What is the first thing you see every time you visit a friend’s or colleague’s house? The answer is obvious, and it is the hallway. The way you make conclusions on how other people lead their lives based on their hallway will apply to you as well.

They say the first impression is the lasting impression and if you value looking good, then you have to get organized. Having stuff all over can even cause accidents if someone trips over. You may sometimes find it hard tracing some things like keys and the remote when you have things all over the place. The following are simple storage ideas to give your hallway a perfect look.1.     Coat cupboardHaving clothes all over your hallway can make the house look messy.

Coats need a lot of space, and they may not fit in your bedroom closet. You will also be receiving guests occasionally and they need somewhere they can keep their coats for some time.During the winter and the summer, people are looking for areas in their homes where they can store the extra beddings and the multicolored sheets. These cupboards can be great and discreet areas where you can store up the items you will not be using in that season. They can also be a good place to store hats, gloves, rackets and tennis shoes and other stuff that you use occasionally.

It is also a great place to keep those baby items your child no longer uses as you plan to give them away or wait for the next bundle of joy to arrive. Get a coat cupboard that blends well with the rest of the furniture in your house.2.     BasketsIf your thought that baskets are only for carrying things around, then you are somehow misguided. Several baskets can be your savior for storage woes because they can hold various things in your house.

You can place umbrellas, shoes and school bags in baskets and de-clutter your hallway.You can line them with a plastic bag to ensure that water does not drip to the floor in case you store wet things. The number and size of the baskets that you require will depend on your storage needs. You can choose several baskets that can blend with your curtains and fixtures. These baskets can also act as centerpieces for your decoration. You can choose matching colors or decide to go with several colors and designs. If you want to revamp the décor in your home and make it a bit livelier, this is a great way to do it.

3.     Open shelvingYour home is a sanctuary. If you are a traveler, you know this fact. You are bound to buy souvenirs from your travels. You need a place to store these objects and get your guests interested in knowing stories about them. If you do not want to have storage drawers in your home, this is a great alternative. You can create shelves that you can use to display your family photos and the objects you have collected from your numerous travels.This is also an elegant way of decorating your home and ensuring that you have different things that your guests and family members can look at when they visit.

For your family, these shelves can be a great way for them to display their art collections and other items that they feel need some attention. You can arrange these shelves in a certain order or design that accentuates your home’s interior décor and the centerpieces you have chosen for it.4.     Murphy bed shelvesSure, in this category the word bed may sound misplaced. However, if you are constantly hosting guests in your home and do not have enough space to put beds, this can be a great option for you. You may have wished for a way to turn that hallway into extra sleeping space to accommodate a guest or two. Well, Murphy beds are made such that they have storage drawers and shelves and can double as a bed too. This means that if you have space issues in your home, you can eliminate them without making your home look too cluttered.

The best part is that you can buy a Murphy bed depending on your space, accommodation needs and the space in your hallway. Remember that awkward looking corner at the end of your hallway that never seems to fit anything? This is the answer to your prayers. When colored appropriately, they can also be a great addition to the décor of your home.5.     Built-insSometimes, you do not have enough space to place cabinets or baskets.

If you do, there will not be enough space for people to pass through. In Such cases, any addition may seem too bulky and out of place. However, you can have masonry come and create built-in shelves and cabinets. They eliminate the storage needs of a home while keeping it classy and workable. It also gives you the space to install some cool objects like mirrors that make your home look even bigger than it actually is.  Unlike pre-made shelves, you will have the freedom to decide how far they should run and what size they should be. Built-ins are also cheaper and durable because they are made from the same materials used to make the house.

There is no doubt that you are always looking for ways to make your home look elegant and fun. You are also always trying to find new ways to store items and reduce clutter. If you have children, extra space is always needed regardless of the size of your home. With these storage ideas, you have the freedom to decorate your hallway while creating space for storage. Since the hallway is the first place your guests see, you need to make it display the beauty of your entire home. It needs to give your guests something to take home and a taste of what to expect in the entire house. 

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