What is meant by the “internal processes” of a team? Why is it important to manage both the internal processes and external opportunities/constraints of a team?Internal processes:The internal process emphases on internal focus, stability, information management, communication within the team and control in a team. It consists of the defined guidelines and frameset laid down for team members on how to function in a team to produce quality outcomes. An effective internal process helps a team to be accountable and measure the success rate of the team. Internal processes include things like gaining an understanding of the purpose of team, determining how a team is organized and which member of the team is responsible for what. It helps in easy delegation of work within the team and discover what resources is available within the team to use. It also deals with things like how the team is evaluated, making the team members less confrontational using communication. Internal processes help a team to generate a sense of community and raise the morale of the team and thereby making the team a cohesive unit.Importance of internal and external opportunities/constraints of a teamThe main importance of internal opportunities or constraints of a team are:It helps the team to set a defined goal and mission, so the team knows why it is formed, what it has to do and deliver or solve. It tells how the members has to function within the team thereby building guidelines and also make sure that the set guidelines are followed by the members of the team.It tells the team who facilitates the team and engage in leading the team. It is very normal in a team to have conflicts; the internal process also facilitates conflict management. Internal process also facilitates constructive feedback among the team members and improve the overall working of the team.External processesExternal factors include all the factors which the team cannot control within themselves.The important external process are mainly:The training provided for the team for its functioning.The access to information systems and tools made available to the team may be limited or it require special access which has to be facilitated from a superior.The culture of the organization in which the team function is another external process beyond the control of the team. Last, the reward system or recognition administered are based on the decisions of the top management.Most of the external and internal processes are made to support the well-functioning of the team, to make it productive and produce quality outcomes. Therefore, a well balanced mix of both external and internal process is required to make the team  successful.ReferenceHartzell, S. & Stages of Group Development: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning. Retrieved January 28, 2018, from https://study.com/academy/lesson/stages-of-group-development-forming-storming-forming-performing-adjourning.htmlPerformance productivity and reward 

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