What’s one thing a woman could anticipate about becoming 40? In the past
40 years of their life, many things have happened which makes them feel better
about themselves. In an article in U.S (2018), a  research revealed that older women possess
higher self esteem and has a more comfortable relationship with their partner.
Furthermore, it also stated that during those years, women attained their
sexual peak and has enjoyable intercourse. On the other hand in Asia, Katana
(2014), agree to the notion that life begins at 40. According to her, many
people are already stabilize in their careers, education and family during that
time. As well as they are financially settled as they have less expenditures
because their children already establishing their own family separated from
them. Meanwhile, Vuleta (2014) said that now is the perfect time for middle
ages to take their past and use it to sustain the success life yet to come. He
also stated several advantages of being 40 and above which involves, having the
opportunity to decide for their own. Another is being resilient wherein they
already know how to stand up after fall and nothing is the end of their world.
Since they are already financially capable, 
they can now afford to buy a house and has the opportunity to go
wherever they want. Having a healthy bank balance would allow them to revisit
their old want list.  With regards to
their relationship with other people especially to their husband or wife, they
become more mature when it comes having fight or arguments because they already
have low to zero tolerance to drama. They also have a well-established
friendship that despite of their busy schedules, they are still intact. Being
jealous with others is also minimized because they’ve learned to be happy for
other people’s success. Furthermore, people tend to value their opinion and
care to what they say. They could also now assert what they want because of
their confidence and courage to get real for their wants in life. Also, material
things are not that important because experience or enjoyment is what matters
now. Being 40 involves taking care of their body and with regards to their
physical appearance, others say that they look more beautiful compared when
they are in 20’s. Because for them, there is beauty in living a full life as
well as seeing themselves as more kind and feels at home in their body. Moreover,
they have unique style of dressing since they already know what makes them feel
good and how they feel.

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