When the notion of The Truman show comes into my mind, I vividly observe a society that raises up a kid to adulthood but suffers a huge blow when that kid blames his ignorance on the society standards. He uses the society as a scapegoat to justify his woes and makes a decision to exit the society pointing out obliviousness to reality propagated by the society. I want to believe that each of us has been in a situation when we were raised up in a good society that embraced us warmly allowing us to stay in its confines of safety.  The environment appeared as very perfect and favoring towards us. But then I can put a question across, did the society after all that make us forget about who we are and block us from experiencing the real life? To answer this question we need to understand the utopic theme as it comes out in the Truman Show.  However, I feel that the goodies provided by the society to us and its fair soft touch on us does not represent its obliviousness but rather it’s our ignorance that proves to be active when we blame the society.The Truman Show is focused on the main fiction character; Truman Barnack who happens to be an unwanted kid raised by a corporation inside a replicated TV show rotating about his life.  An end to this is marked by his discovery and ultimate escape from the society he blames to have been insensible to reality. All his life, Truman was living in what he called a simulated reality about the community that oftenAuthorLastName3common to him through the television shows he was used to watching. Talking about the simulated reality, Truman was made to believe what he watched about the community. The kind of programs he used to watch is what can be classified as reality shows which capture the undocumented situation about the community. These shows depicted a near perfect society that Truman has been brought up in. Speaking of near perfect society, the people of the society he was raised in seems to share a lot in common and as such a unified community geared to make him live in comfort while avoiding anguish that he could possibly suffer from if he was to move away from this society.As from a simple definition, utopia refers to an illusory society or community that possess exceedingly desirable characteristics or near perfect qualities. In his book named Utopia, Thomas More describes an island that only has one exit and only one exit. Only those persons who came from the island knew how to explore the island without any harm. Owe unto the new persons to the island who would rarely comprehend anything about the society or even its entry and exit routes. We can draw some parallels with the society that Truman is brought up in. The Truman show depicts a society in which has limited entry routes into the world that Truman has been raised in. Truman has been implanted in a utopia that he does not belong in. The childhood experiences make him worried about leaving the society and go to the world with unknown fate. His fear comes from the fact that since his upbringing, theAuthorLastName4society around him has failed to teach him the hard side of life that could make him visualizes what the real world is like while giving him the courage to go into to it.Whereas I find the show captivating and full of moral lessons, I do fail to agree with the argument above. Did the society after all that make us forget about whom we are and block us from experiencing the real life? My answer to this question is that it is our ignorance that proves active when we make the soft and good society we are raised in a scape goat to our woes and fears. It is ridiculous to blame a parent’s good upbringing as the reason for being naïve in life. After all, scientifically, paternity is about taking care of the offspring while preventing him or her from the adverse outside world (Westneat and Sherman). Truman`s decision to escape from the society he has been brought up in,is an act of cowardice and a prove of his own ignorance that has limited his thinking. To prove my case, the American Dream has been defined as beliefs of the Americans which describe a set of principles in which freedom encompasses opportunity for success and prosperity of a society with few barriers and upward societal mobility for the kids and their families as based on their handwork. “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement”(Adams). This is not being subject to social status or even statuses of birth. Now analyzing the American Dream, it is a representation of what we would all agree toAuthorLastName5be a replica of a perfect society. It is what is defined as utopia.  A kid born in the US can be considered to be among the most lucky as the environment they grow in has shielded them from harsh realities of life. While this is true, the good society has not limited the majority of Americans to realize themselves and break the traditional norms and bounds to emerge what the society wouldn’t believe.”The American society is one that has been characterized by increased social disparities among the citizens of different economic status”  (Bravem, Cubbin and Egerter). As the definition of utopia would put it, a kid born in a wealthy family would be raised in a hustle free environment that would rarely teach him to create his own wealth. After all, his parents have got more than enough. However, this is hypothetical, and chances of it happening cannot be blamed on the environment that the kid has been brought up in, but rather it is his or her ignorance to blame.  Talking about a real life experience. The president-elect of US, Trump, is a leading example that what we would call utopia isn’t to be blamed for our ignorance. Forbes estimates his wealth to fall between $800 billion to $ 3.9 billion (Wang). He was born and raised up in a wealthy family. In regard to the Truman Show, the environment that Trump was brought up in would limit his industriousness by shielding him from the realities of the outside world where remaining competitive is the rule. However, Trump schooled and later in 1980 started investing in chains of real estate before getting into self-brandingAuthorLastName6in the 1990s (Wang). He has invested in more luxury hotel investments and also in the beauty industry. His being brought up in a nearly perfect family did not limit or appear to make him unaware of the real world. It is his effort to look beyond his environment of birth that informed him of what he ought to be. Therefore this notion of perfect society limiting an individual from experiencing the real world is very misplaced, and an individual’s attempt to blame the society he has been brought up in is a great prove of his ignorance and therefore, Truman`s decision to run away and blame society that had raised him is a true confirmation of his own ignorance.           Works CitedAdams, James Truslow. The epic of America. United States: Simon Publications, 2001.Bravem, Paula A., et al. “Socioeconomic Disparities in Health in the United States: What the Patterns Tell Us.” National Institute of Health (2010 April).Wang, Jennifer. “Donald Trump’s Fortune Falls $800 Million To $3.7 Billion.” Forbes Magazine 28 Sep 2016.Westneat, D. F. and P. 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