Western civilization traces back to settlements in the European and Mesopotamia areas. This paper explains the history of western civilization and describes distinct characteristics of the thinking of western civilization.

A civilization starts at the level of interactions of people greater than tribal interactions. The common culture of a certain group of people extends over many centuries to make them act and think the way they do today.The characteristics of a culture is shaped by the religion, politics, economy, values and other things that make them who they are in present day.

Some of the beginning civilizations leading up to the Greeks and Romans include the Egyptians with the Nile River in Egypt. Second is the Mesopotamia with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq. Third is the Indus with the Indus River in Pakistan. All these civilizations begun within five hundred years of each other onetime after five thousand BC.These civilizations were shaped by agricultural dependence on water in river valleys. They were all polytheistic which meaner they had beliefs in many gods.

They also had theocratic governments that had focuses on a particular religion and/or divine leadership. The Hebrew kingdom lasted from two thousand to five hundred and eighty four BC and was a small kingdom with a great impact on Western Civilization. With its high point politically around one thousand BC.

The western civilization way of thinking was shaped by the Greeks and Romans and they changed superstition beliefs over to more and a reason and scientific explanation for how things were. The ancient world way of thinking continued in the east. Some terms that define western civilization are democracy, rationalism, individualism, and freedom.

The United States is a western civilization and our way of thinking about life has been passed down through tradition for thousands of years. Western Civilization By adjudicators

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