When looking at the news now and days, what
is constantly seen? Hatred, violence, loss in lives, tragedy and etc. I don’t
think there has been a day without hearing tragic loss happening somewhere. But
what is usually associated with these disasters? Usually it’s the search for
someone to blame, victim blaming. Whenever something tragic happens, people,
especially media, are quick to “try” to find what was the cause of the event.

Then they try to justify the act by simply blaming psychological illness and/or
traumatic experience in the past. When looking at people who are spouse
abusers, have domestic violence within relationships, and act upon molestation
and rape, it is easy for media to blame these actions on past experiences since
they (abusers), themselves were abused at a young age. It is easy to simply
blame their actions on their “past” but nothing is being done to decrease their
chance of being potential abusers in the future. If the correct aid was
provided to the disturbed kids after such experiences, their chance of being
abusers would and could be contained to a smaller portion of the population.

“Adult retrospective studies show that 1 in 4
women and 1 in 6 men were sexually abused before the age of 18, … This means
there are more than 42 million adult survivors of child sexual abuse in the U.S”
(Child Sexual Abuse, 2016). Many accusers do have a specific link to how they
were treated when they were younger, but that is not the case for everyone. In
a study done to identify the percentage of females and males falling victims to
abuse, 46% of men and 67% of females abused as children, fell for adult domestic
violence, and 22% of men and 62% of females fell into adulthood sexual violence
(Anderson, 2016). Because there are many situations in which are extreme, not a
lot of these cases are reported or talked about.  Not every person who was a victim would
become an abuser such as not every adult that was abused would be victimized in
the future. Help is not provided for every person and for every case and I
believe that is where situations get worse.

When a person is liberated from such a toxic
relationship, that person would not know how they should be treated or act
towards others since psychologically they were broken down and tormented, now
imagine how a child would react when they lived in this kind of environment and
know no other way of being treated.  This
is when it is the most critical for children to receive help. “Child
maltreatment is associated with adverse health and mental health outcomes in
children and families, and those negative effects can last a lifetime” (Child Welfare…).

Since damage was done to these kids at such an early age, not being treated
could lead to a spiral act of delinquencies since the child does not know how
to act differently. A child who was abused is at the most critical point in
their lives since that moment is what determines how they could potentially end
as in the future.

There is a difference in neglect and abuse,
when I thought they were the same thing. Abuse (maltreatment) is the physical and
mental mistreatment towards a person and neglect is the inability to provide a
child with the proper resources needed to strive (Definition of Child abuse and
neglect, 2010). In an article named, Childhood Sexual Abuse and its criminal
consequences, the main focus was to find out if children who were victims
of sexual abuse were prone to commit sexual crimes in the future than other
delinquents. Based on the reports found, it was found that kids that were
sexually abuse would run away, become delinquents and commit other sexual
crimes as adults (Widom, 1996).

The factor of outbreak that a child who was
abused sexually tends to show is during the juvenile stage. I believe that this
is the stage in a child’s life where outbreaks and tantrums would be more
noticeable since they are dealing the most troubling phase in their childhood,
puberty. Kids are dealing with hormones changing and the way their bodies are
reacting so it can be pretty uncomfortable. A child who was abused would
experience the same thing but the way the react towards it could be different due
to the situation they were in as children. “Pennsylvania State University
investigators discovered young girls who are exposed to sexual abuse are likely
to physically mature and hit puberty earlier than non-abused peers” (Nauert,

Males and females differ from each other in
the aspect of child abuse even though both genders are equally targeted. In the
article Gender Differences, it talks about the connection between
childhood sexual abuse and crimes as an adolescent. What was so important about
this article was on how it identified the different variety of crimes there
were depending on the differences of their gender. It was found that female
delinquents were often victims of sexual and physical abuse than males and they
also had a history of maltreatment than men (Asscher, 2015). This article
sounds like it only targets women, but that’s not the case, they do encounter
these same experiences just as women but they are less likely to make claims
out of embarrassment.

Through research, it is evident how male
juvenile offenders were more likely to commit more sexual offences such as rape
and molestation as well as other felonies, and women were found of committing
more misdemeanors (Asscher, 2015). Although this article is showing just how differently
the genders are affects because of their abusive pasts, it is putting into
perspective just how much pain and damage a victim is left with. It speaks on
how childhood abuse could lead a child to a dark future of committing crimes
related to those they fell victims to.

There are many services that are available to
children and parents of children who have been abused. Seeking out for help may
seem like a hard thing to do and maybe even impossible but there are services
provided to help the child move on and accept the fact that what was done was
wrong but it was not their fault and that there is light and happiness for what
they endured for a while. When a parent or a guardian finds out what was done
to a child, the immediate response is to want to tear that person apart and
while that feeling maybe the answer to the parents or guardians feeling of
despair, it does not comfort the child who has experienced the situation. It is
important they have the child’s feelings a main priority and let legal action
be taken for the abuser. “Children are resilient by nature and have the
potential to heal and recover if offered help and support in a timely fashion”
(Stop It Now).

To sum up, just because someone was
completely taken advantage of or has been a victim of child abuse, that does
not mean that they will automatically become abusers themselves or lead a path
of delinquencies in the future. Although many facts do have the upper hand on that
majority of people who encounter child abuse do end up in juvenile detention or
jail, this could be because of the lack of help that is being given to the
kids. I believe that the only way these numbers could decrease would be with
the willingness of seeking for help and for help to be more accessible. Therapy
could be provided for cases which are extreme and it is also beneficial when
the victim has a support group with them. When someone is supported, it becomes
easier to accept help and let the process of moving forward. Wouldn’t it be
nice to live in a world where we wouldn’t have to live in fear? I know it’s a
longshot but shouldn’t we start by providing the help needed to those who are
desperate for help, especially the most vulnerable like the children, who will
be the future of this world.

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