What to do if Android phone gets
frozen and it won’t turn off:

phones are one of the most popular smartphones which are used throughout the
world. There often happens that Android smartphones get in to problem and we
don’t know how to overcome it. One of most common problem with Android phones
is that they get stuck because of some frozen apps and they won’t turn off. This
is very disgusting situation that nobody wants to tolerate. But when there is a
problem, there is a solution too.

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this article you will come to know that what to do when your Android phone is
frozen and it won’t turn off. It can be done in three different ways which are
as follows:

Close the Frozen App Part:

often happens that phone stops working fine and we assume that our phone has
caught in to a problem. It is not the same, most of the times our phone is fine
but there are some apps in phone that stops it from working fine. It happens to
the Android phones; in such a situation you can close the frozen App or apps by
following these possible steps;

Tap the ‘Home’
button and go to the ‘Home screen’.

Now go to the “settings”
by tapping the ‘settings’ icon or slide down the notification menu. You can
slide down the notification menu from the top of phone or by tapping the “profile
icon” on the top of screen.

Now tap on the ‘settings’
followed by the Apps and tap “Manage Applications”.

Now tap the “Running
Apps” tab to check the ‘Running Applications’.

Look for the App
that has stopped working by scrolling ‘Running Applications’.

Open the App
which has stopped working by tapping on it and then hit “Force Stop” to kill
the process.

steps will close the App from working for a period of time; it won’t open until
you open it again. You can also delete the App permanently if it is not
necessary to keep your phone in a good working condition.

Forced restart:

users try to take off the battery, when their device is frozen. This should be
a last try because if you don’t know how to remove back cover properly, you can
damage your phone. Instead of it, you can force your device to restart. This can
be done in two ways:

If you are able to navigate your phone:

Press and hold the
“Power Button” for one or two seconds and the “Shut Down” window will appear. From
here tap on “Power Off” and wait for few seconds. Your device will turn off

If your phone
has low power, put it on charging for some time before turning it on again.

If you can’t navigate your phone:

If your Android phone is frozen and it is not
responding to “Power Button” or screen taps, a forced restart may solve this
problem. For this;

Hold the “power”
and “Volume Up” buttons at the same time for few seconds likely for ten

If “Power” and “Volume
Up” buttons do not work together, try holding “Power” plus “Volume Down”

When the screen
goes black it will be turned off and you can turn it on again.

are the two methods of forced restart which might help your device to get back
into proper working condition. Doing this won’t cause any damage to your phone’s
data and files.

Factory Reset Your Android Device
in Recovery Mode:

 If the above two methods don’t work and you
are not able to turn your phone on after it has frozen, you can try a factory
reset which may solve this problem. There is always a fear that doing a factory
reset can erase your phone’s data. Here Safe
Mode can help to troubleshoot Android device but sometimes you need to wipe
everything and restore your phone to its factor reset. You can perform a normal
factory reset but if you are unable to do so, you can use Android Factory
Environment for this.

the “Safe Mode” doesn’t fix your device, you can perform hard reset by booting
your phone into a special recovery mode. Before doing this, you need to shut
down your device properly.

this boot, different Android devices have different keys to use. You should be familiar
with use of right key for your device to boot it into recovery mode. Some of
the examples are as follows:

For Samsung
devices: Volume Up+ Home+ Power

For Nexus 7:
Volume Up+ Volume Down+ Home

Phones with
camera buttons: Volume Up+ Camera

can also Google for the search of familiar key used for booting your phone.

pressing the keys together, device will power on.

Release the keys
when the phone is powered on. There will be different options on screen.

Scroll for the Recovery Mode option on the screen by
pressing “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons.

Use the “Power
Key” to click on the Recovery Mode option and to reset your phone into recovery

An Android
picture with a red triangle on it will appear on screen. Hold down the “Power”
Button and tap “Volume Up”. Here the Android
System Recovery menu will appear.

From the menu, scroll
for wipe data/ factory reset by
using volume key and hit the “Power” button to activate it.

Next the ‘Yes’
and “No’ options will appear. Select “Yes-delete all user data” and hit “Power’

Now your device
will be set to its factory state and all your data will be erased from your
phone. Your phone will be set to new. If your device freezes at any point, hold
down the ‘Power” button until it restarts.

Factory reset process is the last step to fix the
frozen phone’s problem. If this doesn’t run at all or it doesn’t fix your phone’s
problem, you can say that there is problem with your phone’s hardware. You can
get it fixed from hardware person.


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