban design vision for a metropolis, frequently as a chief focal point for public life.


Urbanization has been a planetary phenomenon of all time since the rise of Industrial Revolution in the late eighteenth and early 19th centuries. Cities have grown quickly and took on new signifiers. The rural-to-urban migrators are driven by the alluring chances of occupation chances, better instruction and health care every bit good as the amusement and exhilaration in the metropolis life. These urban growings had leads to monolithic addition in the population denseness in the urban metropolis. “ We are fast going an urban species. More than half of the universe ‘s people now live in metropoliss, and in the UK around 90 % of us are urbanites, ” said Fuller, 2007. As urban migration additions, compact high denseness metropoliss are the designs for more sustainable topographic points to populate ( T. Jones, 2010 ) . High denseness metropoliss advocate urban compression which can offer a high quality of life while understating resources and energy ingestion. Compactness is connected to metropolis efficiency. Compact high denseness metropoliss can back up closer installations, promote reduced trip lengths and the usage of public conveyance and hence cut down conveyance energy costs and C emanations. However, there are arguments about the creative activity of more sustainable and compact metropoliss have led to a renewed focal point on issues of denseness. The statement is on the prosperity of compact high denseness metropoliss in societal and environmental sustainability ( Carmona, Heath, Oc, and Tiesdell, 2006 ) . Increased traffic congestion and parking force per unit area, increased pollution, loss of green or unfastened infinites, loss of community spirit, increased offense are common jobs found in high denseness metropoliss.

Peoples need Parkss. Urban green infinites have become one of the few topographic points where urban occupants can see nature within this unreal concrete jungle. I believe that integrating of natural and reinforced environments is a cardinal aim of sustainable development. Green Parkss are “ the lung of the metropolis ” . It allows the dweller to breath, run into with friends, walk the Canis familiaris, drama, sit and relax. Quality unfastened infinites within the high denseness metropoliss are a must. Pocket Parkss are like the small treasure within the heavy urban environment. They are little in size and easy created even in a high denseness metropolis. Research on the value of pocket Parkss in metropoliss will be carry out by looking into several facet of including the environment and societal influence towards the metropoliss. Scientists have shown that green infinites promote community togetherness, cut down offense, better physical wellness and heighten psychological wellbeing of the citizen. They promote inward investing into metropoliss, and even increase house monetary values ( Fuller, 2007 ) . This survey is aimed to look into is at that place a standard for successful pocket park. In order to detect the usage and design of pocket Parkss and how the people appreciate the Parkss in different country, analysis on pocket Parkss on the West and East End of Glasgow will be carry out. The survey will be conduct with detecting the Parks, depicting self experience and inquiring. The usage of studies and exposures are to help in entering and analyzing the pocket Parkss.

Apart from that, addition of population and land scarceness are two common phenomenons for compact metropolis development. To maximise use of the limited urban land, high edifice denseness was created. High edifice denseness helps to cut down the force per unit area to develop unfastened infinite and releases more land for community installations and services to better the quality of urban life by supplying more built- up infinite on single sites. However, some people argue that the antonym is besides true. In order to accomplish high edifice denseness, monolithic high rise edifices are inevitable, and these monolithic constructions, crammed into little sites, can conversely ensue in really small unfastened infinite and a engorged cityscape. This may go on when high-density development is carried out without be aftering ( Ng, 2010 ) . Hence, proviso of unfastened infinite is important in high denseness metropoliss every bit good as planing a great pocket park in making more quality unfastened infinite in a denser metropolis. As the urban development and demands of homo are germinating, the function of pocket Parks has been transforming by clip. It is indispensable to look into the possibility of pocket park, this possibly a good solution that suits the modern-day urban metropoliss. It is clip to analyze how good does the pocket Parks functioned within the heavy urban and inquiry the potency and hereafter of the pocket Parkss.

Chapter 1

What is ‘Pocket Park ‘ ?

