What to Do When You Have Too ManyIdeas and Not Enough TimeThere are some people who don’t have ideas and there aresome people cannot manage their so many ideas.

They get ideas from anywhere-from themselves, form surroundings, they find ideas in anything. But creativemind can be curse sometimes. It happens so many times that you have so manyideas that you get confuse to make a right decision. There are so many risks ifyou have so many ideas like you lose focus from the main tasks, you feeldistract, your works are incomplete and many more.

Use these techniques tomanage so many ideas when you have not enough time-1-     Select the idea which strikes you the mostAmong all your ideas analyze which ideawill help you grow and do something great for yourself and your business. Selectan idea that is achievable and realistic. You can’t dream of buying a car byloan when your earning is so low. Your idea should be bold and unique.

2-     Analyze the idea which you decided to useBefore starting on idea you should knowanalyze it properly. For example- if you use it, how much time and money youhave to spend, what is the success rate of your idea, is it profitable and isit really a great idea? It should be in your field, for example you want to createa website and you have zero knowledge about how to create a website then itwill get difficult for you to achieve your goal in decided time period. 3-     Rank your ideasArrange your ideas in a way that makes easyfor you to select. Systematically arrange the ideas and it should be clear inyour mind that which idea is most important and helpful in present situation. 4-     Create a bucket for ideasDon’t ignore the others ideas in happinessof one great idea.

You cannot use all your ideas in one day, so create a bucketin your mind and put all your ideas there. Or make lists of all your ideas andkeep a journal of it. Categories all your ideas like work, house, family and soon. Read these ideas and for long time if you did not use any of these ideasthen dump them. You can also pass your idea to your friends may be its usefulfor them.

5-     Start implementing After your ‘Eureka’ moment about idea, it is necessaryto implement it. Don’t postpone the process of implementation process becauseif your passion for the idea is gone then you won’t be able to utilize thisidea. Don’t wait for the opportunity or the right time, every day is a new dayand with new opportunity. 

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