When we dream to have a successful and great organization, we cannot avoid in talking about the micro and macro industrial incidents, internal or external employees problem and also the strength of our company to achieve the set of objectives. At the same time, a safety crisis has been identified as a course of action that can prevent actual achievements on the long-term target. Then the one-off reaction is to examine the awareness on Human Resource Management (HRM), Managerial involvement, company’s culture and how good we are in safety workplace. Generally, employees will spend at least 8 hours a day at their workplace can affect employee’s motivation and productivity. Due to thiscircumstance,Human Resource Department (HRD) has the role in employees’ welfare,compensation and safety within the organization besides of resourcing,developing, empowering human capital, providing platform for performance cyclein line with the company’s objectives and a well-planned strategies.

 Therefore, prudent planning through a proper strategy as it is said as the most important factor to reach to that goal. Usually, strategic planning is about 4 functions that we will care about namely planning, organizing, leading and controlling. In any case, organization never fail to look into the planning aspect because it work thoroughly especially during direction identification in our company.

Then, we started managing the company, designing and emphasizing on culture, job function, job specification, introduce to employee Act (OSHA). Employees related law, Labor law and so on. Leading functions also relate to leadership as well as the relationship between management and its subordinates. The ultimate factor off course the function of controlling, where it relates to People, Process and Technology (P.P.T) which is partly practiced in organizations such as Melliken so that they succeed in managing the safety thoroughly. In Milliken & Company case, basically this succeeds was profound from an excellent safety guideline, active crisis management process and clear objective of Human Resource Management. Taking a good example from the company, howimportant is the top management like CEO, COO and other C-suite to establish mutual understanding betweenemployees and management through demonstrating good examples – focus on the safetyprocedure where can prevent other employees from ignoring current safety andhealth issues at the workplace.

 Secondly, Milliken are seen to have a good engagement among staff and HRD, also including public. For instance, a public statement on evacuation was made from company’s networking which is assumed from good internal safety and health control system. To be more effective the process was in place regularly as a result of predetermine views of an employee so that the outcome or guideline is customized and mutually agreed and then effective communication was in place in providing a safe and healthier workplace. In other words, management buy-in is the outcome of employees involvement in the safety procedure preparation and review session. The third pointshould be an empowerment of safety personnel appointed by Human Resource Departmentwho will take care a number of employees at unit and divisional level. Theappointed officer should know how to deal with occupational safety and healthproblems.

 While the fourth point is Milliken demonstrate good HR practice in arranging procedure, job description, KPI through rewards or penalty when convicted of an offense, corrective action when is needed, reducing the potential incidence that is usually the cause for more serious accidents.  Another good point is about utilizing information system and technology today should be provided by management if it is really serious in handling issues on health and safety rights at the workplace in the situation to be at the same level of what Milliken is doing right.  Why is this so important for the discussion? In the modern era, various information can be extracted from current technology for example smart watch indirectly heart rate from daily exercise, level of employee health via mobile apps, the frequency of taking medical day-off (MC) and who needs a medical check-ups especially for senior employees above 40years old. The needs when seriously been taken care by HR Department definitely will reduce any unfortunate incident that is possible to occur at the workplace. Furthermore, HRneeds to introduce and explain why safety and health are important duringhiring sessions. Employees are selected based on strict selection, suitabilityof demographic (find the most suitable employee for an available positionthrough diligent recruitment process) and the best way of doing particular taskthat are in line with the workplace risks.

 I believe that HR Practitioner is valued in Milliken through trust. The employee is legally bind with an adequate training and development program. In addition, after hiring session, the orientation sessions are essential to equip employees with basic safety and health knowledge.

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