1.0 Definition of Pocket Park

Pocket park, besides known as minipark or vest-pocket park, is a little urban green infinite inserted within the urban environment. Harmonizing to the Pocket Park Development Standards approved by Visalia City council, a pocket park is define as the smallest park categorization within the metropolis and should be considered as a manner to supply diversion or unfastened infinite needs differs from other types of park demands such as regional, community or vicinity Parkss. ( Olsmo, 2008 ) . A pocket park possibly insufficient for big physical activity like what a urban park can offer, nevertheless, it provide an unfastened infinite experience and chance for people in the metropolis to acquire contact with the fresh air and nature without going to big urban Parkss. Large urban Parkss and place are tend to be more formal infinites, whereas pocket Parkss tend to be more confidant, as they are designed to function the instantly local occupants but non the people city-wide. It is a green unfastened infinite for relaxation, socialization, taking tiffin interruptions, reading a book, or play countries for kids.

Pocket Parkss can be different harmonizing to specific maps and locations, but there are several typical features found in common.

Pocket Parkss are typically less than 5.000 square metres.

Its service country should be around a quarter-mile radius and about 500-1,000 residents

Travel distance with pes to the park should be within 5 to 10 proceedingss.

Parking infinites are non necessary as they should be accessible by pes or motorcycle.

Parks should seek to suit more different users, yet prioritising the immediate country ‘s demands.

( Olsmo, 2008 )

C. C. Marcus & A ; C. Francis, 1988, concluded that the usual design of a pocket battalion has included all or most of the followers:

Planting or trees

A topographic point to sit

A topographic point for kids to play

Identifying Sons: a mural, a name, a coloring material strategy

Areas big plenty to play group games

Apart from that, pocket park owns a alone and interesting feature where it can be created out of little graduated table infill or left-over infinite. This gives great chances to a high denseness metropolis in organizing more pocket Parkss without large-scale of development or going portion of the regeneration program of inner-city. By infixing these pocket Parkss into the urban cloth, they are able to heighten the profusion of the metropolis ‘s landscape and streetscape. However, these pocket Parkss are sometimes easier to make than to keep due to its failure in functional design, deficiency of community support and support.

( Blake, day of the month accessed: 5 Jan 2011 )

1.1 The Value of Pocket Parks in Urban Fabric

Although pocket Parkss are little in size, we should non pretermit the function of pocket Parkss in the metropolis. They are important in constructing a healthy urban life environment. Parks would better the wellness of those who living in metropoliss and supply accessible unfastened infinite for diversion. They provided a beginning of fresh air, a manner of spreading societal tensenesss and heightening the wellness, fittingness and psychological wellbeing of the urban citizens ( H. Conway, 1991 ) . Pocket park can move as a little community gardens within an country. This can be a great manner to promote people to travel out-of-door and acquire contact with the community and metropolis. They allow people to reconnect with nature. On the other manus, pocket park can be an urban oasis where this is a type of place that is more to a great extent planted, and is partly isolated from the street. Its location and design deliberately put this park at a distance from noise and activity of the metropolis. ( C. C. Marcus & A ; C. Francis, 1988 )

Pocket Parkss besides encourage self-generated societal interaction. A successful pocket park can assist doing a safer and more sociable territory through better contact and interaction. Social interaction is the basic component to construct up the “ societal capital ” which is describe as the web of relationships that define the nature of civic battle and integrity in a topographic point. Topographic points with good societal capital are stable, comfortable topographic points where people want to populate and work. They create the “ great ” metropoliss. These little urban Parkss are cardinal to construct societal capital as theses infinites are accessible by people from all walks of life ; they meet and speak, where the societal capital can organize. ( S. Shafer & A ; J. Jacobs. Date accessed: 20 Dec 2010. )

Besides functioning the local community, the pocket parks liberally sprinkled throughout the urban cloth could profit the overall ecology of the metropolis. Vegetation within the pocket Parks can assist command microclimates and enable the metropolis to breath in increasing permeable surfaces that boost infiltration. Pocket Parkss can be spots for some animate beings in the metropolis, particularly birds. In add-on, people will be improbable to drive far for the nature experience when they can easy acquire to the park within walking distance. So, this will breed a lessening in pollution, traffic on rod and the ingestion of resources like fuel. At the same clip, pocket Parkss can possible alleviate force per unit area on larger, more distant Parks. Furthermore, pocket Parkss are more flexibleness to give larger park countries to habitat and ecological map ( Blake, day of the month accessed: 4 Jan 2011 ) .

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