When we hear the name Blue Moon, we gets a feel in our mind that Moon will turn into Blue and we gets curious to see what can be it impact on us. Both science and astrology scholars are curious about this big event, the reason it is biggest for all if us as it is happening for the first time in our life, it is one of the big event for everyone and the reason it is biggest for all if us as it is happening for the first time in our life, last Blue Moon happened was a way back way around 152 years ago.

When Full Moon occurs twice in a month then the event is known to be Blue Moon.  This way Moon is closet to the orbit of the earth which makes a greater impact of the Moon to everyone leaving on this earth. This year it is the second Full Moon/ Super Moon which in simple words means it can have larger impact on us. Here is a look what astrology and science defines each other? Astrology is a study of a pattern which is based on the movements of planets and movement of the celestial bodies the Sun and the Moon, totally based on the mathematical calculation which impacts every living life on this earth.

Science is based on systematic knowledge for movement of celestial bodies, planets and stars which came into existence from observation and experimentation which impacts every living life on this earth.I would say WOW, as the both scholars research for an impact on human beings.  Here I would like to bring something which is interesting for everyone as all know that “Lunar Eclipse” which is going to occur on 31st January 2018 is explained as follow:Science: We all go through with Eclipse in science and it’s definition. A Lunar Eclipse means a situation when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth.

In this way, the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon which result in darkness and results into Lunar Eclipse. They type of eclipse depends on the Moon location and its nodes.Astrology: Very few person know what mythology thinks about the eclipse. Shadow planets which are known as nodes namely Rahu (North Nodes, known as dragon head) and Ketu (South Nodes, known as dragon tail).

During this, the Moon orbit which comes and intersects with the Earth than the two points which formed by the intervention are known as North Node (Rahu) and South Node (Ketu). Here it is very important to understand Rahu (North Node) crosses the Moon from the direction south to north, which forms the ascending node, it is known as a stage for the formation of the eclipse and can be named as the birth stage. Ketu (South Node) crosses the Moon from the direction North to the south which forms descending node, it is known as a stage completion of the eclipse and can be named as death stage.  The time frame between the birth and death of the eclipse where both nodes namely Rahu (North Node) and Ketu (South Node) control the movement of the Moon results into darkness also give similar life in one’s life when the transit of the Moon conjunct with the nodes. Both being karmic shadow planets, where Rahu acts as Saturn and Ketu act as Mars play a key role in one life.  The Moon which represents the mother in astrology and impacts one inner heart, feeling and emotion when comes in contact with the nodes one can have impacts depending on the placement of the Moon, Rahu & Ketu. One will find that both Rahu and Ketu have a distance of seven houses from each other which means if Rahu is placed in the first house then the Ketu will be in the seventh house for the native and so on, also they hold similar degree like if Rahu is said to be of 08.

00 degrees then Ketu will follow it and will be exactly 08.00 degrees. Rahu and Ketu both also move in the retrograde mode which means very slow transit as they come in everyone life for 18 years both respectively. Retrograde condition see and deals with two house in one chart which also means Rahu and Ketu keep an eye on their house they are placed and also one house before for example if Rahu is in the first house then it will impact one body, health or physical strength or weakness with an eye on the twelth house where Rahu will check one’s expenses, losses, sleep, foreign relation etc so here Ketu will be in the seventh house where it will impact of friendship, marriage, relationship, partnership of a native with an eye on the sixth house where Ketu will impact on one’s enemies and disease.(Note it can be positive or negative depends on the placement check and this will vary from one person to another)Conclusion No one in this world will be left free from the impact as all will face some impact depending on the placement of the Moon and the nodes namely Rahu and Ketu. The impact can be positive or negative.

Those who have positive placement can get great luck unexpectedly and things can come in their favor whereas those who have negative placement will definitely going to feel weak and low for almost 15 days from the Blue Moon and they may come to know some bad news which can impact their lifes and can become a reason for problems. If you are reading my contents and are aware of the position whether favorable or unfavorable then please take don’t start anything new 09 hours before the eclipse and 3 hrs after the completion of the eclipse

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