What is India’s Palestine Policy and what is the current progress in this

India’s de-hyphenation of its Israel and Palestine policies
for the first time is a major turning point in the relations of both the
countries. Palestinian President visited India in May 2017.

India has urged for early recommencement of talks between
Palestine and Israel and India wishes to see a sovereign independent, united and
viable Palestine co-existing peacefully with Israel. Palestine has thanked
India for supporting it in various international forums. Palestine also hopes
that India can play a vital role in Middle East Peace process. India is
assisting developmental projects in Palestine. India has been contributing to
material & technical assistance and is building a techno Park in Ramallah
at the cost of $12 million.

India-Palestine Relations in the Past

For the betterment of Palestine and its people India has
played an active role. India directly provides budgetary, economic and
developmental assistance to Palestine and is active in the areas of capacity
development, education and information technology. India was the first Non-Arab
State to recognize PLO (Palestine liberation organisation) as sole and legitimate
representative of the Palestinian people in 1974. India was one of the first
countries to recognize the State of Palestine in 1988 and in 1996, India opened
its Representative Office to the Palestine Authority in Gaza which later was
shifted to Ramallah in 2003. India also voted in favour of UN General Assembly
Resolution in October 2003 against construction of the separation wall by
Israel and supported subsequent resolutions of the UNGA in this respect.

What will be the Impact of US decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s new
capital on Israel-Palestine  peace
process and what is India’s stand on the same?

Trump Administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s
capital violates UN Security Council Resolution 478. Also, due to this decision
fresh violent clashes may also erupt. India’s position on Palestine issue is
independent and harmonious. India did not condemn the Trump’s Jerusalem
declaration although it voted in favour of Palestine in United Nations along
with Majority (As 128 countries voted against US).

What are the Challenges associated with the shift in the policy?

of Israel and Palestine- New Delhi’s continued political,
diplomatic and developmental support to Palestine. Delinking Israel and
Palestine in India’s foreign policy is easier said than done. Although there is
an increased focus on closer ties with Israel but there is little doubt that
India must create a balance between traditional support to Palestine and new
emerging geopolitical situations.

Despite having India voted in favour of Palestine at the United
Nations, the Indian Government is focussing to set a precedent in its policy
towards the Israel-Palestine issue as Israel’s contribution to India’s civil
and defence requirement is immense. And little bit shift in stance in future
may be seen.

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